CW’s iZombie Gets Casting and Release Update
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 29, 2014
Ever since San Diego Comic Con and the release of the trailer that showcases a medical student that has to eat a brain every-month to appear “normal,” we’ve been following the show iZombie, and we like what we see. Amidst casting changes, although Rose MyIver (Once Upon A Time and Masters of Sex) is firmly

[Comic Review] Image’s “Nailbiter” Chronicles Town Full of Serial Killers
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 29, 2014
With taglines like “Congratulations, It’s a Serial Killer,” who wouldn’t be intrigued with the ideas behind one of Image’s latest projects, Nailbiter. One of the most haunting and original tales I’ve have read all year, this comic is already on the sixth issue and I already have so much to comment on. But before we

New Details and Artwork for Sharknado 3
Written by Chris Savage, October 29, 2014
Oh hell no! That’s the tagline of the third Sharknado film, and if you enjoyed the first two installments then I’m sure you will be all over this sucker. So today, we have scored some new artwork as well as a synopsis for the new film. Synopsis: When a mass of sharknadoes threatens Florida, chainsaw-wielding hero

New Motion Poster for [REC] 4: Apocalypse
Written by Chris Savage, October 29, 2014
While we still wait ever patiently for any news on a domestic release, we have scored a Spanish motion poster just ahead of it’s release in Spain this Halloween, and you guys can get a glimpse below. Synopsis: Angela Vidal wakes up in a high-security quarantine facility, sole survivor and witness to the horrific events

MTV Picks Up ‘Scream’ Series and Casts New Lead
Written by Jason McDonald, October 29, 2014
It looks we’ll be “Scream”-ing at our televisions next October! Sorry, Halloween is sucking up what little creativity I have within me. MTV has decided to move forward with a television series based on the “Scream” franchise and we’ll be seeing it one year from now. Deadline is reporting that MTV has ordered ten episodes

[Trailer] Dark Sky Films Ventures into The Well
Written by Chris Savage, October 28, 2014
Word has just come in that the folks over at Dark Sky Films have acquired Tom Hammock’s post-apocalyptic flick, The Well, and we have scored a little trailer (which plays out more like a clip) for you guys to check out below. Synopsis: At the edge of an expansive barren valley, all that remains of The

Official Trailer for The House at the End of Time
Written by Chris Savage, October 28, 2014
You guys curious as to what was the top grossing Venezuelan theatrical release of 2013? I’m sure you are, and it was Alejandro Hidalgo’s debut feature film The House at the End of Time. Now that’s how you make a mark on the scene, and today we have scored the official so you guys can get a

[Exclusive] Real Murder Spree Highlighted In House on the Hill
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 28, 2014
Earlier this month we reported the new with American Horror Story creator taking a walk on the wild side as he’s featuring real killers in American Crime Story. Now we have House on the Hill and,  just by watching the trailer, I get the chills as the real serial killer that inspired this film is

First Trailer for ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’
Written by Jason McDonald, October 28, 2014
Touted as the “first Iranian vampire western” film, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” has been hitting the festival circuit for some time and now we’re finally getting our first look at the film with this premiere trailer. If this is the first you’re hearing about this film, you might be confused by the

Oscar Winning Director to Take on ‘Walking Dead’ Companion Series
Written by Jason McDonald, October 28, 2014
The “Walking Dead” companion series is taking another step to becoming a reality as AMC has announced that an Oscar-winning director is coming onboard to direct the pilot episode. Deadline is reporting that Adam Davidson will be put behind the wheel of the upcoming companion series and will direct the pilot episode.  We still don’t

[Trailer] Demons Abound in Disciples
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 28, 2014
Things are really heating up on the American Film Market circuit as every A and B-movie horror production is gearing up to be shown to an international audience in just a couple of weeks. What I like about this trailer is that is prominently showcases some of the best horror actors in the biz, in

[Interview] “The Control Group” Director Talks Dario Agento and Film Styles Worth Revisiting
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 28, 2014
We scored an exclusive interview with director Peter Hurd of The Control Group as he’s gearing up to sell his film at The American Film Market this early November. He tells us why Dario Argento films are super cool and how grindhouse is a fun style to shoot in. But don’t take my word for

[Free Film] Hellyfish Has Been Unleashed! Witness the Mayhem Inside
Written by Chris Savage, October 27, 2014
The day has finally come. I know, calm yourselves. Take a deep breath and brace yourself for THE b-movie of the year! Yes my friends, Pat Longstreth & Rob MacLean’s Hellyfish, has arrived and you guys can watch the entire short film right here for free! So grab that popcorn, strap yourselves in and and prepare yourself

Alien Isolation Livestream (Offline Now)
Written by Jason McDonald, October 27, 2014
EDIT: Alright, that’s a wrap. Thanks for watching if you stopped by. I might do this again during the week. I’ve got a copy of “Alien Isolation” and a PS4 so I’m testing out the livestreaming feature on this thing.  Nothing fancy!  But if you want to watch me play “Alien Isolation” for the next

[Review] Rare WWII Hitchcock Documentary “Night Will Fall” Reveals A Dark Humanity
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 25, 2014
Many do not know about Night Will Fall and the long, arduous journey through several wars to finally bring it to theaters. It is a forgotten, then found-again, WWII documentary helmed by Alfred Hitchcock as he was a key consultant in advising the team to “take long shots to avoid any ideas of fakery.” This

Two New Ouija TV Spots Inside
Written by Chris Savage, October 25, 2014
Have any of you guys checked out Ouija, now that it is playing in theatres? If not, we have a couple more TV spots to perhaps entice you a little more, or maybe not. Either way, you can check them both out below. The film stars Olivia Cooke, Douglas Smith, and Bianca Santos. Let us

First Plot Details for the Mummy Reboot?
Written by Jason McDonald, October 25, 2014
Universal has some big plans for it’s classic monster franchise and the first film leading the charge is the upcoming “Mummy” reboot.  Although, apparently, the recent “Dracula Untold” film might’ve been the spearhead for the expansive narrative that Universal is hoping to create with their monsters.  I bring that movie up because some plot details

[Trailer] Things Get Out of Control in “The Control Group” Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 24, 2014
If Dario Argento had a baby with a grindhouse film, you would have the ghoulishly-made horror experiment that is The Control Group. And this title is rated X as in “No one allowed under 16″. So there’s something seriously forbidding, and at the same time enticing, about seeing a film with this kind of rating.

Fear is Spreading in New TV Spot for V/H/S: Viral
Written by Chris Savage, October 23, 2014
With V/H/S: Viral now available on iTunes and On Demand, how many of you have checked it out? Perhaps you are not the digital type and prefer to watch a film in the theatre? Well, to hype up your experience we have scored a brand new TV spot for the film and you can check

Official Teaser Trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3
Written by Chris Savage, October 23, 2014
As promised yesterday by Jason, the official teaser trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 has arrived and we have that sucker primed and ready for your viewing pleasure below. Now, I loved Insidious for the most part, but the sequel didn’t exactly do it for me. But, judging by this brand new teaser trailer for the third