New Official Images from The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death
Written by Chris Savage, December 2, 2014
We are practically a month away from the release of Hammer Films’ The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death, and with those days passing by quicker than Santa Claus himself, we have for you a set of new images courtesy of Hammer Films, check them out below. Synopsis: During the London bombings of World War

This New Trailer Becomes ‘Altered’
Written by Chris Savage, December 2, 2014
From Kely McClung, comes a whole new vision of terror, and one that has become Altered. Below, we have scored the brand new trailer for the upcoming flick which hosts a whole load of potential, go give it a gander and let us know if this is something you’ll be looking out for? The film stars Rob

Universal Recruits Jay Basu for Classic Monster Movie Relaunch
Written by Jason McDonald, December 2, 2014
Though we haven’t seen anything too concrete from Universal regarding their classic monster movie relaunch, we have seen that they’re building a stable of writers to help helm the project.  When this all started we learned that Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan would be leading the relaunch and creating the vast new universe that would

New Clips and a Featurette from The Pyramid
Written by Chris Savage, December 1, 2014
With only a few short days to go until 20th Century Fox’s The Pyramid hits, we have scored the mother-load in regards to video goodness. Head on down below and check out a bounty of clips and even a featurette from the upcoming flick which looks set to be pretty damn killer! The film stars Ashley

New Poster For Juarez 2045 Starring Danny Trejo
Written by Stephanie Joyce, December 1, 2014
The year, well 2045 of course, and the War on drugs in Mexico has escalated as drug Cartels use robots to enforce their operations. A Marine goes to Juarez in search for his brother’s killer who leads the robotic Cartel. And no movie at this crazy scale would be complete without Danny Trejo. What I

The Evil Within PS4 Review
Written by Jason McDonald, November 30, 2014
Renowned game designer Shinji Mikami made his mark on the horror genre when he released “Resident Evil” way back in 1996 on the original Playstation.  Now, after a nine year break, he has returned to the genre that he once revolutionized with a new horror title: “The Evil Within.” “The Evil Within” follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos (Anson Mount),

Got A Black Friday Horror Story? Tell Me About It!
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 28, 2014
So let me be clear…we don’t want to hear your statistics about how many people die each year because they got trampled on or shot. That’s just plain sad. And apparently the statistics show that last year was a “calm” Black Friday as reported by Time as there were only 15 reported injuries and one

[Official Trailer] Alien Outpost Comes To IFC Midnight
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 27, 2014
Just released from IFC is the first official trailer for Alien Outpost and it looks very District 9 meets Predator as we get a great view of what the baddies look like in the trailer. The feature is the directorial debut of Jabbar Raisani, a visual FX supervisor with credits including Game of Thrones, Machete

Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension to be In 3D?
Written by Chris Savage, November 27, 2014
You guys ready for more Paranormal Activity news? Well, hold on to your hats as the folks over at Bloody-Disgusting are reporting that Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension, is set to be in 3D, via some post-conversion technology. So, expect to see some projectile objects hurtling towards your screen next year if this does

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Announces Exo Zombies Mode
Written by Jason McDonald, November 27, 2014
If you’re deep into “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, this might not come as a surprise to you.  Minor spoilers about the Spec Ops campaign ahead.  If you’ve played a certain number of Spec Ops matches you’ll unlock a special “bonus” level which pits you in a frantic fight for survival against zombies.  A feature

Independence Day Sequel Gets Official Green Light
Written by Jason McDonald, November 27, 2014
Didn’t we already say this movie was happening? I’ve talked about this damn film so many times that I feel like it already came out.  How many mother loving ways can I say “It’s happening”? Mark this post, it’s the last time I ever say “a sequel to ‘Independence Day’ is getting made.”  The next

‘Seventh Son’ stars Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 26, 2014
If you are a fan of The Spook’s Apprentice novel and want more monsters and ghostly apparitions than you can shake a stick at, then look no further. Also, if you were curious where else you can find The Chronicles of Narnia star Ben Barnes, you can see him and more in the Seventh Son

Teens Run Amuck In ‘Sugar Skull Girls’
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 26, 2014
What do you get when you take three demonic sisters who look like voodoo dolls, who then accidentally conjure up an evil witch while raising a girl from the dead? Well, the Sugar Skull Girls of course! This movie doesn’t skip out on the campy or cheesy, but there is also some really cool moments

David Jaffe is Working on a New Action Game
Written by Jason McDonald, November 26, 2014
In a couple of weeks Sony will be hosting their first Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas and, while it won’t be an event filled with breaking news, you can bet there will still be some reveals.  Among these revelations will be a new game from David Jaffe, the man behind “God of War” and “Twisted

Lovecraft Feature “The Thing On The Doorstep” Hits DVD
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 25, 2014
I’ve seen one too many Lovecraft short stories-to-film to say that they’re worth the watch. Often times, they are not good at all as filmmakers simply use the name H.P. Lovecraft to draw an audience to their film. And let’s face it – it’s a good plan for low-to-no budget films. But here’s one Lovecraft

Full Official Jurassic World Trailer Inside
Written by Chris Savage, November 25, 2014
By a surprising move, Universal have unleashed the full official trailer for Jurassic World, several days early and we have that sucker below waiting for your viewing pleasure. So, go on, head on down below and let us know what you think of this one so far. For me, it looks pretty damn awesome, but

Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Horns’ Hits Blu-ray & DVD This January
Written by Chris Savage, November 25, 2014
Is Alexandre Aja’s Horns, worth checking out? Well, I’ve heard a mix of the good and the bad, but as always I’ll be waiting for the home video release and speaking of which, that is exactly what we have for you today. Head on down below for the official box-art courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting. The film will

The Legend Is Real – Bigfoot ‘Exists’ on DVD
Written by Chris Savage, November 25, 2014
The urban legend is coming to life, and if you guys missed Eduardo Sanchez’s Exists, during its initial run, do not fret as we have your back. The film is making its way to DVD and Digital HD this February 3rd, and we have all the details you need. From the Press Release: The terrifying urban

Constantine Stops Production After 13 Episodes
Written by Jason McDonald, November 25, 2014
Constantine has proven to be a resourceful individual when it comes to getting out of jams, but I’m not sure if even the “master” of dark arts can figure out how to get out of this situation. While “Constantine” has been pretty well received by most critics and fans, the supernatural-themed show has struggled to

Rosemary’s Baby Comes To Lifetime
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 24, 2014
We’ve been reporting on the Zoe Saldana mini-series version of Rosemary’s Baby for quite some time now and I’m sure many have been wondering, “Is it any good?” Well the wait is over as the series is coming to the Lifetime network, showing on Thursdays. Here’s a little background on the original version made for