Check Out the Horror Films Playing at AFI Fest 2015
Written by Jason McDonald, November 6, 2015
One of the benefits of living in California is the constant stream of film festivals that play throughout the year.  You get everything from small groups putting together indie showcases to gala events where new stars mingle with old favorites.  Of all these festivals there are two that I look forward to every year and

IFC Midnight Becomes One of ‘The Pack’
Written by Chris Savage, November 5, 2015
Did anyone get a chance to watch Joe Carnahan’s The Grey, which starred Liam Neeson? I loved it, I thought it had a great story, excellent pace, and the blood-thirsty pack of wolves was done extremely well. So, who’s up for more angry wolves? If so, we may just have the film for you in the form of

[Trailer] ‘The Last House’ Hits DVD This November
Written by Chris Savage, November 5, 2015
We have just received word that Wild Eye Releasing will be unleashing Sean Cain’s latest flick The Last House onto DVD and VOD this November 24th, and we have all the details, trailer and more. Make your way below and let us know if you’ll be entering The Last House? From the Press Release: Wild Eye

First Look at Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th Game
Written by Jason McDonald, November 4, 2015
“Friday the 13th: The Game” is still trying to raise funds on it’s Kickstarter Page and has a ways to go before it hits it’s current goal.  As of today the game only has nine days left and still needs to raise $90,000.  Impossible? No, but it isn’t out of the woods yet. So to

‘The Gift’ Blu-Ray Review- A Tight and Uncomfortable Thriller
Written by Jason McDonald, November 4, 2015
Full disclosure: Universal sent me a copy of “The Gift” on blu-ray and, while it’s not horror, I thought it’d be worth reviewing for the site anyways.  I tend to think that horror fans enjoy good thrillers as well and I was really impressed with what “The Gift” had to offer. The Movie: “The Gift”

Official Teaser Trailer for Chris Sun’s ‘Boar’
Written by Chris Savage, November 4, 2015
From Chris Sun, who gave us Charlie’s Farm, comes his latest foray into the world of horror with his killer pig flick Boar, and we just so happen to have the official poster along with the newly released teaser trailer and it looks awesome. The creature effects for the boar are impressive, and if you

Official Poster for the Killer Doll Movie ‘The Boy’
Written by Chris Savage, November 4, 2015
Last month we uncovered a little flick which immediately caught our attention, a film that I think many of you will be hyped for just as much as we are. If you like your killer doll movies, then I think you will be all over William Brent Bell’s latest flick The Boy, as it looks set

You Better Watch Out – We Have the New ‘Krampus’ Poster
Written by Chris Savage, November 4, 2015
Making its way to theatres this December 4th is Michael Dougherty’s  (Trick ’r Treat) highly anticipated Krampus, and I for one couldn’t be more stoked for this one. So, you guys ready for some Krampus mayhem? Head on down below and check out the new poster, but be on guard, Krampus knows where you live… The

Adam Green Reveals His Concept for ‘Hatchet 4′
Written by Jason McDonald, November 4, 2015
Before you “Hatchet” fans get excited, this isn’t a confirmation that a new “Hatchet” film is in the works. In fact, it’s very likely that this concept will never see the light of day.  However, it is interesting to see what almost could have been. Arrow in the Head posted the story earlier today where

Henry Selick is Teaming Up with Key & Peele for a New Stop Motion Horror Comedy
Written by Jason McDonald, November 4, 2015
Pop quiz hotshot.  Who directed “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? If you said Tim Burton then slap your hand for me. Contrary to popular belief, Tim Burton did not direct “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  It was, in fact, a man named Henry Selick.  The same man who went on to direct the critically acclaimed “Coraline” and

First Official Teaser Trailer for ‘WTF!’
Written by Chris Savage, November 3, 2015
A little while back we ushered in the first details for Peter Herro’s aptly titled film WTF!, and I think the poster art if anything raised a few eyebrows here-and-there. So, are you guys ready for the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming film? Well, make your way below and take a gander. From the

Check Out the First Teaser for ‘Preacher’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 3, 2015
If you were watching “The Walking Dead” this past Sunday then you would’ve gotten your first taste of AMC’s adaptation of “Preacher.”  AMC’s latest supernatural series is a based off of the comic series of the same name written by Garth Ennis.  And, yes, it is supernatural despite the vibe the trailer gives off. Premiering

[Trailer] First Look at the Supernatural Creature Feature ‘Gitaskog’
Written by Chris Savage, November 3, 2015
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods, some freakin’ supernatural creature just has to show up and spoil the party, I mean, can’t we have just one camping trip without some lurking beast?! Damn, but if you’re brave enough to face a deadly behemoth, we have everything you need

Michael Thelin’s ‘Emelie’ Finds a Home With Dark Sky Films
Written by Chris Savage, November 3, 2015
Babysitting, man. I’m sure you’ve all done it at some point, and I’m pretty sure you’ve had some trouble but I highly doubt you’ve ever gone to the lengths of one babysitter who went a little too far. From Michael Thelin comes his first feature length film Emelie, which has already found distribution in the form

Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in Style with Gigi Saul Guerrero’s Haunting Music Video ‘Paloma’
Written by Chris Savage, November 2, 2015
With Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) well underway, Gigi Saul Guerrero has created a hauntingly beautiful music video as a special celebration to coincide with the event, and it’s entitled Paloma. The video was originally made as a final project at the cinematography class in Capilano University BOSA Centre for Film, where Guerrero appeared as a

[Trailer] You’ve Just Entered ‘The Wrong Floor’ – Brace Yourselves for Toxic Hobos!
Written by Chris Savage, November 2, 2015
You know how it goes, you’re out on a Saturday night, get a little bit wasted and suddenly you find your self in freakin’ Haven Port City, before you know it you’re getting mugged by some dodgy desperado chavs, you’ve got some toxic hobo’s face attached to your wallet, and all you want to do

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Complete Recap and Wrap Up
Written by Goon, November 2, 2015
Well, sadly, the Halloween season is now over. Another 330 some odd days until the season is upon us again. This entire month I have invited you to come along with me on my journey as I watched over 31 horror movies this month. It’s been a great time sharing my experiences with you and

[Review] Live-Evil
Written by Chris Savage, November 1, 2015
With it being Halloween and all, I think it’s quite fitting that we have a spooktacular review for you in the form of Ari Kirschenbaum’s Live-Evil. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this one by now as pretty much every horror website has been promoting the heck out of this one, and for good reason, the

Scream Factory to Unleash ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2′ onto Blu-ray in 2016
Written by Chris Savage, October 31, 2015
It wouldn’t be Halloween without an awesome home video announcement. The folks over at Scream Factory announced today that they will be unleashing a “Collector’s Edition” of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 onto Blu-ray this 2016. However, details are yet to be announced, but hopefully it will be filled to the brim with awesome content. As

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Week Four Recap
Written by Goon, October 31, 2015
Hey guys! It’s been a wild ride so far this month and I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you didn’t already know, I have been doing my annual 31 Days of Halloween where I watch a horror movie every day in the month of October. This year I