Official Trailer for ‘Snake Outta Compton’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, October 17, 2017
Automatic Entertainment has just unleashed the first official trailer for Hank Braxtan’s latest flick, Snake Outta Compton, and you guys can check out the insanity below. But is this one so bad it’s good or just bad? You guys be the judge, let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye on this one or not? From

Luchagore Productions Celebrates Friday the 13th with Some Beauty Tips
Written by Chris Savage, October 13, 2017
Oh, Gigi Saul Guerrero, you truly are an absolute badass! From Luchagore Productions and Miss Guerrero, comes a little Friday the 13th treat as they share their beauty tips with us. Have you guys ever used a charcoal face mask in the hopes of achieving luxuriously soft skin? That’s what the guys over at Luchagore were

[Trailer] Marvel’s ‘The New Mutants’ Unleashes the Horror
Written by Chris Savage, October 13, 2017
As someone who has never really delved into superhero comics are films for that matter, despite one or two now and again, this sucker, The New Mutants from 2oth Century Fox and Marvel, certainly has me stoked and eager to check out some of the source material. If you’re familiar with New Mutants then I’m assuming

First Official Trailer for Jimmy Lee Combs’ ‘Terror Tales’
Written by Chris Savage, October 11, 2017
While we still have no word as to when Jimmy Lee Combs’ Terror Tales will be unleashed on all of us, we do finally have the first official trailer for the anthology, which includes four terrifying tales. Take a peek below and keep an eye out for a few familiar faces. Will you be keeping an eye

[Trailer] Bunnyman Makes His Final Stand in ‘Bunnyman Vengeance’
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
And just like that, the Bunnyman saga is coming to an end. The third and final movie in Carl Lindbergh’s Bunnyman trilogy, Bunnyman Vengeance, will be making its way to digital platforms beginning this October 20, 2017 and then on DVD and Blu-ray this November 21, 2017 via Uncork’d Entertainment. Below we have the official

[Trailer] Something Evil Lurks on ‘Buckout Road’
Written by Chris Savage, October 2, 2017
It’s always a great morning when Jessica Cameron gets in contact with you, and made even better (if that’s possible) when she unleashes details on one of her latest projects where she stars in Matthew Currie Holmes’ directorial debut, Buckout Road, which also stars the one and only Danny Glover among many others. Below, we have the first official

[Trailer] First Look at the Creature Feature ‘Itsy Bitsy’
Written by Chris Savage, September 27, 2017
For those of you who are looking for a creature feature with some serious bite, look no further as we may just have the one for you. From Micah Gallo comes his latest film Itsy Bitsy, a film which he describes as “the creature aspects of Jaws mixed with the character drama of something like the

First Trailer for ‘Creep 2’ Brings Back the Creepy Weirdness of the Original
Written by Jason McDonald, September 27, 2017
I loved many aspects of “Creep,”  but thought it featured quite possibly the dumbest protagonist to ever be put to film.  Truly a man born without a brainstem.  However, it was still an enjoyable film and Mark Duplass did an amazing job portraying a socially awkward and creepy bastard.  So, yeah, I’m up for more

Bill Oberst Jr’s ‘Stressed to Kill’ Hits Blu-ray This December
Written by Chris Savage, September 21, 2017
It always brings us joy when we learn of another Bill Oberst Jr. movie, as the dude constantly delivers and is such fun to watch. So, saying that, SGL Entertainment have just announced that they will be unleashing Stressed to Kill, which is directed by Mark Savage, onto Blu-ray this December, so you guys can get

An Evil Spirit Returns on ‘The 13th Friday’
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2017
You know, you’ve really got to feel for these demonic demons. Here they are doing what ever it is they’re doing in their realm, probably playing a taxing game of chess, when suddenly someone summons them through a device, and people are wondering just what they have done to deserve this? Well, wouldn’t you be

First Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Romane Simon’s ‘Blood Runs Thick’
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2017
We have just received our first look at Romane Simon’s latest flick, Blood Runs Thick, via the official teaser trailer and poster artwork from Lucky Strike Film Studio. Details are a little slim, but we do know that it features a beautiful woman who experiences frightening hallucinations after the disappearance of her husband. Check out the teaser

New Official Trailer for ‘Axeman 2: Overkill’
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2017
This October 17, 2017, sees the return of the Axeman! From #SinningWorks the slasher flick, Axeman 2: Overkill, and below we have the brand new official trailer for you guys to check out. The film stars former WWE/WCW star Bryan Clark as the Axeman, and he is an absolute hulking beast! Check out the carnage below

First Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Bonehill Road’
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2017
Several months ago we learned that Todd Sheets was working on his latest flick, Bonehill Road, and since then we’ve been waiting for more as I’m sure many of you have been too considering they absolutely smashed their Indiegogo campaign! And with that, we can share with you the first official teaser trailer which gives us a

Official Trailer for the Creature Feature ‘Dead Ant’
Written by Chris Savage, September 18, 2017
Have you guys been following Ron Carlson’s horror comedy Dead Ant? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that the official trailer has landed and it looks quite fun, plus it’s always great to see Tom Arnold. So, make your way below and check out the goods, and if you’re at Screamfest this year, you’ll

Official UK Trailer for ‘Better Watch Out’
Written by Chris Savage, September 15, 2017
It was just yesterday when we unleashed the official US red band trailer for Chris Peckover’s Better Watch Out. A few of you noted that the trailer was filled with spoilers, which is a shame, still, we’re super stoked to check this one out and now we have the official UK trailer for you which

[Trailer] The ‘House by the Lake’ Arrives This October
Written by Chris Savage, September 14, 2017
From the folks over at Random Media comes Adam Gierasch’s (Night of the Demons, Tales of Halloween, Fractured, Autopsy) House by the Lake, and we can reveal that the film will be making its debut onto Cable VOD, Digital HD and DVD this October 10th. Below you’ll find all the details including the official trailer. From the Press

Official Red Band Trailer for ‘Better Watch Out’
Written by Chris Savage, September 14, 2017
I know you guys are getting into the Halloween spirit, but everyone loves some festive horror, right? So, how about a little bit more? From Universal Studios and Well Go USA comes a little home invasion horror flick during the festive period titled Better Watch Out. The film is written and directed by Chris Peckover

[Trailer] A ‘Ghost Witch’ Invades Wild Eye Releasing
Written by Chris Savage, September 13, 2017
Joseph Lavender’s latest flick, Ghost Witch, is making its way to various VOD platforms this week via the folks over at Wild Eye Releasing, and below we have your first look at this upcoming supernatural thriller. Take a peek below and let us know if you’ll be giving this one a shot or not? From

New Official Trailer for Bill Moseley’s ‘Crepitus’
Written by Chris Savage, September 12, 2017
It was all the way back in February of this year when we learned that Bill Moseley would be playing a cannibalistic clown in Haynze Whitmore’s upcoming flick, Crepitus. Since then and that truly nightmarish image of Bill Moseley in full costume (see below), we’ve been anxiously anticipating this one, and while we don’t have a

Wild Eye Releasing Unleashes ‘Watch Over Us ‘ Onto VOD Today
Written by Chris Savage, September 12, 2017
We have just received word that Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed F.C. Rabbath’s Watch Over Us onto VOD today, September 12, 2017. The film has been described as The Exorcist meets Stranger Things, and below you guys can check out the official trailer and be the judge your self. Will you be giving this one a