Top 10 Cheesy Horror Movies


It’s fairly simple. On HM we currently have a thread designed for your all time favourite horror movies but I am curious as to what everyone’s all time favourite cheesy movies are. We’re talking the, ‘it’s so bad, it’s good’ films. The horror films that are so illogical that by that conclusion, they then became entertaining. We all have our own personal favourites, being a member of HM I have seen some movies I hate loved by others simply due to the crassness and idiocy of the film.

A great example is Skinned Deep, which although I hate, is equally loved by others on HM for how awful but gloriously fun it is.

There are too many to list on my own grounds but there’s always the few we all enjoy for various reasons. So with that said below is my top 10 chees-tastic horror films with description and why I feel they deserved a place on the list. Read, debate and I hope you like the choices! My top 10 favourites are:

10. Ghoulies 2 – Say what you want but this is pure golden ‘cheesy’ goodness. Taking the creatures to an amusement park demands something insane is going to happen and while the first part takes a while to set up, once it gets going, the laughs are double a minute. Not particularly scary but just wholesome insane fun!

9. Return of the Living Dead Overall it’s not as bad as the others and nowhere near as bad as Ghoulies 2 but no one can deny the beautiful absurdity of the scene: ‘BRAINNNNSSSS!’, it’s over the top but cutting edge hilarious. A fantastic little zombie gem with some unsung moments, this earned its right to be at no.9

8. Feast – This might cause a lot of heat for being on my list, especially since so many do not like this film but to me it’s pure hokum fun. It’s not a serious, in tone movie but rather tongue in cheek with some clever little twists. With some sight gags that beggar to be seen and the nastiest monsters this side west, it’s pure cheese and pure love for me.

7. Braindead (Alt title: Dead Alive) Truly speaking this is Jackson at his best. Fantastic practical effects, one of the best scenes in horror history and the most insane story there is, every moment is a welcome surprise. Add deformed evil babies, one ugly ass mother and it’s the most fun you will have. A pinnacle of the 80’s!

6. Trolls 1 & 2 Neither movie can be explained and yet have landed a place in history for the crap-tastic mannerism in which they present themselves. The first one does manage to have some ridiculous moments and is indeed funny, thankfully the second one goes to all manners of insanity. A family’s ill fated journey to ‘Nilbog’ is then followed by some of the best known moments in the movie. Awful? Yes but truly a worthwhile popcorn flick.

5. Wishmaster I could have chosen so many but this is my biggest guilty pleasure. It’s not wholly original but the deaths are fun albeit stupid and the main bad guy is truly chilling but fact remains like the rest it is cheesy in conviction and style. A fun little film though if you have yet to see it.

4. Critters 1 & 2 The unloved brother to Gremlins, this delights in mocking itself and being genuinely creepy in certain parts. The OTT scenes matched with the critters frenzied is pure unadultered fun. A fantastic original and sequel that is vastly underrated. Truly cheese-tastic (add a man in a easter bunny suit, eaten alive) and you are in for buckets of fun!

3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space Now we enter the truly bizarre! The funniest thing aside from the film itself is the ‘reviewers’ who call it unbelievably bad as they evidently do not get the point of this film. It’s meant to be bad! The title screams out at you to not laugh, it features as described ‘killer klowns’ add custard pies that kill, bubblegum guns and everything about the movie has that golden ring of ‘cheese upon cheese’, one of the best of its kind, it deserves a coveted place at no.3 and rightly gains its spot.

2. Jack Frost Just missing out on the top spot this gains its rightful place at no.2. If the picture gives you no clue, it’s about a murderer who finds himself trapped in the body of a snowman. Yes you heard that right… a snowman! From then on hilarity ensues. The deaths are ridiculous, the methods the victims try and stay alive is equally as ridiculous. Hair dryers anyone? The snowman looks over the top and of course it features the fantastic (nude) scene with Shannon Elizabeth, if that is not enough to get you interested then this might not be your cup of tea but as ‘favourite cheesy’ movies go this is riding high on the list!

And finally taking the No.1 spot is…

Fright Night! My favourite 80’s movie and in my opinion, the cheesiest, yes even edging out Jack Frost and Killer Klowns, I hear you asking how? Whilst they are undoubtedly some of the best in the catagory, there are extremely far fetched, the beauty within Fright Night is whilst it is cheesy it’s within reason and it feels as though it could be real. The cue, ‘Vampires do exist’ is nothing new but is made fresh by the invigoration of the cast and the effects which are absolutely fantastic. I admit it is cheesy but this by and far one of the best and my favourite of the 1980’s. It deserves its place at top spot.

So those are my top favourites, with many others just missing the mark. What are your favourites and do you think there are any on the list that could be replaced?

Have your say and above all have fun doing this! 😉


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      1. Ron Nocella August 20, 2012 at 2:12 am

        How could Attack of the Killer Tomatoes not be on a list of cheesiest films? lol
        Otherwise, good list.

      2. Optimus_past_my_Prime August 21, 2012 at 1:21 pm

        Nothing wrong with a little cheese

      3. lizdickerson1974 July 21, 2014 at 4:04 am

        Hello. I am trying to locate this incredibly cheesy “horror” film, that I think is from the 80’s. I saw it once, and all I remember is that the major theme of the movie is unlikely accidents becoming real. It almost plays out like aTales from the Crypt. One scene is where this couples car breaks down outside this haunted house, and they go in, but get separated (or something to that affect), anyway…long story short, they accidentally cut each others heads off…there is another scene, but all I remember is these preppy girls being chased by dogs. Can anyone tell me what it is?