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Top 10 Horror is our ongoing series where we look at the Top films within the genre. For example, 10 Best Horror Films of 2011, 10 Best Movies Featuring Zombies, 10 Greatest Kills, etc. This on going series is written by the entire writing team at HorrorMovies.ca

Zombieland TV Series: 5 Ways To Make it Awesome!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 383 days ago.
There have been a ton of naysayers on the idea of a Zombieland TV series but I have to be honest I think a Zombieland Television series ( which is what was intended before it became a movie ) would work much better then a sequel to Zombieland 2. Lets be candid the odds of [...]

5 Things You Should Never Say In A Horror Movie
Posted by BlondeRobynGirl | Posted 383 days ago.
Even in a fantastic horror movie, there always seems to be at least one character who says something stupid which eventually leads to them being killed. I would think that people would learn over time not to say these things, but they don’t. Today I want to share five phrases that you should never say [...]

Top Ten Meanest Movie Demons
Posted by BrideOfChucky | Posted 389 days ago.
We’ve all heard of demons; malevolent beings that cause harm and spread evil. Plus, being possessed by a demon is a fairly uncomforting thought. They try to kill people, take souls, and sometimes, they’re just rude. This list contains several portrayals of demons in movies, whether they’re physically abusive, or verbally abusive as well! Because, [...]

Top 5 Asian Horror Movies Featuring Inanimate Objects
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 390 days ago.
I previously said that Asia is known for its habit of taking the most simplest items then scrambling and molding them into instruments of vengeful or killing intent. I won’t be surprised if a film comes up about a killer table. Ha! I wonder how creative they’ll be with something like that. As such, I [...]

Ten Most Disturbing Horror Movies: You Will Squirm!
Posted by BrideOfChucky | Posted 390 days ago.
There are some movies out there that aren’t necessarily scary, but so disturbing that you can’t stop yourself from squirming around in your seat. Whether they’re excessively bloody and gory, or just plain gross, these films will have you gagging and having to peek through your fingers just to make it through the end. They [...]

Top Ten Contemporary Gothic Movies
Posted by DirtyGirl | Posted 396 days ago.
I Love a good Gothic Movie, but most of them were filmed in the 30s to the 70s.   So I started to wonder are there any good “Modern” Gothic Horror movies? After searching my Dvd collection and looking around on the internet, I have come up with an interesting list…It seems there is a [...]

Top Ten PG-13 Horror Movies
Posted by JMH314 | Posted 397 days ago.
It seems everytime a pg-13 movie comes out, there is plenty of people saying “it’s PG-13, I’m not seeing it.” Yes its true, there are some bad PG-13 horror films but to be fair there are just as many bad R rated horror films as well. Sure, a PG-13 horror is not going to be [...]

Top 10 Asian Horror Films You Have Never Heard Of
Posted by JMH314 | Posted 397 days ago.
Alright, so the title is a little misleading.  We have a large array of horror fans and I’d be foolish to think I’m the only one who has ever seen or heard of these titles.  However, for the most part when you talk to people about Asian horror you get a LOT of the same [...]

Ten Do’s and Dont’s of Surviving a Horror Movie
Posted by BrideOfChucky | Posted 397 days ago.
As a horror movie lover, it kills me just a little bit inside when characters in horror movies do stupid things. Of course, there are the basics: Don’t have sex, don’t get drunk or stoned, don’t say “I’ll be right back,” etc. But people seem to forget the importance of these ten tips the most [...]

15 Best Horror Movie Taglines
Posted by BlondeRobynGirl | Posted 403 days ago.
Some taglines of horror movies are simply awesome. They can make you want to see a movie more than a movie trailer, and sometimes the taglines are better than the movies themselves. Here are the top 15 horror movie taglines that I love: Night of the Living Dead (1968) “They won’t stay dead” Black Christmas [...]

Horror Movie Sequels Better Then The Original
Posted by Andrew Murphy | Posted 406 days ago.
When a movie is that special that the fans crave more from their favorite stars like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Jigsaw, Chucky and Norman Bates they are hopeful that they once again will be able to see them on the big screen. And if the studios make enough money, you can bet that a sequel [...]

Best Indie Horror Films [ Part 2 ]
Posted by Flay Otters | Posted 411 days ago.
Here is part two of my list of great indie/low budget horror films to check out. It is a funny thing, time waits for no movie fanatic – as I write this I’ve got a copy of Crawl waiting to be watched and Girls Against Boys, Mimesis, Razorback and The Awakening behind that. If it’s [...]

10 Best Indie Horror Movies [ Part 1 ]
Posted by Flay Otters | Posted 412 days ago.
There was a bit of noise out of the Independent Spirit Awards this past Saturday surrounding the idea of ‘independent’ or ‘low budget’ and what that means. A twenty million dollar budget and a huge promotional machine behind a film seems, to me anyway, to strip away a little of what makes a film ‘independent.’ [...]

Horror Movie Oscar Winners
Posted by Dead Air | Posted 417 days ago.
Well its award season and everybody loves a little trivia. We also all love how much the horror genre gets overlooked by the Oscars. We are after all just a bunch of freaks.  So I’ve cobbled together a little list of Actors and Directors who not only became famous after starring in horror movies but [...]

5 Best Horror Movie Sequels
Posted by BlondeRobynGirl | Posted 418 days ago.
Earlier this week I shared 5 awful horror movie sequels with you all, and after reading many comments, it’s obvious that we all have very different opinions on the sequels that I shared. Following that post, I decided to share 5 great horror movie sequels. These 5 films are great additions to the original movies, [...]

5 Awful Horror Movie Sequels
Posted by Robyn | Posted 422 days ago.
Sequels to horror films are usually either very good or very, very bad. Some horror movies do not require any sequel at all, whereas others can get away with them. Today I am sharing five awful horror sequels that should have never been made: A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge A Nightmare [...]

9 Most Profitable Horror Movies
Posted by TheM | Posted 423 days ago.
Horror movies it is the genre we love and the genre we love to hate. We all love original horror films and a lot of us love to bag on studios and their horror remakes, gimmicks and 3D trickery. All of this has led to my latest editorial which with the help of The Numbers [...]

Top 10 Horror Movie Spoofs
Posted by MovieMaven | Posted 423 days ago.
Along with horror I enjoy laughter. And sometimes nothing makes me laugh harder than a great spoof. The good thing about these flicks is that they contain homages to lots of your favorite films. The best part is to sit and pick out which movie is which. And I always marvel at a writer who [...]

Netflix Canada Horror Movies Worth Watching / Feb 2013
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 424 days ago.
Its time for a new edition of horror movies worth watching on Netflix, the Canuck addition. As a little side note this site is not a Canadian site as most of you regulars know it’s an international site that knows no borders. That said as a Canadian contributing to the site I think its my [...]

Zombie Movie Survival Tips
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 425 days ago.
Zombies…. I love em. But what happens if you were to suddenly find yourself trapped in a George Romero movie. No longer are the scares on the boob-tube instead they are chasing you around your home. Survival isnt easy. Slow moving zombies may not seem like a threat but when your the last person left alive and their [...]

Valentines Day Horror Movie Suggestions
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 429 days ago.
It’s almost Valentines Day the most commercial and romantic day of the year which means the stores are open and ready to take your plastic! I already was out this morning buying flowers for my lovely life partner and now its time to celebrate Valentines day in a most horrific way with 6 Valentines day Horror [...]

New Netflix Horror Movie Suggestions, Feb 2nd 2013
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 438 days ago.
Its time for yet another installment of Netflix Horror Movie suggestions. This is an ongoing and often weekly editorial where we give you suggestions of horror movies to checkout on Netflix. This week we have a whole slew of new suggestions for you to checkout. So without further ado here are 12 horror movies that [...]

10 Civil War Era Horror Movies
Posted by Miss Lisa | Posted 440 days ago.
Horror movies can boast of many sub-genres, such as Slashers, Vampires, Haunted Houses, Cannibals, and Revenge Horror. Some of the more esoteric include Women Behind Bars, Nunsploitation, Killer Santas, Possessed Machinery, Strippers to the Rescue, and a phrase I could never tire of, Nazi Zombies. Each has its merits and its die-hard devotees. One of [...]

10 Upcoming British Horror Films To Watch!
Posted by Ash | Posted 445 days ago.
The British are coming! After the financial and critical success of 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and more recently The Woman in Black, British horror films have seen an increase during the last ten years. The following is a list of 10 immanent arrivals to DVD worthy of attention. Included with each film [...]

Top 10 Horror Television Shows
Posted by Chloe | Posted 445 days ago.
The success of horror in film has led to it’s ideas and conventions spilling over onto another medium, television. Horror films have influenced characters, settings and storylines on television for years. I take a look back at what I think have been ten of the best horror television shows. 10. GhostWatch After its original broadcast, [...]

10 New Netflix Horror Movie Suggestions – Jan 2013
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 445 days ago.
As of late Netflix has seen quite the resurgence as its stock price rockets up to new highs after dropping to record lows. I was frankly really worried that Netflix might go the way of the mocking-bird and thankfully it seems it will stay with us for some time to come. Netflix for me has [...]