Jeff Ferrell Heads ‘Dead West’ This February
Written by Chris Savage, January 26, 2017
From Jeff Ferrell comes his latest film, Dead West, and we are pleased to reveal that the film will be making its way to DVD this February 7th via RLJ Entertainment, and we have all the details you need below. If you’re looking for a new serial killer movie to check out, perhaps you should give this

Joel Novoa’s ‘Day of Reckoning’ Finds a Home on VOD
Written by Chris Savage, January 26, 2017
Back in October of last year, we gave you word of Joel Novoa’s latest flick, Day of Reckoning, and its premiere on the Syfy channel. Now, chances are a few of you missed this one, but thankfully Epic Pictures have your back as they will unleash the film onto VOD in the States and Canada beginning

Jacob Tremblay Joins the Cast of “Predator”
Written by Jason McDonald, January 26, 2017
Shane Black’s upcoming “Predator” film seems to be growing by the day as the project gets ready to start production this February.  Yesterday we learned that actor Thomas Jane was in talks to join the production, but now it looks like someone on the opposite end of the age spectrum may be joining as well.

Jessica Cameron’s ‘Truth or Dare’ Is Finally Available on DVD
Written by Chris Savage, January 25, 2017
It has been a long, hard road, but finally Jessica Cameron’s long-awaited horror flick, Truth or Dare is finally available on DVD! Yes, it’s true. But it is selling out fast, Amazon.com is sold out already and it was released this week, but there are a few places you can score a copy. Now, as

[Trailer] Gregory Blair Hosts a ‘Garden Party Massacre’
Written by Chris Savage, January 25, 2017
Gregory Blair’s latest flick, Garden Party Massacre, is a film we’ve had our eye on for quite some time, but sadly we have had very little updates. Thankfully that changes today, as we can not only reveal that the film is finishing up post-production, but we’ve also got the first official teaser trailer and it

Thomas Jane Could Star in Shane Black’s ‘Predator’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 25, 2017
While we don’t know a whole lot about Shane Black’s upcoming return to the “Predator” series, there’s one thing that we can definitively say about it: it’s shaping up to have a pretty eclectic group of actors. At first it seemed like Benicio Del Toro was set to join the project; however, he suddenly backed

Severin Films Witnesses a ‘Drive-In Massacre’ on Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, January 24, 2017
I think you’re gonna need a bigger cabinet, what with all these awesome Bu-ray releases as of late, and the awesomeness is showing no signs of slowing down. From Severin Films comes Stu Segall’s ’70s slasher classic, Drive-In Massacre, and we have all the details you need. From the Press Release: On March 14th, as Winter

Michael Dougherty to Direct ‘Godzilla 2’ for Warner Bros
Written by Jason McDonald, January 24, 2017
Late last year we learned that “Krampus” director Michael Dougherty had been brought on by Warner Bros to help put together their “Godzilla” universe along with his writing partner Zach Shields.  Now it looks like Dougherty is going to have a more hands on involvement with the sequel. According to Variety Warner Bros and Legendary

The ‘Wishmaster’ 4-Film Blu-ray Collection Hits This March – Special Features Announced
Written by Chris Savage, January 23, 2017
I’d had been holding off on this one since its announcement as I wanted to wait until the special features were announced, and today, that day has come. So, from Lionsgate, as part of their Vestron Video Collector’s Series comes the Wishmaster Collection on Blu-ray this March 28, 2017, and it features all four films. Check

This Clown Ain’t Joking Around in ‘Clowntergeist’
Written by Chris Savage, January 23, 2017
Okay, with a title like Clowntergeist, I was expecting full-on cheese, I mean Wensleydale type cheese, the stuff that takes a good ol’ scraping. However, viewing the official trailer (see below) for Aaron Mirte’s Clowntergeist from High Octane Pictures, I’m actually pleasantly surprised, we may have something here that delivers a little bite. Check out the

[Trailer] Mutant Cats Are Unleashed in ‘Moggy Creatures’
Written by Chris Savage, January 23, 2017
As you guys know, as soon as we hear the word “creature feature” we’re all over it, and today we bring you word of Scott Frazelle’s upcoming feature film, Moggy Creatures, which features evil, mutant cats, and below we have some early details including the first trailer. Moggy Creatures will utilize practical FX to help bring the

Where Have the Horror Cartoons Gone?
Written by Chris Savage, January 22, 2017
I think as time winds on, we often get a little nostalgic from time to time. For me though, it doesn’t take much to trigger a fond memory of days gone by, you’d think I’d have a case of those “Member berries” from South Park lying around the amount I procrastinate about the good ol’ days.

Top 5 Creepy Books for Women in Horror Month
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, January 21, 2017
Women in Horror Month is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to catch up on reading some female-penned scary stories. And while Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House are staples on every literary horror lover’s bookshelf, let’s delve into a few authors that maybe you aren’t

James Cameron to Reboot ‘Terminator’ With Tim Miller Directing
Written by Chris Savage, January 21, 2017
You know when Arnold used the phrase “I’ll be back” in The Terminator, we never really knew how many times he’d be back, but true to his word, he’s been back quite a few times and perhaps he’ll be back one more time as Deadline has the latest. According to the site, James Cameron will regain

First Photo & Behind-the-Scenes Image from ‘Cult of Chucky’
Written by Chris Savage, January 21, 2017
Don Mancini and his entire crew are currently hard at work as Cult of Chucky is currently in production and as such, a few photos have emerged. First off, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting is a shot of a pool of blood with “Chucky did it” written within it. Secondly, courtesy of star Fiona Dourif, who returns

‘Attack of the Cyber Octopuses’ Goes Old School
Written by Chris Savage, January 20, 2017
Over the past few years old school has become the new school as many filmmakers have embraced the look, feel and techniques used in the eighties and earlier. Just look at David Sandberg’s Kung Fury, and how he managed to encapsulate the eighties in his awesome short, or the stellar Australian TV series Danger 5, from

Watch Anne Hathaway Control a Kaiju in First Trailer for ‘Colossal’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 20, 2017
‘Colossal’ has one of those premises that instantly grabs your attention and it certainly helps that it has an actress as spirited as Anne Hathaway spearheading it.  Let’s just hope that the combo can come together in a glorious way. In the film Anne plays a woman who moves back home after losing her job

SGL Entertainment’s ‘Laundry Man’ Is Now Available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD
Written by Chris Savage, January 19, 2017
The good folks over at SGL Entertainment have informed us that their film Laundry Man, which is directed by Johan Vandewoestijne, is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and various VOD platforms. Check out the details below and where you can score your copy. If you have seen this one, let us know what you thought? From

Danielle Harris’ ‘Havenhurst’ Hits Select Theatres & VOD This February
Written by Chris Savage, January 19, 2017
For those of you who have been keeping your eye on Andrew C. Erin’s Havenhurst, which stars horror favorite Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, the Hatchet franchise), will be very pleased to know that the film will be hitting select theatres and VOD nationwide this February 10th. Check out the official details

Well Go USA Brings the ‘Phantasm’ Blu-ray Collection Stateside
Written by Chris Savage, January 18, 2017
It’s certainly no secret as some of you mentioned on our Facebook page that Well Go USA would be unleashing their own collection of all five Phantasm films onto Blu-ray in the States, after Arrow Video announced their package in the UK. And below, we have all the details you need including the artwork. Will