Shivers Entertainment Unleashes ‘Massacre Up North’ on DVD for the First Time
Written by Chris Savage, May 24, 2016
We have just received word of a new Canadian-based film distribution company called Shivers Entertainment, and they are jumping out of the gate guns blazing! Their first release is the re-release of Paul Stoichevski’s low-budget, ultra-violent slasher flick Massacre Up North, and the film will be hitting DVD for the first time with new artwork. The shingle

Official Trailer for ‘The Blackout Experiments’
Written by Chris Savage, May 23, 2016
Back in January of this year we ushered in the official teaser poster and even a clip for Rich Fox’s upcoming documentary The Blackout Experiments, since then we’ve been waiting with bated breath for more on this sucker, and today we have scored the official trailer. Let’s just say that this looks absolutely intense, this

First Official Trailer for ‘ClownTown’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, May 20, 2016
In December of last year we unleashed your first look at Tom Nagel’s ClownTown via a teaser trailer and a slew of photos, but since then it has been a little quiet, thankfully that all changes today as we are extremely pleased to share with you the full official trailer and poster, and it looks awesome!

New Official Trailer for ‘The Purge: Election Year’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Are you guys ready to purge once again this year? If so, you’re gonna need a little taste of what’s to come, so, head on down below as we have the new official trailer from the latest installment in the franchise, and it looks more outrageous than ever. The film is directed by James DeMonaco and

Exclusive: First Official Clip from ‘Don’t Look in the Basement 2’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Earlier this month we ushered in the first official trailer and details for Anthony Brownrigg’s Don’t Look in the Basement 2, which is a continuation of his late father’s previous film Don’t Look in the Basement. Once we witnessed the trailer we were hooked, and since then we’ve been waiting ever patiently for more. So today LeglessCorpse Films

Official Trailer & More for ‘Me and My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse’
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2016
Have you been following Declan Shrubb’s Australian horror comedy Me and My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse? If you have, you’ll be pleased to know that not only has the film scored distribution in the US and Canada, but we can reveal that the film will be released on DVD and VOD this July 5, 2016

[Trailer] First Look at Dee Wallace’s ‘Red Christmas’
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2016
It’s never too early for some festive fear as Craig Anderson’s directorial debut Red Christmas is set to hit the film festival circuit this June, and we have the official teaser trailer, details and a few photos from the upcoming yuletide shocker. Check out the goods below and let us know if you’ll be keeping an

Check Out the Teaser for ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Coming to Fox this Halloween
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2016
It’s just a jump to the left! And then a step to the right! With your hands on your hips… You upset a bunch of “Rock Horror Picture Show” fans! Okay, that’s not how the song goes, but it’s certainly what seems to be happening. Ever since Fox announced that they were doing a TV

Fox Releases First Trailer for ‘The Exorcist’ Series
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2016
If you’ve noticed that over the last couple of weeks there have been an increased amount of articles about cancellations, renewals, and premiere dates for television shows, don’t panic. You’re just in the middle of upfronts.  This is when all the big networks come out and start announcing their lineups for the new seasons and when we

First Official Trailer for Fede Alvarez’s ‘Don’t Breathe’
Written by Chris Savage, May 16, 2016
A couple of months ago we ushered in the official poster and a brief description of the film, and well, many of you, including myself were highly intrigued by the project. So today the official trailer has landed and it looks seriously intense, unique and something I’m really freakin’ stocked for. This right here proves

Official Trailer for WWE Studios’ ‘Incarnate’
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2016
WWE Studios have teamed up with Blumhouse Productions to unleash more horror on us in the form of Brad Peyton’s (San Andreas) latest flick Incarnate, and we have the official trailer for you to delve in below. The film stars Aaron Eckhart, Carice Van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno, David Mazouz, Kier O’Donnell, Matt Nable, and John Pirruccello.

Dolph Lundgren Battles Demons in ‘Don’t Kill It’
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2016
Dolph Lundgren is always fun to watch, so it makes sense that he is set to star in Don’t Kill It from Mike Mendez, the same guy that gave us such fun flicks as Big Ass Spider and Lavalantula, and judging by the sales trailer, Don’t Kill It will be equally as fun. Hopefully we will be

[Trailer] First Look at Matthew Packman’s ‘Margo’
Written by Chris Savage, May 13, 2016
It’s times like these why I absolutely freakin’ love the indie scene. It’s the passion, the drive, the creativity and the ability to create something from the heart; such is the case with Matthew Packman’s latest flick Margo. It’s a female-driven flick that looks dark, brooding and utterly unnerving, and we have scored the early

Reggie Bannister Looks to Grab You by the ‘Bonejangles’
Written by Chris Savage, May 12, 2016
With a name like Bonejangles, you’d expect it to be a little bat-sh*t crazy, and well, it is! The film looks set to be a ton of fun, with a cursed town filled with reanimated corpses, and only a rag-tag group of police officers on hand to save the day, I think we’re in for

[Trailer] The Asylum Unleashes an “Independents’ Day”
Written by Chris Savage, May 12, 2016
Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. As you know, The Asylum is THE home of the mockbuster, and their latest might just be their most shameless mockbuster to date, but still, you got to give them credit. Independents’ Day is still pretty clever, but do you want another shocker? this actually looks really quite good, most of

[Trailer] Pure Evil Hides Within ‘The Woods’
Written by Chris Savage, May 10, 2016
Remember that time a horror movie scared you? Yeah? You remember. Well, brace yourselves, Adam Wingard is set to return that fear in his latest flick The Woods. This sucker looks genuinely evil, frightening and quite possibly the new standard for horror films. Maybe we’re hyping this one up a little bit but, damn! Check out

The ‘Abandoned Dead’ Manifest Themselves onto DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 10, 2016
Sometimes the dead come back, as is the case in Mark W. Curran’s latest flick the Abandoned Dead. The film features all sorts of malevolent forces which increases in intensity throughout. Plus, the film stars Judith O’Dea of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. So, if you haven’t seen this one yet, you can now

[Trailer] Wild Eye Releasing’s ‘Scars’ Hits DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 10, 2016
It’s been a long time coming but, Sean K. Robb’s directorial debut Scars, is finally available right now on DVD and Digital HD! Yes, it has arrived. And we have the official trailer, artwork and more for you guys to check out below. If you have seen this or if this interests you, let us

Check Out the New Trailer for Robert Kirkman’s New Series ‘Outcast’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 10, 2016
Not content to rule the airwaves with two “Walking Dead” television series, Robert Kirkman is now looking to pad out his resume with another television adaptation.  And you can check out the trailer for this new series down below. “Outcast” centers on a man has been dealing with demonic possession since he was a little

Official Trailer for the Post-Apocalyptic Thriller ‘The Tribe’
Written by Chris Savage, May 9, 2016
It’s been a while since we’ve had a post-apocalyptic thriller for you guys, so that’s why we’re pretty stoked for Roxy Shih’s latest flick The Tribe. It looks intense, dark and beautifully shot, and we have the official trailer for you guys to check out below. From the Press Release: The Tribe, a post-apocalyptic thriller from