9 Wonderfully Weird Horror Movie Bathroom Scenes
Written by Jared, August 10, 2015
The bathroom, it’s disgusting, it’s uncomfortable, it’s odors can be down right alien-like and bad things happen there, especially in horror films. Bathroom scenes have arguably become a useful trope within the horror genre and acts a never-ending reminder of our biological connection to the world. Here’s a list of bizarre and brutal bathroom scenes because why

Before Fame & Fortune, Big Stars Who Started in Horror
Written by lizsaskia, August 8, 2015
Some celebrities are consistently cast in horror films, forever to remain on the run from knife-wielding maniacs. However, some actors have successfully used the horror genre to launch mainstream careers that have catapulted them into the A-list, leaving the world of psychos and monsters firmly in their past. Here we celebrate the film stars who

10 Horror Movie Families You Dont Want To Belong To
Written by Kristen, August 8, 2015
Look, we all have families that we’re maybe not the proudest of. There’s always that crazy cousin, the aunt who drinks too much at parties, and the grandmother who sends $5 checks in the mail for your birthday. If you’re a horror fan, though, you realize very quickly that your family isn’t so bad. Let’s

Top Ten Richard Matheson Stories
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, May 17, 2015
Among people in the literary know, there is little doubt that author Richard Matheson is among the greatest genre writers of all-time. His ever-varied contributions to the worlds of horror, science fiction, and fantasy still resonate, some more than a half century after their initial release. Sadly, Mr. Matheson passed away in 2013, leaving a gaping hole

Top Ten Underrated Episodes of The X-Files
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, March 29, 2015
You probably already heard the big announcement: The X-Files, complete with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, is returning for a limited series. In honor of this major occasion, we thought we’d celebrate with a roundup of episodes. But since you already know all about the freaks of “Humbug” and the vampire town of “Bad Blood” and

Happy Valentine’s Day: Ten Worst Married Couples of Horror
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, February 14, 2016
So Valentine’s Day is upon us, that overwrought occasion filled with far too many phony chocolates and more than a few wilting flowers. But not everyone is having a saccharine time. In fact, some couples are experiencing anything but wedded bliss. For your horror-loving pleasure, I give you the top ten worst married couples of

14 Must See Horror Movies 2014 Edition
Written by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche), August 4, 2015
Happy 2015! Welcome to another list of our favorite genre offerings. In this post we count down the best (in my opinion) horror films of 2014. This past year didn’t fare too well for the studios, but made incredible strides for independent filmmakers. Instead of heading to the theaters this year for our normal pilgrimage

20 Must See Horror Films of 2014
Written by Flay Otters, January 4, 2015
Our guide to twenty Must see horror films from 2014

Top 10 Underrated Horror Films
Written by Shaun Huhn, November 1, 2014
Halloween has come and gone. While we clean up after the hooligans and their devious acts, we begin to realize there is a sadness that has somehow seeped in. Is it true our marathons of bloodshed are over? Do we have to wait another year to compile a 31 days of horror list? Is the

Top Ten Men of Hammer Films
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, September 28, 2014
As the long-awaited (or perhaps more aptly, the long-delayed) follow-up to my previous article on the Top Ten Women of Hammer Films, here are the top ten men of Hammer films. Because after all, we’re equal opportunity around here. Peter van Eyck Although Peter van Eyck co-starred in only one Hammer film, this one is a

Chilling & Must See Found Footage Horror Movies
Written by Jared, September 25, 2014
I have no problems admitting I’m an absolute sucker for found footage-style films.  The problem is, as with most horror genres, you have to watch a lot of really awful movies to find a good one, but once you find that perfectly crafted film, oh man is it worth it!  In my opinion (and I hope

Top Ten Movies to Watch This Fall
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, September 13, 2014
The fall season is almost upon us, and there is no better time of year to go on a horror movie watching marathon than when the leaves are toppling from trees and the air turns crisp and bitter. But not just any film will do. While Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp are ideal for

Top 5 Horror Directors Who Have Gone Mainstream
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 30, 2014
Who would of thought film-makers that made you double-check under your bed and your closet before you went to sleep at night would become the mainstream blockbuster power-houses that they are today. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite (or at least mine) cult-classic horror films as we trace back the roots of

Top 7 Horror Movie Weapons: Mass Destruction
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 29, 2014
You had a bad day. Everyone has them. But what do you do when a dark and dreary evil unleashes some demonic force (as most dark and dreary evils do) and you are surrounded by hellish beings whose sole-existence is bent on your destruction? No, you can’t reach for your favorite blanket or comfort food…

Pain is Temporary, Film is Forever: 6 Badass Horror Documentaries
Written by Jared, August 23, 2014
There are a ton of horror movie documentaries out there, and a ton of good ones at that. As a filmmaker, the cream of the crop horror documentaries are ones of the “making of” variety, ones that show the filmmaking process and just how painstaking  yet rewarding making a movie can be. Some of these

7 Most Terrifying Horror Films Of All Time
Written by PoppaScotch, September 28, 2014
Us horror goons are a sick group of people.  We watch films that most of society disregards because they contain scenes of rampant sex and violence that we find entertaining.  Movies that leave the masses scared to death on Halloween are our Tuesday night time-wasters. We like to think we’ve seen it all when it

Ten Coolest Pets in Horror Movies
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, August 3, 2014
Scary films and cuddly animals don’t seem like an obvious match. Over the years, however, genre fans have met countless adorable pets. Some have been good. Some have been bad. Some have been good but then turned bad. But all of them deserve a special place in our gore-loving hearts. So in honor of Fluffy and

5 Things I Hate About Horror Movies
Written by Herner Klenthur, June 29, 2014
I love the horror genre and its something I have devoted almost 10 years of my life to as a blogger. I have had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting some of my genre heroes like Bruce Campbell but more importantly I have developed some great friendships along the way with fellow bloggers like Jamie

5 Disturbing Fathers Day Horror Movies
Written by Herner Klenthur, June 15, 2014
Its fathers day so happy fathers day to all you readers who are dads. My son yesterday decided for my fathers day gift to go and grab an IRON and plug it into the wall while his mother was not looking… and then grab it. So needless to say my Fathers Day is an interesting

Top Ten Underrated Episodes of The Twilight Zone
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, June 13, 2014
This month marks the 50th anniversary since the end of The Twilight Zone’s fifth and final season (“The Bewitchin’ Pool”, the last new episode, aired on June 19th, 1964, though the series remained in reruns throughout that summer). So how to celebrate this lamentable occasion? A roundup of favorite titles like “The Howling Man”, “The