No Xenomorphs in Prometheus 2
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 310 days ago.
For some of you, the brief cameo of the infant Xenomorph in “Prometheus” might have been the highlight of that film. So if you were hoping for more Alien action in the upcoming “Prometheus 2″, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there probably won’t be any Xenomorphs to be found. While talking to Yahoo, director [...]

Green Lantern Writer Working on Prometheus 2
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 494 days ago.
Who would have ever thought that the first “Prometheus” would have been divisive as it was? On paper it seemed like a fantastic movie and then that first trailer just blew everyone away.  However, the final product stirred up quite a debate on the internet and left more than one fan with a sour taste [...]

Mondo Does it Again with Predator, The Thing and Prometheus
Posted by Goon | Posted 716 days ago.
Yesterday Mondo announced their posters honoring a few of Hitchcocks classics. Today we are going to another extreme of crazy monsters as the dish up a couple posters for Predator, The Thing and Prometheus. Below is some of the details from their site. Tomorrow we release the final three posters that were previously unveiled at [...]

Prometheus 2 is Moving Forward
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 884 days ago.
I think there was one film last year that completely split that camp in two and that was Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. On one hand some of us (including myself) really dug Prometheus, while others just simply didn’t like it. Its a tough one, as it is and isn’t a prequel to Alien, but still it [...]

Matt’s Ten Best Horror Movies of 2012
Posted by Matt-suzaka | Posted 942 days ago.
Another year and another 12 months in which I feel like I didn’t even come close to seeing all the horror movies I wanted to. Regardless, I was still able to come up with a list of ten horror movies from 2012 that I loved, and even if this list could be drastically different if [...]

DethBanger’s Top Five Horror Films of 2012
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 945 days ago.
Another year folks, which means yet another year end list, but this year I thought I would break away from the norm and give a top 5 for the past year. In doing so this made me think more and having to make some very difficult decisions, as 2012 wasn’t a bad year at all, [...]

Win Prometheus on Bluray
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1011 days ago.
Contest time. You dont mind do you? Hopefully by now you have all entered our Silent Hill Revelations contest which is also still running as we speak. The studio was nice enough to give us Prometheus on Blu Ray to give away and that is precisely what we are going to do. For those like [...]

Does the World of Prometheus and Blade Runner Co-Exist!?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1027 days ago.
That’s a question which has been making the interwebs for the past few months or so. I remember back in March or April some chatter regarding Prometheus and Blade Runner crossing over, but to be honest I kind of just fobbed it off not thinking too much about it. But, there appears to be more [...]

Full Specs and Artwork for Prometheus Blu Ray
Posted by Goon | Posted 1036 days ago.
Renowned director Ridley Scott takes fans on a gripping sci-fi adventure that “kicks ass so hard and often that it’s impossible not to be thrilled by it” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). Launching into space to discover the mysterious creators of the human race, the “genuinely epic” (Tom Long, Detroit News) film PROMETHEUS debuts globally on [...]

A Sequel to Prometheus is Confirmed
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1094 days ago.
Did you guys witness Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this past June? I for one wholeheartedly enjoyed the proceedings, sure there were a few flaws here and there but overall it was money well spent on my part. Talking about money, it appears as if it wasn’t just my money that went into the films gross, as Prometheus managed [...]

Brilliant Prometheus C-Section Cartoon
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1120 days ago.
Despite some of the flaws within Prometheus, I still thought it was a great time and visually simply breathtaking. Not only that, but Noomi Rapace’s Cesarean scene surely turned a few heads, I mean, you don’t sere that everyday. With that, artist James Lee has created an awesome parody of that scene which is simply brilliant, I’m [...]

Witness the Awesome Training of the Prometheus Crew
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1129 days ago.
I absolutely loved Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but was there a few flaws? Of course there was, the most common flaws were at the hands of the highly trained Prometheus crew, or at least we assumed they were highly trained. Lets be honest, the crew made some seriously grave mistakes, too much prodding and poking and guess what? [...]

Prometheus (2012)  Review
Posted by Mad Mike | Posted 1136 days ago.
In the opening scene we see a humanoid type figure (an Engineer) standing on the edge of a waterfall as he looks at a spacecraft rising away into the clouds. No clue or date is given to explain what’s happening. Cut away and it’s the year 2089, Scotland, where two archaeologists, Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie [...]

New Engineer Revealed From Prometheus
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1138 days ago.
Did you go and see Promethues? I did and I was left with more then  a few questions after I left the theater. I would say that Ridley Scott actually managed to leave me with more questions then when I arrived. I am still not sure if I liked or loved the film but it [...]

New Prometheus Viral Raises More Questions
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1146 days ago.
Even though Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has hit theatres, that hasn’t stopped the viral marketing campaign as we have just got hold of even more goodies from Weyland Industries. The guys over at MovieViral spotted something at the end credits of the film which led them to a website, www.WhatIs101112.com. This features a book from Peter [...]

Prometheus Spoilers Discussion
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1146 days ago.
It should go without saying that you should under no circumstances read on further if you have not seen Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. The film has already been reviewed in great detail by our team of writers so after seeing it today I see no reason to review it but I do feel the need to [...]

Prometheus Exceeds Box Office Predictions
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1146 days ago.
Ridley Scott’s hotly anticipated flick Prometheus, exploded onto our screens this Friday, exceeding the studios expectations and beating out Dreamworks’ family friendly flick Madagascar 3. According to Deadline, Prometheus is standing tall, and while it played in less theatres than Madagascar 3, Prometheus just edged out in front on Friday with $21.4M while Madagascar came [...]

Prometheus (2012) Review
Posted by Monster Mary | Posted 1146 days ago.
Prometheus is the long awaited prequel to Alien directed by Ridley Scott.  The same Ridley Scott that brought us Legend, Alien, and Blade Runner.  Like many fans, I have been eagerly waiting for this film.  We were all hoping that many of the unanswered questions of the previous Alien series would be explained.  Who are the Space Jockeys?  Where did [...]

NECA Reveals Prometheus Series One Collectibles
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1148 days ago.
Have you guys witnessed Ridley Scott’s Prometheus yet? If so, and you liked it, then you may find this next piece of interest to you, how about some collectibles of the Engineers (Space Jockeys) from NECA? Head on down below for your first look and details. The Engineer (Pressure Suit) stands at 8.5″ tall and features: [...]

Incredible Vintage Prometheus Poster & New Featurette
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 1149 days ago.
The day most of you have been waiting for has arrived. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will be playing everywhere in the U.S. today, but the question is, 3D or not 3D? Below we have a new featurette on the IMAX release of Prometheus and a truly incredible retro poster for Prometheus courtesy of Reddit, its pretty [...]