Watch Anne Hathaway Control a Kaiju in First Trailer for ‘Colossal’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 20, 2017
‘Colossal’ has one of those premises that instantly grabs your attention and it certainly helps that it has an actress as spirited as Anne Hathaway spearheading it.  Let’s just hope that the combo can come together in a glorious way. In the film Anne plays a woman who moves back home after losing her job

The Great Outdoors Rears its Ugly Head in ‘Countrycide’
Written by Chris Savage, January 18, 2017
B-movie maestro Brett Kelly is back in the trenches with his latest flick, Countrycide, and this sucker looks intense, and is a definite far cry from his usual fare, this one looks dark. So, below we have for you the first official trailer for the film and so far we’re certainly intrigued. But how about you? Check out

Bite into the First Trailer for ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant
Written by Jason McDonald, January 18, 2017
Over the last few years Netflix has been growing a steady library of original shows that have included everything from kids shows to superheroes to horror.  Now it looks like Netflix is ready to dip it’s toes into the world of horror comedy. “Santa Clarita Diet” is a new comedic horror series from Netflix which

First Official Trailer for Pau Masó’s ‘Borderline’
Written by Chris Savage, January 17, 2017
We have just received word of Pau Masó’s (Bloody Weekend) latest flick Borderline, and we have for you the official trailer, poster and details pertaining to the film. Check out the trailer for this little mystery/thriller and let us know if this is something you’ll be keeping an eye on or not? From the Press Release:

[Trailer] ‘The Orange Man’ Has Risen to Inflict Death
Written by Chris Savage, January 17, 2017
Well, I’ve seen some crazy health-food fads in my time, but if you’re struggling to get your hit of vitamin-C, you may want to hook-up with The Orange Man, he’s got what you need, but he also has an insatiable taste for death! Below, we have scored the official trailer for Stephen Folker’s highly original, yet extremely

High Octane Pictures Will Read Us a ‘Dead Story’
Written by Chris Savage, January 12, 2017
We have just received word that High Octane Pictures has acquired all international sales rights for Suneel Tripuraneni feature debut Dead Story, which will be released on VOD beginning this January 20th via STIF Entertainment, and below you’ll find the brand new poster and details pertaining to the film. Also, we have the official trailer in

[Trailer] This ‘Drifter’ Has Ventured into the Wrong Town
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
Well, this one just came out of nowhere! From Chris von Hoffmann comes his hybrid exploitation thriller Drifter, and we’re very pleased to share with you the equally awesome trailer and poster art. Head on down below and check this one out! The film stars Aria Emory, Drew Harwood, Monique Rosario, Anthony Ficco, Rebecca Fraiser, and

Wild Eye Releasing Unleashes ‘Wolf House’ onto DVD
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
From Wild Eye Releasing comes Matt D. Lord’s Wolf House, although so of you may have already seen this one or the DVD on a shelf as the film is currently an exclusive with Walmart, but soon it will be available everywhere. The film is scheduled to be released nationally this January 17th and we have the

First Official Trailer for the All-Female Horror Anthology ‘XX’
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
As I’m sure many of you are aware, next month is Women in Horror month and as always we’ll be doing our best to showcase the best these awesome females have to offer, and to kick things off ahead of time is the official trailer for the all-female horror anthology XX. Check out the goods below

[Trailer] Tom Costabile’s ‘Voodoo’ Will Send you to Hell
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
According to the trailer for Tom Costabile’s Voodoo, you are going to hell. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s the way it goes I guess. However, I’m pretty sure many of you have tasted its pleasures already, what with the Lament Configuration box and all that. Anyway, back to Voodoo. This one doesn’t look half bad

These Mermaids Are Out for Flesh in Agnieszka Smoczynska’s ‘The Lure’
Written by Chris Savage, January 7, 2017
We’re always on the look out for something a little bizarre and verging on the weird and we believe we have found that for you in the form of Agnieszka Smoczynska’s The Lure (Córki Dancingu).  It’s a film which features flesh-hungry mermaids who find their way to shore, in doing so they find fame at a

New Official Trailer and Clip from ‘Pitchfork’
Written by Chris Savage, January 6, 2017
We’ve been following Glenn Douglas Packard’s highly anticipated horror flick Pitchfork for quite a while now, and with each passing clip we are getting more excited. Speaking of which, we have for you a brand new clip and the new official trailer which you can view below. Could we possibly have a new horror icon on our

NSFW Trailer for ‘Hooker With a Hacksaw’
Written by Chris Savage, January 5, 2017
It was probably pointless on my behalf pointing out that the trailer for this one was going to be NSFW, I mean, considering the title of the film, but you’ve just got to be careful, right? Perhaps this could have been an informative video on hacking up trees. Of course it’s not, Hooker With a

New Official Trailer for Jeremy Lutter’s ‘The Hollow Child’
Written by Chris Savage, January 5, 2017
Thanks to our friend Avery for the heads-up, we can share with you the new official trailer for Jeremy Lutter’s creepy new film The Hollow Child. Something strange is going on in this one and we are utterly intrigued to find out just what. So, care to take a peek? Click on the link below (the trailer

[Trailer] Something Evil Lurks ‘Behind the Walls’
Written by Chris Savage, January 5, 2017
From Dual Visions and Roaming Elephant Productions comes The Kondelik Brothers’ Behind the Walls, a haunted house film which is seen in the perspective of the house. And this house has been waiting. For years it was left unoccupied, but a new family has arrived and something has woken. Check out the official trailer below and artwork and

Demons Possess a Cabin in the ‘Bornless Ones’
Written by Chris Savage, January 3, 2017
Being huge fans of The Evil Dead here, we welcome pretty much anything that takes inspiration from the film, so when we heard of Alexander Babaev‘s Bornless Ones, we had a feeling that a few of you will dig it. So, check out the official trailer, artwork and details below and let us know if this

Uncork’d Entertainment Unleashes ‘The Covenant’ This February
Written by Chris Savage, December 30, 2016
Are you after some more supernatural scares? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that a new one is on the horizon with a dash of exorcism. From Robert Conway (Krampus Unleashed) comes his latest flick The Covenant, and we can reveal that Uncork’d Entertainment will be unleashing the flick this February 7th On Demand. From the

Official Trailer & More for ‘I Was a Teenage Wereskunk’
Written by Chris Savage, December 29, 2016
It’s about time the humble skunk got some horror love, and Neal Mclaughlin has done just that with his horror/comedy I Was a Teenage Wereskunk. The film looks set to be a throwback to the b-movies of the 1950s and it looks like a ton of fun. So, thanks to Avery for the heads-up, we have

Official Red Band Trailer for ‘Alien: Covenant’
Written by Chris Savage, December 25, 2016
Right now I should be gathering with the family, but that will just have to wait for the moment as the official red band trailer for Ripley Scott’s Alien: Covenant has arrived and it looks outstanding! Pretty cool Christmas gift, right? Check it out below and let us know what you think of this one

‘The Snare’ Haunts Theatres This January
Written by Chris Savage, December 20, 2016
We have just received word that the folks over at Uncork’d Entertainment will be unleashing C.A Cooper’s unnerving British horror-thriller The Snare in theatres and On Demand beginning this January 6, 2017. Below you will find the official trailer and poster to feast your eyes upon. Check them out and let us know if you’ll be keeping