The Next Adversary in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Won’t Be Something We’ve Seen Before
Written by Jason McDonald, March 26, 2018
At this years Wondercon I got the chance to sit down with the “Fear the Walking Dead” (along with 20-30 other bloggers/reporters) and pick their brains about the upcoming season.  With plenty of new additions to this upcoming season, including Jenna Elfman, and the arrival of a familiar “Walking Dead” character it seems like this season

AMC and Scott Gimple Want More ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Offs
Written by Jason McDonald, March 7, 2018
There used to be a time when “The Walking Dead” was considered untouchable.  It crushed everything in its path and ruled the Sunday night airwaves with a rotting fist. However, the zombie horde has seemingly lost some of its steam in recent years and the ratings giant has begun to show its age.  Still, AMC

Here’s the Character that’ll Crossover Between ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and ‘Walking Dead’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 27, 2017
So, if for some reason this is a big spoiler for you, be warned.  Last month we learned that “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” would finally “collide” with a crossover.  At the time, all we knew was that one character from one show would appear in another.  Well, tonight on “Talking Dead”

‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Will Crossover
Written by Jason McDonald, October 9, 2017
It’s the crossover episode some people have been asking for! It looks like “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Walking Dead” are going to finally have a crossover and it could be happening in the near future. The New York Comic Con is currently underway and this weekend was the “Walking Dead” panel which featured many

First Trailer for Season 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2017
What with the San Diego Comic-Con now underway, it is only fitting that The Walking Dead tradition continues. That’s right, the official trailer has been unleashed for the latest season and we have all the goods below. Details are slim at the moment but, look for season 8 of The Walking Dead in the US

Negan and Tigers and The Kingdom Oh My! Check Out the Trailer for ‘Walking Dead’ Season 7
Written by Jason McDonald, July 23, 2016
Despite the outrage that the last season finale caused, I’m still a little bit curious to see if the minds behind “The Walking Dead” can somehow bounce back and make good on their promises.  At the very least, it looks like things are certainly going to be ramping up this season thanks to a new Comic

Full Details for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Home Video Release
Written by Chris Savage, June 22, 2016
It was announced earlier in the year that the sixth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be receiving the home video treatment in the near future, but details were a little slim at the time. Today that changes as we have scored the full details for the upcoming release and they include an extended

‘The Walking Dead’ Is Getting a Robot Chicken Special
Written by Jason McDonald, May 13, 2016
Over the years Robot Chicken has successfully lampooned pop culture heavyweights such as “Star Wars” and DC Comics, now the Adult Swim series is taking a jab at “The Walking Dead.” TV Guide is reporting that “The Walking Dead” is partnering up with “Robot Chicken” for a half-hour special that’ll poke fun at the dramatic

Here’s Your First Glimpse At Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 29, 2016
So if you want to remain pure and innocent of all “Walking Dead” spoilers, you may want to turn away now.  There isn’t anything mind blowing in the trailer below, but it is for the season finale of “The Walking Dead” which is to air on April 3rd. However, the trailer does offer us one

Universal Studios Hollywood is Getting a Year-Round ‘Walking Dead’ Attraction
Written by Jason McDonald, March 14, 2016
It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights event.  Every year I look forward to the big reveal of mazes and attractions that start to trickle out in the lead up to the Halloween event.  But this year Universal is shaking things up by introducing a new year-round

‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, February 28, 2016
Telltale returns to “The Walking Dead” well once again with a new game based on the hugely successful “Walking Dead” franchise.  This time Telltale is leaving behind their original take on the series and instead exploring an established fan-favorite character.  Does this third trip to the well produce some refreshing water or have things gotten

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Returns this April
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2016
“The Walking Dead” will return on February 14th, but if you can already foresee yourself going through zombie withdrawals once this season ends AMC already has your next fix waiting in the wings. AMC has announced that spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead” will return for its second season on April 10th.  Unlike last year,

[Trailer] Ring in the New Year with this ‘Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, December 31, 2015
Tomorrow morning you’ll be shambling around like a zombie as you try to overcome your New Year’s hangover, but right now you can get into the spirit of things with this “Walking Dead” mid-season premiere trailer. The trailer below is a rather brief prom that gives us a small glimpse at things to come.  We

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Commercial Pits You Against Freddy, Jason, and Zombies
Written by Jason McDonald, September 9, 2015
I’ve never had the pleasure of going to Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights, but they produce some truly awesome commercials that make me want to stop what I’m doing and go. For the 25th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights the park is putting together some big horror names for a rather impressive event.  This

‘The Walking Dead’ Returns to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood & Orlando
Written by Jason McDonald, July 30, 2015
The latest update for Halloween Horror Nights is in and this one applies to both parks.  Universal Studios has revealed today that they are reteaming with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to produce a new maze based on the previous season and they’re calling “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far.” For Hollywood fans Universal Studios Creative

Walking Dead 4 Minute Comic Con Trailer
Written by Herner Klenthur, July 11, 2015
Get ready for 4 minutes of mind numbingly awesome scenes from the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by former police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a

The Walking Dead Season 5 Hits Blu-ray & DVD This August
Written by Chris Savage, June 30, 2015
Did you guys witness season 5 of The Walking Dead? What did you make of it? In my opinion I thought it flowed pretty well but I’m also having trouble remembering what exactly happened. In any case, the Blu-ray and DVD release of the fifth season has been announced and we have all the details

Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Looks to ‘Another Day’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 21, 2015
The return of AMC’s “Walking Dead” is just one month away, so the promotional wheel is cranking away and we have a new “trailer” to share with you.  It’s a hefty thirty seconds long, so clear your schedule. The new season of “The Walking Dead” kicks off on February 8th.

The Walking Dead’s Actors Talk About Life Before and After “The Prison”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, November 4, 2014
We got the chance to catch up with some of the actors from AMC’s The Walking Dead at Arizona’s FearCon to get their take on what it was like to work on one of the most popular television shows ever. You may have remembered these two from season 3 as Theodus Crane played “Big Tiny”

FearCON Features Walking Dead and American Horror Story Cast
Written by Stephanie Joyce, October 22, 2014
If you happen to be making your way through Phoenix, Arizona this Halloween, be sure to stop by Fear Farm just after the 31st to check out celebrities and watch down-home, independent horror movies for Phoenix’s FearCON VI. Kyla Kennedy who played “Mika” and Theo Crane who played “Big Tiny” will be there from the