Top 10 Horror

Top 10 Horror is our ongoing series where we look at the Top films within the genre. For example, 10 Best Horror Films of 2011, 10 Best Movies Featuring Zombies, 10 Greatest Kills, etc. This on going series is written by the entire writing team at HorrorMovies.ca

5 Things I Hate About Horror Movies
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 30 days ago.
I love the horror genre and its something I have devoted almost 10 years of my life to as a blogger. I have had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting some of my genre heroes like Bruce Campbell but more importantly I have developed some great friendships along the way with fellow bloggers like Jamie [...]

5 Disturbing Fathers Day Horror Movies
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 44 days ago.
Its fathers day so happy fathers day to all you readers who are dads. My son yesterday decided for my fathers day gift to go and grab an IRON and plug it into the wall while his mother was not looking… and then grab it. So needless to say my Fathers Day is an interesting [...]

Top Ten Underrated Episodes of The Twilight Zone
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 46 days ago.
This month marks the 50th anniversary since the end of The Twilight Zone’s fifth and final season (“The Bewitchin’ Pool”, the last new episode, aired on June 19th, 1964, though the series remained in reruns throughout that summer). So how to celebrate this lamentable occasion? A roundup of favorite titles like “The Howling Man”, “The [...]

15 Hilarious Indie Horror Films Every Fan Should See
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 58 days ago.
I love horror comedies. I like em gorey, I like em cheesy and yeah I also like em with some great 80′s production values. That said I wanted to share films that are funny, gorey and abso-friggin-lutely hilarious. Admittedly all tastes differ but if you like b-movies, like gore, and like REASONABLE production values I [...]

The Ten Best Horror Films of 2009
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 58 days ago.
Was it just me, or did 2009 go by quicker than a teenager staying at Chrystal Lake (GET IT!?!?!).  Also, it’s in my contract that along with every other website in the world, I have compiled my top 10 horror movies of 2009.  Now I want to remind you all again that just like last [...]

Top Ten Bad (But Oh so Good) Horror Films
Posted by MovieMaven | Posted 58 days ago.
I spend a lot of time compiling lists of achievements in horror films. But then who doesn’t like to focus on the good? We love to talk about all those films that made a difference.  We give accolades and celebrate those icons of horror that prove this is a genre worthy of respect.  This week [...]

Top Ten Horror Movie Sidekicks
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 59 days ago.
Oh, horror sidekicks: the true unsung heroes and heroines of the genre. Sometimes, they hang around just to play best friend to the protagonist, offering moral support and possibly supplying an extra tally mark to the final body count. Other times, these bastions of storytelling stop by to wreak havoc as they serve the side [...]

The Ten Best Horror Movie Anthologies of All Time
Posted by MovieMaven | Posted 71 days ago.
This week I had planned to do the final installment of my three-part series on Top Ten Body Part Traumas but I decided instead to switch it up a bit and bring you this fun list instead. One of my beloved past times has always been to catch a little taste of terror on the [...]

Must See Horror Films of the 1970s — Part Two
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 72 days ago.
As promised last week, here is Part Two of the Must See Horror Movies of the 1970s.  The competition for the final few spots was fierce, and yes, I did exclude a number of highly respected horror films (sorry, Deep Red and Deathdream fans).  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part One, [...]

Must See Horror Films of the 1970s — Part One
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 79 days ago.
Like any successful horror movie, some articles get sequels. And same as those horror follow-ups, these articles should be done for the fans, not just the creator’s joy. As a continuation of my Best Horror Movies of the 1980s list, I hope this article will be as fun for you as it is for me. [...]

4 Reasons Horror Has the Best Directors in Hollywood
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 102 days ago.
Horror gets a bad rap.  As a fan of the genre, you probably already realize this.  Non-aficionados throw out wild accusations like “It doesn’t take any talent to make a horror movie.  Anyone can do it!” or “All you care about in a movie is blood and boobs”.  Okay, for some of us, that last [...]

10 Terrible Horror Movies With Great Titles
Posted by Chris Egan | Posted 122 days ago.
Movie titles are one of the most important parts of the entire process of film-making from inception, to the marketing and finally the release. It gives us insight to what the film will be about. In many cases it may even incite or deter us to/from seeing a particular movie. There are many instances of [...]

The Best Horror Movie Monsters that Used No CGI — Part 1
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 129 days ago.
Since Universal Horror ruled the marquee, movie monsters have entertained us with their madcap, bloodthirsty antics. But these villains are not created equal. A skilled makeup artist understands that each design hinges on how the monster will elicit fear. Zombies, for example, are scary precisely because they’re made in our image, albeit a ravenous, reanimated [...]

Top Ten Women of Hammer Films
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 139 days ago.
Ah, Hammer Film Productions. Any truly devoted horror fan thinks of those beautifully lavish studio sets and smiles. Alright, very few of you readers remember the sets quite so well as the buxom beauties that pranced across them, in glorious Technicolor no less. To say films don’t make ‘em like they used to doesn’t even [...]

5 Things Horror Movies Taught Us about Witchcraft
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 143 days ago.
In just a few weeks, we’ll reach the Spring Equinox. You’re probably wondering why you should care. Most people don’t. Maybe you’ll see a quick blurb on a news site about the topic, but otherwise, an equinox tends to concern only astronomers and hippy-dippy New Age people who celebrate chakras and life energy. Oh, and [...]

8 Badass Female Characters in Horror Films
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 164 days ago.
February is Women in Horror Month.   In honor of this momentous occasion, here are eight horror movie characters who prove being a girl doesn’t mean you’re not ready for war, even if said combat involves a maniac serial killer, an army of aliens, or a horde of zombies.   As a female badass, you just get [...]

10 Horror Movie Diseases That Will Kill You Dead!
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 171 days ago.
Somewhere between the Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard, there’s a current plague going around. No, it’s not the one you’ve been waiting for, so put your Daryl Dixon-loving crossbow back on the shelf. It’s just the common flu. Perhaps you or someone you know is suffering from the aforementioned pestilence. If so, then it’s a [...]

7 Horror Movie Couples that Make You Grateful to Be Single
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 179 days ago.
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your unlucky-in-love status might be on your mind lately. But don’t feel too bad if you’re on your own this February 14th. It could always be worse. You could be in some messy romantic entanglement like one of the seven couples below. Sure, you don’t have an evening [...]

6 Iconic Horror Characters with Almost No Screen Time
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 185 days ago.
As a horror fan, you may sometimes feel like you’re spending more time with simpering victims instead of unflappable villains. And you’re probably right. Filmmakers like to deceive viewers with a litany of lead-up scares but no actual reveal. Other times, we hear swathes of back story about certain diabolical characters before they’re introduced, which [...]

13 NetFlix Instant Horror Movies To Watch While You Still Can [ USA ]
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 205 days ago.
Earlier we posted a list of 47 new horror titles that have just arrived on NETFLIX instant and it got many of our readers thinking about whether the service was starting to offer more for horror fans. I for one have always been a fan of Netflix because what else am I going to use? [...]