Tombstone Entertainment Unleashes ‘Blackburn’ Onto DVD This August
Written by Chris Savage, June 21, 2016
Damn, I totally forgot about Blackburn. I remember a year or so ago I was so stoked for this and then any news for the film pretty much fizzled away. Thankfully though, the film hasn’t disappeared completely as we have received word that Tombstone Entertainment will be unleashing the long-awaited flick onto DVD this August 2nd. From

Exclusive: Marc Fehse Hitches a Ride on a Megalodon and Talks ‘Sky Sharks’
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2016
Marc Fehse’s Sky Sharks sounds as if it’s everything I ever wanted in a film, and more! It sounds and looks absolutely insane, but at the same time I’m completely fascinated by the prospect of such a film. So, you guys have had a few teases, cast announcements and even an official trailer, so we

Full Details for Debbie Rochon’s ‘Model Hunger’ DVD Release
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2016
Horror icon Debbie Rochon (Return to Nuke ‘Em High, Phobia, The Theater Bizarre) has made her directorial debut with Model Hunger, and the fine folks over at Wild Eye Releasing are set to unleash that sucker onto DVD and Digital HD this July 12th, and we have all the details you need. From the Press Release:

‘Witch Hunt’ [Horror Short Review]
Written by Chris Savage, June 20, 2016
Independent films are where it’s at. They’re pretty much free to put their vision onto the screen anyway they see fit, of course budget pending, and as a result, we the viewer are greeted to an experience you’re not going to see via a major studio, and Richard Chandler (Gilgamesh) is quickly rising among the ranks

Actor Anton Yelchin Has Died at the Age of 27
Written by Jason McDonald, June 19, 2016
Horrible news today.  Actor Anton Yelchin, who recently starred in the indie-hit “Green Room”, has died today at the age of 27. TMZ and many other news sites are reporting that Anton died in a freak accident late last night.  Apparently Mr. Yelchin was supposed to meet some friends for a rehearsal, but when he

Official Gore-Filled Trailer for the ‘Blood Feast’ Remake
Written by Chris Savage, June 19, 2016
The Blood Feast remake from director Marcel Walz is one film we have been keeping our eyes upon very closely. I know, it’s a remake, but sometimes they work and more often than not they don’t. Thankfully it appears as if Marcel’s remake is hitting the mark with all bloody cylinders firing at once, this

First Teaser Trailer for ‘2Lava2Lantula’
Written by Chris Savage, June 19, 2016
As promised, a sequel to Lavalantula is on the way, in fact, the film is set for a release this August 6, 2016 and it’s titled 2Lava2Lantula, and judging by the official teaser trailer (see below) it’s just as ridiculous as the title suggests. But damn, it looks like a ton of fun. Anyway, make

[Trailer] An ‘Intruder’ Invades IFC Midnight
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2016
From Travis Zariwny (Cabin Fever (2016) comes his latest flick Intruder, which is set for a release on VOD and in limited theatres this June 24, 2016 via the folks over at IFC Midnight. And with the film nearing its release date, we have scored the official trailer and poster for you guys to check out

First Look at Sandy Collora’s Creature Feature ‘Shallow Water’
Written by Chris Savage, June 16, 2016
I’m just going to go straight in here; the creature in Sandy Collora’s Shallow Water looks fantastic! This is what we need and hopefully we will get it, but that comes down to us. Shallow Water is said to be the first in a series of short films which will be a part of a retro horror/sci-fi anthology feature, but they

The Official Trailer for ‘Ghost Team’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, June 16, 2016
Earlier this month we ushered in the official poster and details for Oliver Irving’s horror-comedy Ghost Team, since then we’ve been waiting with bated breath for more on this sucker as it sounds like it’s a home-run, and now the official trailer has arrived for you to check out. Head on down below and see if this

The Nun from ‘The Conjuring 2’ Will Get Her Own Spinoff Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, June 16, 2016
It looks like New Line will be turning “Conjuring” spinoff films into a grand tradition.  After a blockbuster weekend in which the horror sequel raked in $100 million worldwide, New Line has announced that they will be expanding the “Conjuring” universe even further with another spinoff. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that New Line is taking the

Official Poster & Trailer for Joe Begos’ ‘The Mind’s Eye’
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
Well I wasn’t expecting this! From Joe Begos comes his latest film The Mind’s Eye, and my first thought was a new Scanners film, as this sucker looks as if it may have materialized out of Cronenberg’s scrapbook! I’m stoked for this and I think you will too. So, head on down below and check out the

Exclusive: Don Bitters Talks ‘Terrordactyl’ & More
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
Creature feature fans rejoice! We have a new one for you in the form of Don Bitters’ Terrordactyl, which is available on various VOD platforms as we speak, so if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for!? In the meantime, we recently had the chance to ask Don Bitters a few questions regarding the

‘House of Manson’ Hits DVD & VOD in the States this August
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
I know it’s been a long wait, guys, but trust me, it’s worth it. Brandon Slagle’s Charles Manson biopic House of Manson [Review], has been up and down the festival circuit, it’s been across the pond and now it appears as if the film is finally set for a domestic release and we have some very

[Trailer] ‘The Rezort’ is ‘Jurassic Park’ With Zombies
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
I have no other way to describe Steve Barker’s The Rezort (Generation Z) than to say it’s Jurassic Park with zombies, and granted the idea is a little out there, but it actually looks intriguing and it could work. So, how about a glimpse at the film? Make your way below for the official trailer and

New Official Stills from Jimmy Lee Combs’ ‘Terror Tales’
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
We’ve been following Jimmy Lee Combs’ latest flick Terror Tales for as long as we can remember as this sucker looks and sounds as if it has some awesome potential, plus it’s an anthology flick in the vein of Creepshow. So, need I say more? We’re stoked, and as such we have scored a slew of new photos

[Video] Dead Town: Episode 2 – ‘This Must be the Place’
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
Peter Mckeirnon’s zombie web-series Dead Town is back with episode 2 ‘This Must be the Place’ and it’s a ton of fun, as we watch the continued adventures of our trio of misfits; John, 80s Dave and Butty, as they continue their search for John’s daughter. During this episode we are greeted to a new

The ‘Dark-Web’ Wants You to Scare Them
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
We’ve just received word of the upcoming horror/sci-fi series Dark-Web, which is set to be an eight-part anthology series with its themes set around the dark underbelly of the internet and they’re looking for short scripts that will terrify and scare them to the bone! If you think you’ve got an idea, that fills up 10-15

Artspolitation Films Travel Through Time with ‘Counter Clockwise’
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2016
Our good friends over at Artsploitation Films have announced that they have acquired George Moïse’s sci-fi/horror flick Counter Clockwise for a release on DVD and VOD this October 4, 2016, and we have all the details below including the official trailer. Check out the goods and let us know if this is something you’ll be checking

Sony Showcases New Horror Game ‘Days Gone’
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2016
There’s certainly no end to zombie themed horror games out there. Just these last two days we’ve seen the announcement of four sequels that fit that description.  Is there possibly room for one more new IP?  Well we’re about to find out as Sony has announced their new horror title “Days Gone.” “Days Gone” comes