The ‘Apocalypse Cult’ Arrives on DVD This Halloween
Written by Chris Savage, October 12, 2017
From Wild Eye Releasing comes Glenn Triggs’ Apocalypse Cult, and we can reveal that the film will be released onto DVD, Cable VOD and Digital HD this Halloween. Check out the official details, artwork and trailer below. The film was originally released in Australia back in 2014, but it is now receiving a release Stateside, so if you

First Image and Release Date Released for ‘Strangers: Prey at Night”
Written by Jason McDonald, October 12, 2017
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re actually getting a sequel to “The Strangers.”  I keep expecting this whole thing to be some cruel joke.  That one day we’ll wake up and it’ll be revealed that there is no sequel in the works. Well, now I can rest easy, because “Strangers 2” is even more

First Official Trailer for Jimmy Lee Combs’ ‘Terror Tales’
Written by Chris Savage, October 11, 2017
While we still have no word as to when Jimmy Lee Combs’ Terror Tales will be unleashed on all of us, we do finally have the first official trailer for the anthology, which includes four terrifying tales. Take a peek below and keep an eye out for a few familiar faces. Will you be keeping an eye

New Official Clip from Todd Bishop’s ‘Devil’s Night’
Written by Chris Savage, October 10, 2017
Available now exclusively over at iTunes is Todd Bishop’s Devil’s Night, and below we have for you a brand new official clip, the official trailer and ll the details you need in regards to the film. Let us know if you’ll be checking this one out or giving it a miss? From the Press Release:

SGL Entertainment Unleashes ‘The Killer 4 Pack Vol II’
Written by Chris Savage, October 10, 2017
From the folks over at SGL Entertainment comes their latest home video release, The Killer 4 Pack Vol II, and much like Vol I, you get four films for the price of one! However, this time we have four films from Massimiliano Cerchi which are; Hellbilly, Hellinger, Carnage: The Legend of Quiltface and Holy Terror. Not sure

‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Will Crossover
Written by Jason McDonald, October 9, 2017
It’s the crossover episode some people have been asking for! It looks like “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Walking Dead” are going to finally have a crossover and it could be happening in the near future. The New York Comic Con is currently underway and this weekend was the “Walking Dead” panel which featured many

First Trailer for X-Files Season 11 Drops at New York Comic Con
Written by Jason McDonald, October 8, 2017
Yeah, okay, the last season of the X-Files was pretty hit and miss. They had some episodes I really enjoyed and some episodes that made me want to just walk away from the series.  Still, based on some of the things said about the upcoming season, I have some hope left for the series. During

First Plot Details and Title Revealed for ‘Unfriended’ Sequel
Written by Jason McDonald, October 8, 2017
We’re living in the era of films being secretly filmed and it’s actually pretty rad.  Recently we learned that “The Gallows 2” is currently undergoing test screenings and then of course there was the high profile example of “The Woods” actually being “The Blair Witch.”  Well now we have another found footage film that’s been

‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 3 Release Date Announced
Written by Chris Savage, October 6, 2017
I’m sure many of you, myself included, were getting a little worried about the third season of Ash vs Evil Dead, as there had been little to no information regarding if or even when the third season would arrive, especially when we expected it to follow suit with a release in October. But, word has come that the

Is Universal’s Dark Universe in Trouble? ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Put on Hold
Written by Jason McDonald, October 6, 2017
Do you remember when Tom Cruise’s “Mummy” came out this year? Holy hell, that seems like a lifetime ago.  Do you also remember when it got absolutely crushed by critics and underperformed at the box office?  Well that might’ve been a bad sign for Universal and their whole Dark Universe initiative. Now there are further

Axeman II: Overkill [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, October 5, 2017
Just when you thought it was safe to return to Cutter’s Creek, the Axeman launches a freakin’ axe into your face! And there, the Axeman is back in full swing. From Joston Theney comes his sequel, Axeman II: Overkill and it’s bigger, badder and bloodier than the original, so buckle-up! The film sees the return of Deputy Darlene

Will You Experience ‘Poltergeist Encounters’ This December?
Written by Chris Savage, October 5, 2017
From John Migliore (Exorcism of the Dead) comes his latest film Poltergeist Encounters, and we can reveal that the film will be unleashed onto DVD this December 12, 2017, via Wild Eye Releasing. Below we have the official trailer, artwork and more. Will you be checking this one out? From the Press Release: From the director

Deadly Damsel [Short Film Review]
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
There are so many talented individuals in the indie scene that I have my eye on and two of them just so happen to be involved in this little title, Deadly Damsel. First is writer/director Ryan McCurdy who first caught my eye with his excellent short Misread, a sort of thriller which keeps you on

New Official Images from ‘Itsy Bitsy’
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
One of the most anticipated films I’m looking forward to is one that I’ve only recently heard about and that is Micah Gallo’s upcoming creature feature Itsy Bitsy. The film looks visually awesome, and thanks to a great cast attached, you get this deep feeling of serious dread. I’m absolutely stoked for this and I think

‘The Forlorned’ is Now Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
We have just received word that Andrew Wiest’s The Forlorned is now available on Cable VOD and Digital HD, so if you guys have been looking forward to this one, check it out when you can. Below we have all the details you need as well as the official trailer. Let us know what you thought

[Trailer] Bunnyman Makes His Final Stand in ‘Bunnyman Vengeance’
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
And just like that, the Bunnyman saga is coming to an end. The third and final movie in Carl Lindbergh’s Bunnyman trilogy, Bunnyman Vengeance, will be making its way to digital platforms beginning this October 20, 2017 and then on DVD and Blu-ray this November 21, 2017 via Uncork’d Entertainment. Below we have the official

[Review] ‘Cult of Chucky’ Proves that the Little Guy Still Has It
Written by Jason McDonald, October 4, 2017
Hard to believe that we’re barely getting to a seventh Chucky movie.  With the speed at which franchise horror movies tend to come out, it feels like we should be on our twentieth film by now.  Thankfully, though, Chucky likes to take it slow and as a result that seems to have ensured that the

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2017 Review
Written by Jason McDonald, October 3, 2017
Another week and another Halloween attraction has opened up.  While the ranking of Dark Harbor is up for debate, there’s no denying that the Queen Mary is the one of the best locations for a haunted attraction in the US. What better place to scare people than a supposedly haunted ship? The Queen Mary may

[Trailer] Something Evil Lurks on ‘Buckout Road’
Written by Chris Savage, October 2, 2017
It’s always a great morning when Jessica Cameron gets in contact with you, and made even better (if that’s possible) when she unleashes details on one of her latest projects where she stars in Matthew Currie Holmes’ directorial debut, Buckout Road, which also stars the one and only Danny Glover among many others. Below, we have the first official

Scream Factory Does the ‘Dance Macabre’ in 2018
Written by Chris Savage, September 30, 2017
You guys love Robert Englund, right? Well, how about Scream Factory? Well, brace yourselves for the combination of the two, as Scream Factory have announced that they will be unleashing Greydon Clark’s (Without Warning, The Return) Dance Macabre, which stars Robert Englund, onto Blu-ray for the very first time this January, 2018. As per their official