New Trailer for ‘Creep’ Starring Mark Duplass
Written by Jason McDonald, June 8, 2015
After premiering at SXSW to some pretty solid reviews, ‘Creep’ has sort of been lurking around just waiting to be noticed.  Well a new trailer has dropped for the film and you can check it out below. In “Creep” a cameraman is invited out to an isolated location to film a dying man’s last thoughts

Scream Factory to Unleash The Larry Fessenden Collection This October
Written by Chris Savage, June 8, 2015
Larry Fessenden has put out some absolutely killer stuff during his film-making career, and for some reason a lot of his stuff has gone under the radar and I’m sure a few people have missed out. But fear not. For those of you who are new to his work or those simply wanting a better

‘Constantine’ is Officially Dead
Written by Jason McDonald, June 8, 2015
We’ve known for a month now that “Constantine” was cancelled on NBC, but there remained a small amount of hope that the show would find new life on another network/platform.  The studio behind the show appeared to be adamantly seeking a new home for the cancelled show, but unfortunately, the work didn’t pay off. Executive

New Promo Trailer for Sharknado 3
Written by Jason McDonald, June 7, 2015
I mispelled Sharknado and the aut0-correct knew to fix it to “Sharknado”, that made me take pause and reflect on things for a moment. I mean, I don’t hate Sharknado, I think it’s an okay joke that is in danger of running it’s course, but having it be so prominent in society is still mind

Classic X-Files Episode ‘Home’ Could Get a Sequel in New Series
Written by Jason McDonald, June 7, 2015
Alright, this post is filled to the brim with speculation and assumptions, but if this all pans out we could be potentially getting a sequel to one of the more infamous “X-Files” episodes: Home. If you don’t recall “Home”, here’s a little bit of info to jog your memory (major spoilers ahead if you want

First Gameplay Trailer for Night Terrors Creeps In
Written by Chris Savage, June 7, 2015
A little while ago we ushered in the news of a new mobile horror game. Now usually when we see a mobile horror game they’re pretty lame, right? Well, not Night Terrors, it’s an augmented reality survival horror game, and it puts you in the center of the game, by mapping out your home, your

First Official Photos from Syfy’s Lavalantula
Written by Chris Savage, June 6, 2015
Back in September of last year we received word that Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider) was set to direct his latest spider flick in the form of Lavalantula and we even scored some sweet artwork, but since then it has been a little silent. Today however, the goods have poured in thanks to IGN, below

New Photos from Tremors 5: Bloodlines
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2015
This October sees the release of Tremors 5: Bloodlines, and we have scored two new photos from the upcoming movie to get you a little more excited. I mean, everyone loves a Graboid, right? The film is directed by Don Michael Paul (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, Sniper: Legacy) from a script by John Whelpley

First Trailer for the Creature Feature ‘Prairie Dog’
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2015
There are perhaps a handful of things that truly peek my interest and two of them are right here, practical effects and a creature feature, so yeah, Prairie Dog has already peeked my interest and perhaps it will pique yours too as we have scored the first official trailer along with a teaser trailer, thanks to

New Trailer for Ju-on: The Final
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2015
It appears as if the end is perhaps upon us, or until they decide to reboot this one again or simply remake it in the States, but for now we have Ju-on: The Final, the sequel to Ju-on: The Beginning of the End, which was the reboot in Japan, it’s all very confusing. Either way,

[Trailer] 3-Headed Shark Attack Hits DVD This July
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2015
They often say that two heads are better than one, but how about three? Well, you guys will soon find out as The Asylum is unleashing 3-Headed Shark Attack onto DVD this July 11th, but this time the shark may have met its match in the form of not only Danny Trejo, but the Whole

First Look at the New Scream Mask
Written by Jason McDonald, June 4, 2015
Last year we began to hear the early rumblings that the iconic Ghostface Killer mask would not be making an appearance in the new “Scream” TV series being produced for MTV.  Then a few months ago those rumblings became a seemed to become a reality when Wes Craven confirmed that the mask had indeed been changed.

First Look at Schizo-Head from Rob Zombie’s ’31’
Written by Chris Savage, June 4, 2015
As you guys know, Rob Zombie has been unleashing all sorts of images and teases from his latest flick 31, which was crowd-funded from you guys and thanks to that the film was recently picked up by Alchemy with the rights to North America. But, if you think that’s all the images you’re getting, well,

New Sinister 2 Poster Inside
Written by Chris Savage, June 4, 2015
It’s been a little silent on the whole Sinister 2 front, but today we have some goods for you in the form of a new poster which has the following tag-line, “Beware. Children At Play.” Because, you know, Bughuul likes to claim your children so they can do his wrong doings, or maybe children just use that

You’re So Cool, Brewster! – Fright Night Gets a Documentary
Written by Chris Savage, June 4, 2015
You can’t see it right now, but trust me, I am grinning from ear to ear at the news of Fright Night finally getting a documentary. This is one film that I absolutely adore. Ever since I first witnessed this one as a young child I was hooked. Just everything about this film is awesome, the

Sweet Tooth Joins the Rocket League on PS4
Written by Jason McDonald, June 4, 2015
It might be a while before we get to see another “Twisted Metal” game.  In fact, we may never get to see another traditional one given how that last game performed.  But the legacy will live on in one way or another. For example, this summer you’ll be able to play as Sweet Tooth in

[Video] Jason Voorhees Goes One on One with Scorpion
Written by Jason McDonald, June 4, 2015
As you probably know by now you can take Jason Voorhees into the world of Mortal Kombat and find out for yourself how well the unstoppable killing machine would fare against the world’s deadliest Kombatants.  However, if the Kombatants took on Jason in the cinematic universe, how well would they do there? The guys at

The Second Season of ‘From Dusk till Dawn: The Series’ Gets a Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, June 4, 2015
It seemed like people were pretty divided over the first season of “From Dusk till Dawn”, but I thought it was an enjoyable series.  Obviously it doesn’t live up to the original movie, but I liked the directions they took the story and how they expanded the universe a bit more.  So I might be

Joel McHale Signs on for ‘The X-Files’
Written by Jason McDonald, June 3, 2015
The return of “The X-Files’ will probably draw the interest of some high-profile talent or at least lead to a few unique guest appearances.  And with filming expected to start soon, we should begin hearing about those names starting… now. Joel McHale, best known for his role on “Community”, has signed on for a guest role

Fallout 4 Has Been Announced- Check Out the First Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, June 3, 2015
Hype. Hype never changes. We’ve known/suspected for a long while now that Bethesda was working on “Fallout 4.”  However, somehow, the people working at the studio managed to keep a tight lip and we haven’t heard too much regarding the project… until today! After revealing an agonizing countdown clock yesterday Bethesda finally released the firs