Top 10 Cliche Horror Movie Deaths


julianna-guilHerner who runs this site and I were talking and he wanted to know what I think are the Top Ten most cliche’ deaths in horror films throughout the ages. I got to thinking about it. First, allow me to define my criteria.

By cliche I mean that when you see this character you can safely assume they won’t make it to the sequel. I thought long and hard about these choices so without further ado, here is my list of the┬áTop Ten Most Cliche Horror Film Deaths

10. The Detective on his last mission

Beware this grizzled character. If he mentions anything about retiring to the country, the beach, or the mountains you know his lifespan will be a short one. Writers love to cut these guys down right before they get to enjoy their freedom.

9. The Prankster

This guy spends half the film joking about getting killed or terrorizing the others and the other half not there…cause he’s DEAD (think of Shelly in F13 3)

8. The Pot-Smoking Hippies

As cool and laid back as they may be, they are good for some comic relief as well as some great gore. By breaking one of the cardinal sins of morality, they effectively seal their doom.

7. The Wino with the Bottle in the Bag

When you see the weaving wino talking to himself you can bet he is gonna hear something, look at the bottle, throw it away, and get clobbered OR walk up to the killer in disbelief, stare at him dumbfoundedly and get clobbered.(Friday the 13th part 6)

6. The Smartass Jock/Macho Loudmouth

This guy thinks his muscles and wisecracks will save his ass, but they only lead him to the head of the slaughter (athlete from Final Destination 3)

5. The Cop/False Hero to the Rescue

This is always a sad one for me. You think they are coming to save the day but they are only coming to get wacked like everyone else (park ranger in Wrong Turn or the cops/EMTs in ROTLD)

4. The Black Man

It used to be that as soon as you saw a man of color in the cast, you knew his screen time was limited. But this cliche has since moved up the list as more and more writers choose to spare these characters…thankfully. (look at LL Cool J in Deep Blue Sea)

3. The Mentor(the one who knows it all)

As sad as it always is to see this one go, you know he must. His death is usually essential to the character arc. Only when the all-knowing is removed can the true hero arise (Halloran of The Shining)

2. The Dumbest Girl with the Biggest Tits

Well this one is obvious. She is usually annoying but hot. You can’t wait to see her die and you hope she flashes you in the process. Also you can expect her to trip/lose a shoe/run into a tree whilst fleeing the killer with tits-a-poppin. Purely expendable eye candy (see just about ANY horror film, especially slashers)

1. The Teens Having Sex

Breaking the most dangerous morality sin, horny teens have been knocked off time and time again and is easily the most cliche of all. Does it teach us the pitfalls of pre-marital sex…or just that group sex is safer? (again, you don’t have to look far for this one cause horny teens are all over)


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      1. Sam Hain May 25, 2013 at 11:40 pm

        The last two are the best.

      2. Fools2234 May 25, 2013 at 11:57 pm

        So basically its almost all men who die right hmc. Pathetic, I am so sick of the white female being the one to survive horror movies.

      3. K Hutch (@72nivek) May 26, 2013 at 6:13 am

        The gun shop owner and any helicopter pilot.

      4. The Uz May 30, 2013 at 7:25 am

        Don’t forget the talking killer. The late Gene Siskel explains it thus: Villain has the hero cornered and is pointing a gun at him. But instead of killing the guy, he or she blabs on and on about this and that, etc. until the guy waits for even a brief moment of distraction and the tables are turned, or at the very least, the hero escapes.

      5. K. Austin March 31, 2014 at 7:17 pm

        LL Cool J wasn’t ‘spared’ they killed off Samuel l. Jackson to fulfill the need to kill a black man