First Trailer & Poster for Queen of Earth
Written by Chris Savage, July 27, 2015
I hate to judge a film based upon its trailer, sometimes it can be off putting and perhaps you will pass on something truly awesome. But, I have to say that the trailer (see below) for Alex Ross Perry’s Queen of Earth looks hauntingly beautiful, everything from the camera shots to the acting, Queen of Earth could

Official Trailer and Poster from Antisocial 2
Written by Chris Savage, July 27, 2015
How many of you guys got to witness Cody Calahan’s Antisocial? I thought it was a fun flick, but if you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest you change that as the sequel is on the horizon and we have scored the official trailer as well as the official poster. Check them out below and

Official Trailer for Lavalantula Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, July 23, 2015
Just yesterday we ushered in a news promo clip from Syfy’s upcoming original flick Lavalantula, and now today we have finally scored the official trailer which looks like an absolute blast!Head on down below and let us know if you’ll be watching this one this Saturday? The film stars Steve Guttenberg, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Winslow, Nia

Official Teaser Trailer for The Visitors
Written by Chris Savage, July 23, 2015
From Jeremy Hull comes his latest flick The Visitors, which just so happens to be a creature feature and one that is in the vein of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, and from what I’ve read and seen thus far, they are certainly heading in the right direction. So, head on down below

Bagul Will ‘Find You’ in This Sinister 2 TV Spot
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2015
Are you guys ready for a little jump scare to spice up your hump-day?  Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have the brand new TV spot for Sinister 2 and it appears as if Bagul (Buhguul, Mr. Boogie) has found you. We take no responsibility in regards to the outcome of watching this spot.

New Promo Clip from Lavalantula
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2015
Are you guys ready for Syfy’s latest creature feature? I know you’re but brace yourselves, it ain’t a shark flick, oh no, this sucker features fire breathing spiders that emerge from an erupting volcano! So, head on down below for a new promo clip from the upcoming film, and if you make your way HERE,

Return to Sender Takes Revenge This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2015
From the folks over at Image Entertainment comes their latest flick Return to Sender, a revenge film of sorts and we have scored the official trailer, artwork and release details for the upcoming film. Head on down below and check them out. Return to Sender hits theatres, iTunes and various VOD platforms this August 14th.

[Trailer] The Horror Network Hits DVD This October
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2015
Do you guys need a fix of some horror anthology mayhem? If so, we have you covered. Wild Eye Releasing have just announced that they will be unleashing Brian Dorton and Douglas Conner’s horror anthology The Horror Network onto DVD this October for Halloween, so make your way below for the official trailer, artwork and

First Chilling Teaser Trailer for Fatal Pictures’ Heir
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2015
We’ve had a close eye on Richard Powell’s latest flick Heir for some time, a film which is produced by Zach Green. We’ve been intrigued ever since we read the log-line and even more pumped when we found out that Bill Oberst, Jr., and Robert Nolan are starring in the short. So naturally, when the teaser hit we

First Official Clips from The Vatican Tapes
Written by Chris Savage, July 20, 2015
It’s been a little silent on the whole The Vatican Tapes front, but today that changes as we have finally scored the first two official clips from the upcoming film, which actually hits this July 24th, well, better late than never, eh? So, head on down below and get a little taste of what’s to

New Trailer and TV Spot for The Gift
Written by Chris Savage, July 17, 2015
Are you guys on the look out for a new psychological thriller to perhaps get under your skin and make you think? If so, you may want to check out Joel Edgerton’s directorial debut The Gift. So, to give you guys a taste of what’s to come we have not only scored a brand new

First Insane NSFW Trailer for ‘Banjo’
Written by Chris Savage, July 16, 2015
With a title like Banjo, you’re likely to give this one a pass, I mean it doesn’t really set up any expectation, but that’s the best part. Banjo is completely insane! If you love wacky, perverse and downright twisted films, Banjo could be the one for you. So, care to take a look at the first

Witness ‘German Angst’ With This NSFW Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, July 15, 2015
Love anthology films? How about those that bush boundaries into the extreme? If so, my twisted friends, I think we have the film for you. Below we have the first details in regards to the upcoming horror anthology German Angst, along with a NSFW trailer to really get you in the mood for a massacre.

First Official Red Band Clip from Elijah Woods’ Cooties
Written by Chris Savage, July 15, 2015
Have you guys been following Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion’s Cooties? If not, I suggest you change that right now. The film looks set to be a tone of fun, so if you need convincing, head on down below for the first red band clip from the film for all the mayhem! From the minds of Leigh

A New Clip Makes Its ‘Arrival’ into The Green Inferno
Written by Chris Savage, July 14, 2015
I’m sure you guys are stoked for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, right? I mean, it’s been long enough but the wait is almost over, come September 5th, the mayhem will be unleashed upon the world. But until that date we have scored a brand new clip for you to check out below. The film

First Promo Clip from American Horror Story: Hotel
Written by Chris Savage, July 14, 2015
And so it begins. Much every year we are inundated with brief teaser clips from the latest season of American Horror Story, and this year appears to be no different as we have just scored the first, brief promo clip from American Horror Story: Hotel, and you can check it our below. Keep those eyes

Official Trailer & Poster for The Confession of Fred Krueger
Written by Chris Savage, July 14, 2015
I absolutely love Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street and the many sequels that followed. It was just something about the film and Fred Krueger himself that I just had to know more, it’s just a shame that we never got a prequel although there were shades of early Krueger in Freddy’s Dead, but

Hannibal Debuts 5 Minute Promo Showcasing the Red Dragon
Written by Jason McDonald, July 12, 2015
Another Comic Con debut has hit the net and this time it’s Hannibal’s turn to steal the spotlight.  While the series is seemingly coming to an end this year, there’s still a good deal of story left to be told.  Including the arrival of the infamous Red Dragon. While at Comic Con the Hannibal decided

Walking Dead 4 Minute Comic Con Trailer
Written by Herner Klenthur, July 11, 2015
Get ready for 4 minutes of mind numbingly awesome scenes from the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by former police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a

Official Red Band Trailer for Sinister 2
Written by Chris Savage, July 11, 2015
It took me a little while to finally watch Sinister, but I did and I have to say that I loved it. In my opinion it was much better than I thought it would be so that’s why I am extremely stoked for Sinister 2, and if you’re too, you’ll be pleased to learn that