The Conjuring: 8 Ways We Would Survive The ‘True Story’

Herner Klenthur

The Conjuring is continuing to destroy the box office raking in $145million so far world-wide. Our editorial talking about the true story behind The Conjuring has also had hundreds of comments from fans and even one of the Perron Family members.

Whether you believe in ghosts or think its a bunch of crap The Conjuring has won over fans as a solid supernatural movie.

Being that we love to ask our readers what they think about a variety of hard-hitting topics we turned to our community this week and asked you all what would you do if you found yourself caught up in a haunted house? The answers were as always logical, classical, erotic and downright funny.

So without further ado here are the 8 best answers we received from our readers when we asked how YOU would survive The Conjuring in a haunted house;

Record Everything and Release a Found Footage Movie.

If Paranormal activity can make a billion dollars at the box office why couldn’t you? Recording everything is a pretty solid idea to not only prove your right but also make you a filthy rich haunted homeowner.

REC 4 Image

Call The Warren’s

The Warren’s are incredibly polarizing people as were their investigations. For every person who declares them champions for our souls there are two more who claim their investigations are complete garbage ( see the Amityville Horror true story ). But regardless it’s not a bad idea if you do encounter real ghosts to go to the presumed experts on demons, The Warrens.

The Conjuring Photo 2

Invite the incredibly attractive Vera Farmiga to come over and ‘investigate it’.

I suppose if you are going to be haunted by demons and be surrounded by creepy events it’s never a bad idea to cuddle up to a beautiful woman like Vera Farmiga. Not sure of the practical long-term use of Vera in a haunting situation but the short-term gains I get it boys.. I get it.


Charge Admission

Definitely one of my favorite answers from our readers. Move out of the house and get a hotel room and start charging admission for other supernatural believers to be haunted in your house.

conjuring teaser

Hold a Seance

I have no idea what a séance is but I do know it has something to do with demons and presumably it gets right of them?


Scare the spirits away, Invite the In-laws over

Married people are nodding their heads in approval right now. Right?


Start taking my medication again

If you recently went off your meds and started seeing ghosts it’s probably a cause and effect. Get back on them meds

The Conjuring True Story

Sell whatever you are smoking because it’s clearly the good stuff

Drugs are bad but this answer is pretty hilarious!



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