Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of Horror
Posted by JMH314 | Posted 423 days ago.
While Maven’s recent Top Ten Horror Hunks article was a big hit with the ladies of the site, I figured why not give the guys a treat and come up with some “Top Ten Horror Hotties”. There are definitely many roles to choose from and it wasnt easy. I actually recruited several HM members to give me [...]

Sexy Scream Queen Jacqui Holland Joins ‘The Mangled’
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 633 days ago.
Sexy scream queen Jacqui Holland (Dead Ringer, Desperate Housewives, Monsters in the Woods) has signed to star in The Mangled, the first instalment in an intended new horror franchise that boasts a salivating cast of horror icons. The Kickstarter-funded project sees Holland join an ensemble cast of recognizable horror favourites including Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Michael Berryman [...]

10 Sexiest Vampires in Film
Posted by TheM | Posted 811 days ago.
Vampires are erotic creatures that are as beautiful as they are deadly. In this top 10 list I am going to look at the sexiest female vampires to ever grace the big screen. Although none of the Brides of Dracula from Bram Stokers  1897 Novel can make my list they certainly set the standard. So [...]

Top 10 Scream Queens
Posted by Ben Hurry | Posted 811 days ago.
Scream Queens, the name says it all. Where would horror be without the saucy heroines and unfortunate victims that make up the genre? As film historian George Feltenstein said: “”Women screaming in terror has been a Hollywood mainstay — even when films were silent”. Horror especially has a love and affection for the spunky vixen [...]

Scrapped Deadgirl 2 Script Surfaces Online
Posted by Britta Moline | Posted 1017 days ago.
Deadgirl 2 may never make it to theaters, but like its titular hottie, it’s come back from the dead. Deadgirl is one of the best modern horror films. Period. Criminally underrated, deliriously joyful, and ruefully short, Deadgirl was a spark of promise in a dull genre. Like a lot of indie horror, Deadgirl didn’t quite [...]

Sexiest Zombie Cosplay Girls!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1147 days ago.
Sexiest Zombie Cosplay Girls! I love zombies and I love girls and I love girls that dress up as zombies. It tickles my nerdy bone and makes me both smile and feel all dirty and creepy. Is it weird that I just spent the last hour looking up girls done up as zombies in cosplay? [...]

Katrina Bowden Sexy Photos from Maxim
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 1299 days ago.
Katrina Bowden is the incredibly hot star of Tucker & Dale vs Evil and she was also named the Hottest Woman of 2011 by Esquire magazine. Frankly who the hell am I to disagree? She also stars in the upcoming Piranha 3DD and in an effort to get us really excited the studio just sent [...]

Fresh Meat Vixen: Katrina Bowden
Posted by TheM | Posted 1438 days ago.
Fresh Meat Vixen’s is long overdue and a few of the lads have been reminding me that I have been letting down humanity by not taking my job as the purveyor of the Fresh Meat Vixens seriously. Todays Fresh Meat Vixen comes as a direct result of Sam’s review of  Tucker & Dale vs Evil [...]

Horror Vixen : Julianna Guill
Posted by TheM | Posted 1531 days ago.
Its been long over due but by popular demand the Fresh Meat Horror Vixens is making a come back. This regular feature which we put on hiatus for a short while features up and coming and in many cases lesser known horror actresses who are equal parts sexy and talented. In our first efforts to [...]

The Worst Horror Movie Monsters: To take as Lovers
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 1541 days ago.
Sometimes, being a horror movie fan can be a very lonely life.  I mean, I assume it’s that fact that I love horror movies and has nothing to do with the fact that I drink too much, get in very heavily rehearsed fights with fictional historical figures, and hold very true to the idea that [...]

Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence Sexy GQ Photoshoot
Posted by TheM | Posted 1565 days ago.
The Hunger Games movie is generating a ton of buzz and as of late we have found ourselves talking about it more and more. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I am not alone in my thought process. She not only will be starring in Hunger Games but will also be seen [...]