Poster Art for The Mo Brothers’ KILLERS


I am ashamed to say that I’ve only recently heard of the Mo Brothers. Macabre was just as outstanding and terrifying in every gory aspect and I can’t help but feel the crave and thrill for what is to come in their new film, Killers.

Based on the original story of Nightmare Detective producer Ushiyama Takuji, Killers is of a gruesome tale of two men, Nomura and Bayu, a pair of serial killers who discover each other on the Internet.

Off to a nifty start, eh? It gets better…

Chaos rises as Bayu finds himself drawn into Nomura’s murderous acts, eventually going so far as to copycatting the murders committed by Nomura. The man who struggles to preserve his humanity inadvertently becomes a protege to another man whose legacy made him nothing short of a monster.

The film is described as an international horror-thriller due to the split production between Japan and Indonesia. Japanese production house Nikkatsu and producer Yoshinori Chiba will be backing the project while the Mo Brothers’ own Guerilla Merah Productions and Gareth Huw Evans’ P.T. Merantau Pictures will support the Indonesia side of the film.

The cast announced are Rin Takanashi, Oka Antara, Luna Maya, Tara Basro and veteran Indonesian actor Ray Sahetapy (The Raid).

Mo Brothers' Killers

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      1. Colah January 11, 2015 at 12:07 am

        I’d never heard of the Mo Brothers until KILLERS, appeared on my video Ezy wall. Not knowing if I’d hate it or like it, like so many. I LOVED it. yes it was gory and sick in the sense of what happens in this world but I’m a horror lover from way back and it’s rare that you get one that you actually have to think about and has a plot or something that really makes you have to think., to the extent of what happens to you in this life could turn ever perhaps you into a KILLER.
        I’m so sick of wasting money of all those “slasher films” I’ve learnt to screen what I pick very well. So if you have a strong stomach and like a true Horror film this its a must see for you!