The Walking Dead

Based on one of the most successful and popular comic books of all time, written by Robert Kirkman, AMC’s The Walking Dead captures the ongoing human drama following a zombie apocalypse. The series follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Teachers, Strike Back), who are traveling in search of a safe and secure home. However, instead of the zombies, it is the living who remain that truly become the walking dead.

New Official Photo from The Walking Dead Season 4 Gets a Good Look at Daryl
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 279 days ago.
What with Comic-Con on the horizon and with season four of The Walking Dead premiering this October, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly have scored an exclusive photo from the fourth season and we have that one for you below. The photo gives us a good look at Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) donning a face [...]

The Walking Dead’s JEDI Michonne Fights Storm Trooper Zombies!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 280 days ago.
Who would win in a fight between Michonne and a Zombie? Who would win in a fight between a Jedi Michonne and a zombie? Yep I just had a nerdgasm! Checkout the sweet 13×19″ full bleed giclee print that you can buy ( only three left ) which features Michonne on Tatooine handing it to [...]

Why You Should Play The Walking Dead Game
Posted by Adam Knehans | Posted 280 days ago.
With the recent release of the first downloadable content for The Walking Dead video game I thought I would take this opportunity to suggest that anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead franchise, whether they play video games or not, should play through the first series of one of the best zombie video [...]

Comic-Con: The Walking Dead Season 4 Banner
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 289 days ago.
For all you Walking Dead fans out there, I have something to get you guys salivating for the return of the show. Today, AMC unveiled The Walking Dead season 4 banner, which will be shown at this years Comic-Con, and we have that sucker below. The banner features Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese in action mode, [...]

Walking Dead Marathon, Season 4 Sneak Peak!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 291 days ago.
The Walking Dead will have a marathon over the July 4th weekend for the American Holiday and as part of that marathon AMC will give a massive sneak peek at Walking Dead Season 4. The Walking Dead marathon will start on July 4th at 1pm EST and will run for the entire weekend. On July [...]

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoiler: Rick’s Really Bad Fortune
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 295 days ago.
The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV and season 4 it seems is going to kick things up a notch. Season 1 of The Walking Dead to me was magical, season 2 was a debacle and season 3 was ‘ok’. Season 4 needs to amp things up in my humble [...]

Amazon Scores Exclusive The Walking Dead Rights Not Netflix in UK.
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 297 days ago.
Well this one caught me off guard to say the least. As the streaming wars begin to heat up Amazon’s Love Film can declare its first win over Netflix having just scored the EXCLUSIVE rights to stream The Walking Dead in the UK. Those of you who are in Canada or the USA will still [...]

New Trailer for The Walking Dead: 400 Days Game
Posted by Goon | Posted 309 days ago.
Telltale Games released an amazing video game for The Walking Dead last year. Today they have announced and released a trailer for an expansion upon that game, The Walking Dead – 400 Days. Below you can check out the official announcement trailer along with the plot. The Walking Dead: 400 Days chronicles the horrific aftermath [...]

The Zombies In The Walking Dead Season 4 Will Be “Scary Again”
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 313 days ago.
I really enjoyed the last season on The Walking Dead, but I must admit, the zombies didn’t really bring out the scares all that much. Still, they looked absolutely badass, and its always a pleasure to watch one get totally decimated! So, with the fourth season of The Walking Dead nearing ever closer, Daryl Dixon himself, [...]

Full Details for The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray/DVD
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 315 days ago.
For those of you who are stoked for the release of The Walking Dead season 3, will be very pleased to know that we have finally scored all the details for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release including pricing. So, head on down below see what is in-store for you guys. From the Press Release: [...]

The Walking Dead: George Romero Talks Directing, More on Andrea’s Return
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 318 days ago.
The Walking Dead is without question a smash hit TV show for AMC but history has shown that wont always last forever. AMC has announced they are looking to do at least 10 more seasons of The Walking Dead but the biggest obstacle getting them to that point is not the on-screen talent but the [...]

5 Horrible Places To Hide From The Walking Dead
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 323 days ago.
When the zombie apocalypse comes where will you hide? We have compiled a list of the 5 worst places to hide during a zombie apocalypse. It seemed fitting since we have already done an editorial on some Tips on How to Surive the Zombie Apocalypse At first glance these places will seem like great locations [...]

Walking Dead RISK / Monopoly Game Details
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 325 days ago.
Diamond Comics the Distributor for The Walking Dead Graphic Novel is all about maknig a buck. Who isnt? Their latest way to milk a dollar from the ridiculously popular Walking Dead is to release a Monopoly and RISK Game. My response to this is UGH and awesome all in the same sense. In The Walking [...]

AMC Sees No End to The Walking Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 328 days ago.
I’m pretty sure almost all of you love AMC’s The Walking Dead? I mean, its hard not to like it really. Okay, it has had its ups and downs, and maybe the season 3 finale was a bit of a let down, or at least it was for me. But still, I’m stoked for the [...]

Walking Dead Season 4 New Heroes, No More Prison?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 338 days ago.
Walking Dead Season 4 is shooting as we speak and it will introduce a whole slew of new elements including new heroes, new villains and a brand new location. The new location has me really puzzled. Robert Kirkman already told TV Line that although the Prison would be in Season 4 we should expect a new [...]

Hilarious The Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading Video
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 347 days ago.
Like most of you I work a long and hard work week and the only thing better then ending it with a good horror movie is a good laugh. Below you can watch a clip from The Walking Dead done by an anonymous creator who owns a youtube channel called ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Bad Lip [...]

Walking Dead Season 4: Andrea Will Return?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 349 days ago.
Rumors are circulating the internet that Andrea played by Laurie Holden who was shockingly killed in the finale of Season 3 of The Walking Dead will reappear in Season 4 of AMC’s hit show. Andrea’s death resulted in serious back lash with fans on our site who were beside themselves with rage over the death [...]

Is A Walking Dead Movie Being Planned?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 351 days ago.
ZombieLand was originally planned as a television series and ended up as a feature film and The Walking Dead it seems might make the transition to the big screen. Rumours have been circulating for the better part of 8 months that The Walking Dead could potentially wrap up as a feature film and or make [...]

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Officially Joins the Walking Dead
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 355 days ago.
We told you it was coming earlier this week and now it’s official.  The ink has dried on the paper and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. has officially become the newest cast member of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Lawrence, who previously worked on The Wire, has been brought in to play the part of Bob Stookey.  Originally we [...]

Price Hike: Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Box Set
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 360 days ago.
If you are intending to buy the Walking Dead Season 3 Box Set you might want to get on that sooner rather than later. The price has climbed according to one of our readers and given it’s a limited edition set I don’t predict that the price will ever get cheaper. I am not a [...]

Walking Dead Season 4 : Kirkman Hints at Rick’s Death!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 361 days ago.
Walking Dead Season 4 it seems could be in for a ton of shocking twists one of which will no doubt piss off fans and in my humble view unsettle the entire show. AMC’s The Walking Dead has continued to smash ratings records and draw in fans by the millions and it does this with [...]

Pre-Order: Walking Dead Season 3 Fish Tank Edition!
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 361 days ago.
Season 3 of The Walking Dead was a major step up from Season 2 which saw us perpetually stuck on a farm as life unfolded and very little else happened. One of the coolest aspects of Season 3 was the introduction of The Governor and his very unique trophy case the ‘Fish Tank’ Back on [...]

Walking Dead Season 4: Dark Things To Come
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 365 days ago.
If you have not watched all of Season 3 of The Walking Dead you should probably not read this post about Walking Dead Season 4. It contains some mild Walking Dead spoilers! The Walking Dead Season 4 is promising much dark times as The Governor returns to wreck more havoc on Rick and the survivors. [...]

Sneak Peek Clips for the Season Finale of The Walking Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 387 days ago.
I know, I know. Its almost over. It sucks, but hopefully they will go out with a bang. So, for those of you who just can’t wait for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, which just so happens to be the season finale, we have scored a couple of clips for you to check [...]

A Bounty of Photos for Episode 15 of The Walking Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 392 days ago.
So who is stoked for this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Yeah, I’m pretty sure you guys are absolutely stoked. So, to give you guys another look at the episode, AMC has unveiled seven new photos and we have them for you guys to check out below. “Rick and the group are faced [...]

Two Sneak Peek Clips from Episode 15 of The Walking Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 394 days ago.
Are things really starting to heat up in The Walking Dead or what? It is about to go down and you can tell that all hell is going to break to loose. So who wants a little sneak peek at next week’s episode? Well, head on down below and check out two little clips from [...]