The Babadook Unleashes a New Clip
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, certainly has the potential to deliver the scares, but will it? Well, if this latest clip is any indication, then this sucker is certainly heading down the right path. So, head on down below and check out the newest clip from The Babadook. The film stars Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Daniel Henshall, Hayley

New TV Spot & More for Dracula Untold
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
We have been talking about Dracula Untold, for quite some time now and to be honest, I’m still on the fence with this one, I’m just not sure. But, for those of you who are stoked for this sucker will be pleased to know that we have for you yet another TV spot, but also

New Official V/H/S Viral Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
Are you a fan of the V/H/S series? The I am pretty sure you’re stoked for the next entry in the franchise, V/H/S Viral. So, with the film nearing ever closer it only makes sense that we have some more footage for you in the form of a new trailer, check out the goods below.

Scarecrow Kickstarts SyFy’s “31 Days of Halloween”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 1, 2014
It’s finally here! October and the mad rush for everyone to start seriously considering what costumes to put together for whatever monster mash being attended. But more importantly, it is one monster month for horror movies! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the original television movies that are going to premiere on the

Pinhead Returns in New Novel from Clive Barker
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
Make sure you reread that headline. NOVEL.  Not a film.  Still, if you’ve been aching for Clive Barker to take another dig at his legendary Pinhead character, than you’ll be thrilled to hear this news. You might have heard some time ago that Clive Barker was working on a new novel that would feature the infamous

‘Zombieland 2′ Gets a Writer and a Director
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
Will this be a case of too little too late? I hope not, because I’m excited that “Zombieland” is finally getting a sequel! And this time it won’t be a TV series! Deadline has learned that Sony Pictures is finally moving ahead with “Zombieland 2″ and Ruben Fleischer will be returning to direct it.  However,

‘Inner Demons’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
“Inner Demons” is the latest found footage film to take a stab at the subject of demonic possession through guerrilla filmmaking, however, this one uses a unique premise and method to portray the familiar story in a new light.   That being said, does the film manage to do more than simply have a unique hook? The

You Voted: 15 Best New Horror Movies
Written by Herner Klenthur, September 30, 2014
Recently we asked our readers to vote on their favorite horror movies but we specifically limited the choices to only new horror movies. My specific guideline for our readers was to list your favorite films from the last 10 years only. The resulting votes were quite diverse but as usual its hard to dispute the

[Trailer] Playtime’s Over – ‘Heidi’ Has Arrived!
Written by Chris Savage, September 30, 2014
Don’t you guys just hate dolls? I mean, they just sit there all innocently, but we know, we know their true agenda, they’re out for our freakin’ souls, like the demonic little creatures they are. Sadly, who is going to believe a doll is out to get you? Well, Daniel Ray is unleashing a found

Sleepy Hollow: Unreleased Episode News and Stills
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 30, 2014
If you love haunted histories and witty dialogue, you may have found your Monday night show to round out your Fall season line-up. Already 2 episodes into Season 2, things in Sleepy Hollow are already heating up as main character Ichabod Crane has to leverage his relationships with the likes of George Washington and Benjamin

Witness An Exorcism in New Inner Demons Clip
Written by Chris Savage, September 30, 2014
We have been following Seth Grossman’s Inner Demons for quite some time now, and during that time we have unleashed a poster, a trailer and now we have for you a brand new clip which lays witness to an exorcism, check out the goods below. The film stars Leslie Coutterand, Ashley Sutton, and Susan Ateh. Synopsis:

6 Sinister Signs You’re Watching A Blumhouse Film
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 30, 2014
The name carries with it some of the most anticipated horror movie titles of the season. Blumhouse, or rather Jason Blum and his team of renegade directors, seem to have the horror movie franchise down to a science. But what actually makes so many Blumhouse films so bloody good? Well, it might be attributed to

Tommy Wirkola Won’t Direct ‘Hansel and Gretel 2′
Written by Jason McDonald, September 30, 2014
In just a few weeks we’ll be seeing the US release of Tommy Wirkola’s “Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead” when it hits theaters and various streaming services on October 10th.  After which, it was believed that Wirkola would be returning to work on another sequel “Hansel and Gretel 2″, however, that doesn’t appear to

Here are the Characters from the ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Series
Written by Jason McDonald, September 30, 2014
Earlier this month we told you that AMC had officially ordered a pilot for a “Walking Dead” companion series that would feature a whole new cast of characters in a different part of the “Walking Dead” universe. And while information is pretty sparse about the setting and premise, we’re learning about some of the characters

‘Annabelle’ Unleashes a Trio of Clips
Written by Chris Savage, September 29, 2014
Well guys, are you stoked for Annabelle? No? How about a clip to entice you? Well, we’re gonna go two better as we have scored three new clips for you guys to check out below, and as always let us know if you’ll be checking this one out? Annabelle is directed by John R. Leonetti

Celebrate Ten Years of ‘Saw’ with This New Poster & Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, September 29, 2014
Okay. Seriously. Where the heck has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday when James Wan’s Saw first hit theatres, and now it’s suddenly ten years later!? Damn. But, to celebrate this momentous landmark, Saw is being re-released for one week beginning this October 31st, and thanks to Fandango we have scored a killer

Torture and Mayhem in Backtrack Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 29, 2014
As the temperatures get cooler, the haunted stories are shared around the campfire and scary movies start to heat things up in a major way on the big screen. And the dark and scary story-lines are quite chilling as well. Enter Backtrack which highlights one camping trip gone horribly wrong. Ralph is a 26 year-old

First Trailer & Poster for Dark Was The Night
Written by Chris Savage, September 29, 2014
From Jack Heller comes his latest little flick Dark Was The Night, and I have to say I’m quite intrigued by this one even if the trailer is just a little tease. So, make your way below and check out the trailer as well as a poster courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, which was designed by Brandon Schaefer. The

Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Review
Written by Jason McDonald, September 28, 2014
It may be September, but the Halloween season is in full swing here in California.  Over the years the business of scaring people has boomed and many theme parks and attractions are looking to cash in on this by opening up their holiday haunts earlier and earlier.  Am I complaining? Hell no.  I just can’t

Top Ten Men of Hammer Films
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, September 28, 2014
As the long-awaited (or perhaps more aptly, the long-delayed) follow-up to my previous article on the Top Ten Women of Hammer Films, here are the top ten men of Hammer films. Because after all, we’re equal opportunity around here. Peter van Eyck Although Peter van Eyck co-starred in only one Hammer film, this one is a