The Walking Dead Renewed for Sixth Season Next October
Written by Chris Savage, October 7, 2014
As if there was any doubt! Just days away from the arrival of season 5 of The Walking Dead, comes word that AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a sixth season according to Variety. I mean the show has been the highest rated show in cable television history, and it just continues to dominate with

Fright Night 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Hits This January
Written by Chris Savage, October 7, 2014
Wow. Really? Can you guys believe it has been nearly 30 years since Tom Holland’s seminal classic Fright Night was released? I can remember the first time I witnessed this one, I was pretty young to be fair and my Dad let me watch it with him, like he did many horror films. On viewing

Get Ready to Purge Again with ‘The Purge 3′
Written by Jason McDonald, October 7, 2014
Yup, that’s right.  The micro-budget horror/thriller continues to prove to be a safe bet for Universal and Blumhouse Productions and, as such, it would appear that we’re getting another sequel to “The Purge.” Deadline revealed today that Universal is gearing up for another “Purge” film and has tapped writer/director James DeMonaco to return again to

First Official ‘Cub’ Poster Inside
Written by Chris Savage, October 6, 2014
One film that has been setting the genre on fire is Jonas Govaerts’ Cub [See Flay's 4-star review], the film looks freakin’ awesome and has been garnering huge buzz and admiration from fans and critics alike. From what I’ve seen this one plays out like Friday the 13th, but much different. It has a Jason Voorhees feel

‘I Am Legend’ Reboot in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, October 6, 2014
Are you aching for some new “I Am Legend” after that last remake?  I didn’t think it was a horrible movie, in fact, I would say the director’s cut was actually good.  But I think I’ve had my fill on that particular story.  However, it would seem that Warner Bros thinks the world is ready for

Top 5 Subway Horror Movies
Written by Drew, October 6, 2014
I’ve never been on a big subway. I was recently reading some Clive Barker and there was something about the way he described how creepy they could be that it got me thinking about subway themed horror movies. So here are my top 5. Maybe you’ve seen them all, maybe you haven’t. 5.) Raw Meat

25 Greatest Family Halloween Movies Of All Time
Written by Herner Klenthur, October 5, 2014
Time for another edition of You Voted which is easily one of my favorite editorials we do on site.  This go around we asked our community on Facebook what your favorite Halloween Movies are that are safe for the whole family. We will of course do a followup piece later on the Best Halloween Horror

Important Observations from Binging the Entire SAW Series
Written by Ben Mueller, October 5, 2014
The original Saw celebrates its 10-year anniversary this Halloween, with a special midnight rerelease of the film that launched the most successful horror franchise of all time. That’s ten years of getting “Hello Zepp” stuck in your head, not understanding about a million plot flashbacks, and wondering just what the hell Cary Elwes was doing with himself, both on

Open Windows 2014 Movie Review, Fantastic Fest
Written by Flay Otters, October 5, 2014
Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo has an interesting and wildly diverse book of business when it comes the genre films. From his bendy-twisty Timecrimes (2007) to the slight and charming Extraterrestrial (2011) to shorts in both the first ABC’s of Death (‘A is for Apocalypse’) and the newest V/H/S Viral (‘Parallel Monsters’) – Vigalondo seems to

You Voted: The Greatest Horror Genre Icons
Written by Herner Klenthur, October 4, 2014
We recently asked our readers to vote on the greatest horror icons of all time. Our question was very open-ended and we did not specify director, actor, writer or other. We left it entirely up to you our readers to choose what came to mind when we asked ‘Great Horror Icons’ We received thousands of

Annabelle (2014) Movie Review
Written by Flay Otters, October 4, 2014
It is tricky to put your finger on exactly what doesn’t work, on the whole, with John R. Leonetti’s Annabelle because it isn’t one glaring issue. It isn’t the whole of the script, it isn’t the actors themselves, it isn’t the art direction (which is amazing) or the look of the film – it just kind

Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Suggestions
Written by Herner Klenthur, October 4, 2014
It’s Halloween which means its our favorite time of the year where we have all kinds of bonus reasons to do nothing but watch copious amounts of horror movies. Sitting down and building a list of excellent Halloween horror movies is no simple task. Just limiting the list to under 50 films is a challenge

New Official Trailer for the Summer of Blood
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2014
Are you guys after a new horror-comedy that you can sink your teeth into? Well, we have you covered as we have scored the brand new trailer for Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood, for you guys to check out below. As always, let us know if you’ll be checking this one out? Synopsis: Misanthropic and immature

New Photos from See No Evil 2
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2014
The Soska Sisters’ See No Evil 2 is almost upon us as the film hits VOD this October 17th and then on Blu-ray and DVD this October 21st, but until that date we have scored four new images to help whet your appetite that little bit more. Synopsis: A group of friends pays a late-night

Get Inked by the First Poster for ‘Parlor’
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2014
They say you never forget your first tattoo, but I’m sure if you guys get tattooed by this guy from Kenny Gage and Devon Downs’ latest flick Parlor, this sucker will be etched far deeper than your outer skin, but at least you will get to see the beautiful scenery of Vilnius, Lithuania before you die. So, today,

[Trailer] First Look at Gigi Saul Guerrero’s El Gigante!
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2014
From  the folks that gave us the awesome The Evil Dead in 60 Seconds, comes an all new short which takes its aim at some luchador action with a little twist, a cannibalistic twist and it looks fantastic! But, don’t just take my word for it as we have scored the first official trailer for the short

Ready For “The Deathday Party”?
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 3, 2014
Just scored another trailer for the psychological crime-thriller The Deathday Party, which is about a woman, Helen, who wakes up in a cold and unfamiliar operating room with no memory of how she ended up there. And from the trailer, this looks super creepy as its implied that she was pregnant before being kidnapped and

The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set Hits This November
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2014
I absolutely love The Twilight Zone, it’s one of the best, if not the best TV series ever, and today we have just scored some awesome news regarding the holy grail of all The Twilight Zone box-sets, this sucker looks awesome! The set features all the episodes from the original series (1959-1964) and the 1980s

A Cry From Within Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 3, 2014
Coming our way from 7&7 Entertainment is a tale about a New York family that decides to abandon the city in search of a quieter life, but soon find themselves at the mercy of the spirit inhabiting their new home. Sound like a familiar story-line? Well, here’s some more hellish details which give this very

Web Series Dead Within Releases Movie Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 3, 2014
If you’re anything like me, you like a good web series because they’re short, sweet and to the point. Well, this title is anything but sweet, but from what I saw in the web series, this doesn’t look like your typical zombie flick. Which is definitely a good thing! Hailed as “a zombie tale with