The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set Hits This November
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2014
I absolutely love The Twilight Zone, it’s one of the best, if not the best TV series ever, and today we have just scored some awesome news regarding the holy grail of all The Twilight Zone box-sets, this sucker looks awesome! The set features all the episodes from the original series (1959-1964) and the 1980s

A Cry From Within Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 3, 2014
Coming our way from 7&7 Entertainment is a tale about a New York family that decides to abandon the city in search of a quieter life, but soon find themselves at the mercy of the spirit inhabiting their new home. Sound like a familiar story-line? Well, here’s some more hellish details which give this very

Web Series Dead Within Releases Movie Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 3, 2014
If you’re anything like me, you like a good web series because they’re short, sweet and to the point. Well, this title is anything but sweet, but from what I saw in the web series, this doesn’t look like your typical zombie flick. Which is definitely a good thing! Hailed as “a zombie tale with

Telluride Horror Show Part 2
Written by Shaun Huhn, October 2, 2014
The programmers of the Telluride Horror Show have been working around the clock to create a perfect lineup for their fifth annual festival. We covered the first wave of titles which included an amazing array of dark comedy, gory brutality, logical found footage, deadly close encounters of the third kind, werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein, and haunted

A Trio of ‘Ouija’ TV Spots Inside
Written by Chris Savage, October 2, 2014
I’m guessing many of you are pretty stoked for Ouija, right? Well, with the release date fast approaching, we have scored some new footage for you all in the form of three new TV spots. Yep, they chuck em’ all at us at once. So, make your way below and check them out. The film

Plunge Into Darkness with this New Inner Demons Poster
Written by Chris Savage, October 2, 2014
Inner Demons has been gaining a ton of exposure these past few months, so hopefully the film is something we should all be checking out. But, in the meantime, a new official poster has arrived and we have that sucker for you guys below courtesy of Dread Central. The film stars Leslie Coutterand, Ashley Sutton,

First Official Trailer for Honeyspider
Written by Chris Savage, October 2, 2014
A couple of months back we got word of a little horror flick known as Honeyspider, from Kenny Caperton and Josh Hasty. With that, we showcased a pretty badass poster for the film, but sadly things turned silent for quite sometime. Well, the silence has been broken as we’re now in the month of October,

Ever Had A “Deathgasm”? Poster & Story
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 2, 2014
Now here’s an interesting title that comes by way of a splatter horror/black comedy about two heavy metal-thrashing losers who have to find their inner strength to stop a malevolent force which they inadvertently unleashed. Enter Deathgasm which is currently in production by Retinae Productions. It sounds like a wholly original story written by Jason

Check Out Phineas and Ferb’s Tribute to Shaun of the Dead
Written by Jason McDonald, October 2, 2014
If you’re a fan of Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb” (there’s no shame in that) and you want to stay pure for this years Halloween episode, then you might want to avoid this post as it reveals one of this year’s most interesting cameos. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have lent their “Shaun of the

13 Mind Blowing Horror Movies of 2013
Written by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche), October 1, 2014
Happy New Year everyone! With the end of 2013, everyone who posts online reveals their lists. I’m no different. It is the age old tradition to compartmentalize a years worth of media into an easy to read checklist. In some cases writers attempt to be unique. Their lists can include best of, worst of, best

The Babadook Unleashes a New Clip
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, certainly has the potential to deliver the scares, but will it? Well, if this latest clip is any indication, then this sucker is certainly heading down the right path. So, head on down below and check out the newest clip from The Babadook. The film stars Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Daniel Henshall, Hayley

New TV Spot & More for Dracula Untold
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
We have been talking about Dracula Untold, for quite some time now and to be honest, I’m still on the fence with this one, I’m just not sure. But, for those of you who are stoked for this sucker will be pleased to know that we have for you yet another TV spot, but also

New Official V/H/S Viral Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2014
Are you a fan of the V/H/S series? The I am pretty sure you’re stoked for the next entry in the franchise, V/H/S Viral. So, with the film nearing ever closer it only makes sense that we have some more footage for you in the form of a new trailer, check out the goods below.

Scarecrow Kickstarts SyFy’s “31 Days of Halloween”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 1, 2014
It’s finally here! October and the mad rush for everyone to start seriously considering what costumes to put together for whatever monster mash being attended. But more importantly, it is one monster month for horror movies! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the original television movies that are going to premiere on the

Pinhead Returns in New Novel from Clive Barker
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
Make sure you reread that headline. NOVEL.  Not a film.  Still, if you’ve been aching for Clive Barker to take another dig at his legendary Pinhead character, than you’ll be thrilled to hear this news. You might have heard some time ago that Clive Barker was working on a new novel that would feature the infamous

‘Zombieland 2′ Gets a Writer and a Director
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
Will this be a case of too little too late? I hope not, because I’m excited that “Zombieland” is finally getting a sequel! And this time it won’t be a TV series! Deadline has learned that Sony Pictures is finally moving ahead with “Zombieland 2″ and Ruben Fleischer will be returning to direct it.  However,

‘Inner Demons’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2014
“Inner Demons” is the latest found footage film to take a stab at the subject of demonic possession through guerrilla filmmaking, however, this one uses a unique premise and method to portray the familiar story in a new light.   That being said, does the film manage to do more than simply have a unique hook? The

You Voted: 15 Best New Horror Movies
Written by Herner Klenthur, September 30, 2014
Recently we asked our readers to vote on their favorite horror movies but we specifically limited the choices to only new horror movies. My specific guideline for our readers was to list your favorite films from the last 10 years only. The resulting votes were quite diverse but as usual its hard to dispute the

[Trailer] Playtime’s Over – ‘Heidi’ Has Arrived!
Written by Chris Savage, September 30, 2014
Don’t you guys just hate dolls? I mean, they just sit there all innocently, but we know, we know their true agenda, they’re out for our freakin’ souls, like the demonic little creatures they are. Sadly, who is going to believe a doll is out to get you? Well, Daniel Ray is unleashing a found

Sleepy Hollow: Unreleased Episode News and Stills
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 30, 2014
If you love haunted histories and witty dialogue, you may have found your Monday night show to round out your Fall season line-up. Already 2 episodes into Season 2, things in Sleepy Hollow are already heating up as main character Ichabod Crane has to leverage his relationships with the likes of George Washington and Benjamin