Horror Movie Trailers

Rosemary’s Baby Comes To Lifetime
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We’ve been reporting on the Zoe Saldana mini-series version of Rosemary’s Baby for quite some time now and I’m sure many have been wondering, “Is it any good?” Well the wait is over as the series is coming to the Lifetime network, showing on Thursdays. Here’s a little background on the original version made for [...]

Official Teaser Trailer for Jurassic World
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 89 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
The gates are finally open, Jurassic World, is officially upon us! Well, almost. Below, we have scored the official teaser trailer for the film which is practically a teaser for the trailer, yeah, that’s what they do now. Anyway, the full trailer makes its premiere this Friday. But, in the meantime, make your way below [...]

New Official Predestination Trailer Inside
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Just a couple of days ago we scored the official US poster for Michael and Peter Spierig’s Predestination. Now, jump forward a few days into the future, and we have the official trailer for you courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment, which you can check out below. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor. Synopsis: [...]

First Teaser Trailer for Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 90 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Way back in August of this year, word came that Emil J. Novak will be unleashing a new take of the Frankenstein monster with Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster, a sort of steampunk noir-horror film. At that time we ushered in a few photos and it was enough to get me intrigued, but, today the first official teaser trailer [...]

New Trailer for The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death
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It certainly appears as if the goods for The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death, are coming in thick and fast, as today we have scored a brand new trailer for the upcoming film and you guys can check it out below. I have to say I am quite intrigued by this one, so [...]

[Trailer] The Devil’s Deal Gets Rave Reviews
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Here’s a new film that’s hit the DVD scene fresh from Lionsgate Entertainment. The Devil’s Deal, previously titles The Merchant, is a supernatural thriller that is sure to scare-up some attention due to the “Slenderman” look of the anti-hero. We reported it earlier this year that this title was going to hit DVD in October [...]

First Teaser Trailer & Poster for Magi
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From Hasan Karacadag, comes his latest slice of terror with the upcoming Turkish flick Magi, and today we have scored a little piece of poster art as well as the first teaser trailer for the film. Make your way below and check them out, let us know if this is something you’ll be looking out for? [...]

Two New V/H/S: Viral Clips Inside
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For those of you who prefer to watch films via iTunes or On Demand, what did you make of V/H/S: Viral, and should we all check this one out? I’m pretty stoked, and I’m sure many of you’re too, so if you’re waiting for its arrival in theatres, we have a couple of new clips [...]

[Exclusive Trailer] Mary Loss of Soul Wows Festivals
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 98 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Here’s an interesting concept. A fifteen year-old girl goes missing only to come back with, um, something missing. It’s just her soul, no biggie. What I liked most about watching this trailer is that it looks like every scene was meticulously lighted and choreographed. Like a heart-warming family film…only not! This film is just coming [...]

[Trailer] Tara Reid Stars in Charlie’s Farm
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Don’t know about you, but the name Charlie doesn’t evoke fear as far as a horror movie is concerned. But I had to give this a nod and watch the trailer to see if it would be any bit as ridiculous as the concept that our star Tara Reid has been gaining notoriety for – [...]

Official Poster & Trailer for The Dooms Chapel Horror
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 99 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
I still don’t know how Bill Oberst Jr., does it. The amount of films that he is working on and the amount of films in the pipeline is astronomical! I have my suspicions though, I think he is some super human vampire hybrid of sorts that needs no sleep and feeds solely on horror films [...]

New Official Red Band Clip from Starry Eyes
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 100 Days Ago. | No Comments
Wow. This clip just came out of nowhere and has just cemented itself as a must see if not for the brutality alone! Below, we have scored a brand new red band trailer for Starry Eyes, which is most definitely NSFW. if you like blood and lots of it combined with severe blunt force trauma, [...]

[Trailer] Bratty Kids Go Missing In The Malibu Tapes
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 101 Days Ago. | No Comments
Take four teenagers from a well-to-do high school partying around one of the most glamorous places in the world and make it scary? Now, while The Malibu Tapes seems like your cut and dry party gone bad, it does look like (by hints we see in the trailer) like there’s something more than just a [...]

New Official ‘Late Phases’ Clip Inside
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Are you guys on the prowl for a new werewolf film that you can sink your teeth into? If so, we may have you covered. As a huge werewolf fan myself, we may finally have something with a little more bite in the form of Late Phases, and today we have a brand new clip [...]

Living With Strangers May Make You “Sick”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 103 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
If you haven’t already seen enough undead mayhem with the Walking Dead show and all the new zombie films coming up on the horizon, we got one more for ya and it may make you “Sick.” Coming to us from Acort International, Sick follows three strangers that have to band together to survive the night. [...]

Official Teaser Trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 103 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
It is finally here! The teaser trailer for Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky: The Coming Race, has arrived and in short, it’s freakin’ awesome! Ever wondered what it would be like to witness Hitler riding a dinosaur? Well, wonder no more, all will be revealed in the teaser below. Synopsis: Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, [...]

Watch the First Trailer for Gore Orphanage
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When I was growing up I lived in Ohio and just down the street from my grandmothers house was where the legend of Gore Orphanage had happened. Growing up kids always dared each other to go and spend the night there.. I remember hearing many stories about people who had gone up there. So when [...]

[Trailer] Hunting The Legend Reveals a Murderous Bigfoot
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 104 Days Ago. | 5 Comments
It seems that Bigfoot is this season’s popular foe of monster lore chosen to walk around on the silver screen as there has been several indie horror movie titles trying to take a stab at depicting our “Bigfoot-ed” friend. Just recently released in Canada and making its way to the American Film Market is Hunting [...]

First “Sound Clip” from The Human Centipede 3
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Are any of you guys looking forward to Tom Six’s The Human Centipede 3? Me personally, I’m not expecting much, I liked the first, I thought the second was simply done for shock and the third, I’m thinking they’re going for even more shock this time around, but who knows? In any event, a “sound [...]

[Trailer] Forget Godzilla Meet Monster-Zilla!
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 106 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Do you guys like big gnarly monsters that rip helpless victims from limb-to-limb? If so, we may just have the flick for you in the form of Monster-Zilla! Oh yes, thanks to our good friend Avery for the heads up, we have for you the first trailer and poster for Tom Cat Films’ latest flick. [...]