[Trailer] ‘Cherry Tree’ Wants to Put a Spell On You
Written by Jason McDonald, December 24, 2015
Director David Keating returns to horror with his first follow up film since 2010’s “Wake Wood.”  In this new venture Keating is exploring a dark and twisted world where life and death are but mere inconveniences for a coven of witches. Faith’s world is turned upside down after she finds out that her beloved father

[Trailer] Jason Patric and Louisa Krause Star in ‘The Abandoned’
Written by Jason McDonald, December 24, 2015
I’m currently chipping away at my top ten list for 2015, but while I’m revisiting the past I have to keep an eye out for the future.  Over the last few years January has become a popular release month for horror movies and we have quite a few contenders coming down the pipeline. Hitting theaters

‘The Forest’ Unleashes a New UK Poster, Trailer & An Interactive Experience
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2015
Well, the guys over at Focus Features are certainly going full-steam ahead with the marketing for Jason Zada’s The Forest, as we have scored even more goods for you. First up is the stunning UK quad poster for the film courtesy of Empire Online, and secondly we have an online interactive experience which takes you

First Official Trailer for ‘Lilin’s Brood’
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2015
We have just received word of a new found footage flick and it comes from Mansa Mojo Brothas, which is entitled Lilin’s Brood, and we have scored the official trailer, poster (do you see what I see?) and all the details you need in regards to checking this one out. That is if found footage is

Full Official Trailer for ‘Good Tidings’
Written by Chris Savage, December 21, 2015
With Christmas just days away, how about a little festive horror in the form of some psychopaths dressed in Santa suits? Well, we have delivered. The full official trailer for Stuart W. Bedford’s Christmas slasher flick Good Tidings, has arrived and we have that sucker ready for you viewing pleasure below. It looks gritty, and brutal

First TV Spot for Natalie Dormer’s ‘The Forest’
Written by Chris Savage, December 18, 2015
Jason Zada’s latest film The Forest, is shaping up quite nicely. I know I’m stoked, but what about you? If you still need some convincing, head on down below as we have scored the first official TV spot from the film and let us know if this has swayed you at all? Synopsis: Rising with terrifying

‘The Boy’ Sets the Rules in New TV Spot
Written by Chris Savage, December 18, 2015
Much like there was rules in A Nightmare On Elm Street, with their nursery rhyme, it appears as if William Brent Bell’s latest flick The Boy, has his own set of rules for you to follow, or you may just witness his sinister wrath. Check out the new TV spot below and see what you

Official NSFW Trailer for ‘The Mildew from Planet Xonader’
Written by Chris Savage, December 17, 2015
Did you guys get the chance to witness Neil Meschino’s Mold? It was filled with all types of ooze and gore and very much in the same vein of films like Street Trash. But, it appears as if there has been a slight re-working of that film as Neil Meschino and Giulio De Santi of Necrostorm, have teamed

[Trailer] ‘Intruders’ Get the Tables Turned on Them
Written by Jason McDonald, December 16, 2015
Everyone likes a story where the bad guy gets their comeuppance.  We all like to see the underdog overcome impossible odds and defeat their enemies.  However, I’m not to sure who the underdog is in “Intruders.” In “Intruders” a quiet shut-in is forced to fight for her life when a trio of men break into

First Teaser Trailer for the ‘Wolf Creek’ Miniseries
Written by Chris Savage, December 16, 2015
Making its way to the Australian streaming service Stan, in mid-2016 is the Wolf Creek miniseries, and today we have scored for you the first official teaser, it’s only about 20-seconds in length, but it’s something, right? Check it out below and see what you make of this so far? From the Press Release: Streaming service

Official Teaser Trailer & Photos from Clowntown
Written by Chris Savage, December 16, 2015
Back in July of this year we ushered in the first details and your first look at Tom Nagel’s Clowntown via a slew of photos. Since then, it has been suspiciously quiet. My only guess is that the psychopaths were shopping for their clown outfits for a night of festivities, and as such the official teaser

First Official Clip from the ‘Martyrs’ Remake
Written by Chris Savage, December 15, 2015
It finally happened yesterday, the first trailer (see below) for Kevin and Michael Goetz’ remake of Martyrs hit and many of you voiced your opinions, and today we have even more footage for you guys to gaze upon. That is, if you’re intrigued at all. You know, I’m curious, so I’ll be checking this out regardless.

First Trailer for the ‘Martyrs’ Remake Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, December 14, 2015
Well, it’s here. The first trailer for Kevin and Michael Goetz’ remake of Martyrs, and well, kudos for these guys even attempting to remake such a film as Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs, I mean, you’ve pretty much got the odds stacked against you from day one. But, they did what they had to do, and today we

Welcome to Earth… Again – Official Trailer for ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’
Written by Chris Savage, December 13, 2015
Well, I was skeptical. I loved the first film, and since it’s been a long time since the first film, a near twenty years, yeah, let that sink in for a bit. I was worried that perhaps it would take a different direction, but damn, this actually looks quite dark, bleak and unrelenting. I’m game.

Official Poster & Trailer for ‘Anger of the Dead’
Written by Chris Savage, December 9, 2015
I remember hearing about this one quite a while back and being quite intrigued when I witnessed some early stills from the film. Little did I know that Francesco Picone’s Anger of the Dead has been available in the UK since August of this year, just simply under the moniker of Age of the Dead [Amazon UK].

[Trailer] Revenge Cuts Deep in ‘Survival Knife’
Written by Chris Savage, December 7, 2015
Okay, the title of Wild Eye Releasing’s latest release Survival Knife, isn’t exactly something that shouts out “intriguing,” but the trailer definitely has interested for more. Basically, if you like revenge horror, then I’m pretty sure Survival Knife will be something for you, either way check out the trailer below and make up your own

Official Trailer & More for ‘The Chosen’
Written by Chris Savage, December 7, 2015
For those of you who are after more supernatural scares during the month of December are in luck, as we have received word that not only is Ben Jehoshua’s feature debut The Chosen available on Netflix right now, the film is also heading to Redbox. So, if you haven’t caught this one on Netflix yet, we

‘Krampus’ Dominates the Box Office – Plus, Gingerbread Men Attack in New Clip!
Written by Chris Savage, December 5, 2015
I need to see Krampus, it just has everything by the looks of it and judging by some early box-office numbers, it would appear that many of you have, so thank you for making horror such a success this holiday. According to Variety, the film is projected to do better than $16 million during is

[Trailer] Evil Lurks Beneath Moscow in ‘Diggers’
Written by Chris Savage, December 4, 2015
Well, this looks a little awesome. From Tikhon Kornev comes his Russian horror flick Diggers (Диггеры), a film which looks to be the Russian equivalent of Christopher Smith’s Creep, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The film looks eerie, dark and at this time has everything going for it, so I’m definitely intrigued to see

Two New Clips & A Featurette from ‘Krampus’
Written by Chris Savage, December 3, 2015
I’m not too sure what is going on. Why is Krampus being so good to us? Is this creature trying to achieve a false sense of security, because if it is, damn, you’re doing an awesome job! Just yesterday we ushered in a slew of clips, and now we have two brand new ones and