Paranormal Activity 4 Review

Shawn Payer

Paranormal Activity picks up where Katie abducted Hunter at the end of Part 2. The plot focus’s on a new family that lives across the street from Katie and “Robbie”. The kid always comes over to Alex’s house; she is a blonde girl living in the house with her family. Robbie wants to play with their youngest son. Because of some odd event, they see Police across the street and are told Katie was admitted into the hospital for a few days. The blonde girls mother agrees to watch Robbie while she’s in the hospital because he has nobody else.

It’s safe to say The Paranormal Activity franchise for me is over. And of course weird things start happening. The first 2 were awesome, creepy and unnerving! I left feeling on edge and creeped out. The third movie wasn’t half as good, I didn’t leave the theatre on edge or creeped out like Part 1 & 2, having said that i think PA3 worked only because it was a good way to close the franchise as a trilogy taking us back to where it all began with Katie and Christie as kids. PA4 doesn’t use camera’s set up in area’s of the house, but focuses on laptop webcam video’s, walking around with laptops as the movie goes on the camera angles at times make you a bit dizzy at times.

Paranormal Activity 4 was completely un-needed. I guess the scare factor is mostly gone for me, I believe they now keep making them because of the huge payback from them. The story’s been told, it was effective, why keep going? I found this movie relied more on fake-out scares than real ones, especially in Alex’s room. I did jump once when the knife fell from the ceiling that was it. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it was the worse out of the franchise and weak compared to what the franchise started as.

Although it was great to see Katie back, I don’t think even she can hold the franchise together by walking around in daylight and have the movie remain scary. We know what happened to her but sometimes less is more. Comparing PA4 to the first 2 I can’t say I’m impressed, even with Katie back. I really hope this is the last one, I guess it depends how it does at the box office, but they are made for so little it will always get it’s money back at this point. The theatre was only half full on opening night so it could be an early sign it might not make as much as planned and they may not make a 5th.

Turns out the new family’s boy Wyatt was adopted and is actually Hunter!? ┬áThis was a ploy to get him back. Katie wants him. This other boy Robbie that I thought was actually Hunter must of just been in the cult just there to get Hunter back from the family?

I liked the ending when Katie runs full out down the hallway with her face changing, That was very cool, the finale wasn’t any more than 60 seconds. The blonde girl Alex runs through Katie’s house screaming looking for her dad and brother after her mother was just killed, the entire cult is outside the house and Katie attacks Alex with her face transformed, and the movie ends.

I do believe less is more but sometimes it what you don’t see that’s scarier than what you do see. I hope this is the last one though.

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      1. William Ryan October 20, 2012 at 9:20 pm

        There is a scene after the credits set in what looks to be Mexico. Hence the Spanish newspapers in the film plastered on the window. A man speaking Spanish is in a store and sees something like an altar and then a women pops out and says something that translates into something like, “It’s only the beginning.” Looks like another iteration is coming our way.

      2. Bob B October 21, 2012 at 4:21 pm

        *PA3 spoiler* I’d like to learn more about the cult at the end of 3. Maybe a spinoff would be cool without use found footage. Like how Blair Witch 2 was
        Isn’t the finale the only good part of all the movies?