Graboids Are Bigger Than Ever in First Tremors 5 Clip
Written by Chris Savage, August 25, 2015
Evolution, man. It happens to everything, even Graboids, and judging by this first clip for Tremors 5, we’re in for something truly monstrous. Head on down below for the first clip as well as all the details relating to the upcoming home video release of the film. From the Press Release: A deadly threat resurfaces halfway

[Trailer] The Long Island Serial Killer Hits DVD
Written by Chris Savage, August 24, 2015
From the folks over at Wild Eye Releasing comes Joseph DiPietro’s feature debut The Long Island Serial Killer, and we have received word that the film will be making its way to DVD tomorrow, August 25, 2015. So, head on down below for all the details including the artwork and a trailer. From the Press Release:

Ash vs. Evil Dead Unleashes a New Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, August 24, 2015
Do you need a little hit of horror goodness to kick-start your week? Well, look no further as we have a truly groovy remedy in the form of a new trailer for the upcoming series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Check it out below and let us know if you’re as excited for this as we

Horror Comedy ‘The Final Girls’ Unleashes First Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, August 22, 2015
Of all the little sub genres that exist within horror, horror-comedy has to be my favorite amongst them.  Very few movies get it right, but the ones that do are a sight to behold.  I don’t know which way “The Final Girls” will land, but the talent involved certainly has me excited. “The Final Girls”

[Red Band Trailer] The Blood Lands Hits Blu-ray & DVD This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 21, 2015
We have just learned that Simeon Halligan’s (Splintered) latest flick The Blood Lands, will be hitting Blu-ray, DVD and Digital EST/VOD this September 1st via Magnolia Home Entertainment, and we have scored the official red band trailer to coincide with the upcoming release. Synopsis: It’s Ed (Lee Williams) and Sarah’s (Pollyanna McIntosh) first night at their new home,

Official Red Band Trailer for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
Written by Chris Savage, August 20, 2015
This October 30th see’s the release of Christopher Landon’s Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, and if this official red band trailer is any indication what’s to come, then I’ll say strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a wild one! You can check out the trailer below which is NSFW, just a little warning, especially the final

Official Red Band Trailer for the Animated Horror Comedy Hell & Back
Written by Chris Savage, August 20, 2015
For you guys today we have a trailer that is so devilishly naughty that we just had to share with you. The trailer is for Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman’s upcoming animated horror comedy Hell & Back, and while it’s a little NSFW, I’m just not diggin’ it that much, but how about you? Head on

Evil Takes Many Forms in the Official Trailer for The Witch
Written by Chris Savage, August 19, 2015
Now this is exactly what the horror genre needs at the moment, and I can’t wait to get my claws into Robert Eggers’ The Witch, it looks fantastic, really. Check out the first official trailer below along with some artwork and let us know if this is something you’d be interested in watching? The film stars Anya

‘Unnatural’ Bites into 8 Films to Die For with New Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, August 19, 2015
8 Films to Die For continues to roll out announcements for it’s new eight movies that one might be inclined to give up life for.  The latest film is a crazed animal feature that looks like good bloody fun with its hilarious premise. The newest film is “Unnatural” and here’s how they described it: A morally

New Official Clip from Dead Rising: Watchtower
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2015
Have any of you had a chance to check out Zach Lipovsky’s Dead Rising: Watchtower, now that it is currently streaming in the States and the UK? If you haven’t, well, we have a nice little clip for you to check out below, so head on down and give it a whirl. The film stars Jesse

First Official Trailer for Victor Frankenstein
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2015
Well, here we go, guys and gals. The first official trailer has landed for Paul McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein, and we have it below along with the International trailer, because we’re nice like that. Check them out and let us know what you make of this one so far? The film was penned by Max Landis and

Two New TV Spots from Sinister 2
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2015
Are you guys after a little more footage from Sinister 2? If so, head on down below as we have scored yet another two TV spots from the upcoming film, which hits theatres this Friday, August 21st. Let us know if you’ll be checking this one out or not? Synopsis: The sequel to the 2012 sleeper

New Official Poster & Trailer for Lucio A. Rojas’ Sendero
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2015
Have you guys ever ventured down the wrong path? I did once, and let me tell you it was not pretty, you should have seen how dirty that path was! But in all seriousness, we have scored a brand new trailer that takes us down a very dangerous path in Lucio A. Rojas’ Sendero (Path). The

Official Trailer & Poster for Pod
Written by Chris Savage, August 14, 2015
From Mickey Keating comes his latest flick, Pod, via Vertical Entertainment this August 28th in theatres as well as digital. So, make your way below for the official trailer and poster and take a peek at something sinister lurking in the basement. Synopsis: After receiving a troubling voicemail, estranged siblings Ed and Lyla travel to their isolated family lake

‘Portal To Hell’ Unleashes New Teaser Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper
Written by Jason McDonald, August 13, 2015
Sadly Rowdy Roddy Piper is no longer with us, but before his untimely passing the man was keeping busy with all sorts of projects, so we still have a few more of his films to look forward too.  For example, today we have a teaser from the upcoming short “Portal to Hell” which features Roddy

Suspension Joins 8 Films to Die For with New Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, August 13, 2015
After Dark Films continues its summer of death with another addition to the 8 Films to Die For series today.  The fifth film added to their growing collection is “Suspension” which looks to be a slasher film with a slightly paranormal twist. In the film high schooler Emily gets in trouble when school officials learn

Two New TV Spots and a Featurette from Sinister 2
Written by Chris Savage, August 13, 2015
It’s nearing ever closer, guys. Sinister 2 will soon be spooking up a theatre near you this August 21st, but until that date we have scored two new TV spots and even a featurette for your viewing below. Let us know if you’ll be watching this one when it hits? Synopsis: The sequel to the 2012

The Lumberjack Man is One of the 8 Films to Die For
Written by Jason McDonald, August 12, 2015
After Dark Films is gearing up to release “The Lumberjack Man” as part of their “8 Films to Die For” brand and, as such, have released a trailer that gives you a good look at this new summer camp slasher. “The Lumberjack Man” is the fourth title to be announced for the “8 Films to

New Poster & Trailer for Zoë Bell’s Creature Feature Freshwater
Written by Chris Savage, August 11, 2015
Is it ever safe to go back in the water? I think not. When it’s not sharks or giant jellyfish, it’s freakin’ crocodiles just waiting to feast on your flesh. Why is it so hard to do a little skinny dipping? Well, that’s life I guess. So, back in 2014, we gave you guys the first

Full Length Trailer for Vin Diesel’s ‘The Last Witch Hunter’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 7, 2015
Vin Diesel is taking a break from the world of fast cars and furious people to explore the world of witches and hunters.  It’s been a few months since we saw the first teaser trailer for “The Last Witch Hunter”, but now Lionsgate has a full length trailer to give us a better idea of