Riddick Review: Is Riddick Back?

Herner Klenthur

Pitch Black will go down as one of the greatest sci-fi horror films of all time and the followup Chronicles of Riddick is remembered by some as the fluffy big budget sequel that ruined the character for us die-hard fans.

Riddick is Vin Diesel’s return to the character that put him on the map and the question at this point is whether it is worth seeing. The buzz going into it was that this would be the Riddick that fans wanted and for the most part it is. The other ‘hot item’ was the fact that Katee Sackhoff was going to get naked in Riddick and I can confirm she did and I wont lie it was a high point in the film.

What hardcore nerd doesn’t have a crush on tough taking, hard-hitting Katee Sackhoff?


RIDDICK can be summed up as an ok movie that has a strong cast with a repetitive script that lacks any real imagination. Riddick is not a bad movie it’s just another sci-fi horror movie that is far from being a match for the original Pitch Black.

The first 15 minutes of the film is a bit boring as the film attempts to apologizes and or explain away the events of The Chronicles of Riddick. The first act shows how he went from being the Grand Marshall to once again doomed and determined on an abandoned planet.

I love that the filmmakers have taken Riddick back to his roots but I was so put off by Chronicles I just wanted to get on with it perhaps more quickly than others did.

Unfortunately after we have the story back on track and Riddick is now alone again the plot takes a step back. Rather then dreaming up something original for Riddick he is once again stranded on a planet with a rag-tag cast of characters and you guessed it Mercenaries are out to get him… again.

If you see where this is going you probably realize that once again the anti-hero will form a loose alliance with his adversaries and take on the critters that go bump in the night.

Frankly Riddick isn’t a bad movie as much as it feels like a bigger budget remake of Pitch Black that is missing most of the heart and soul that made the first one a hit. It cost me $26.00 for the ticket and popcorn and the biggest thing I took away from the movie was it was not worth $26.00 even with Katee Sackhoff’s beautiful body and very much NSFW scene.

If you loved Pitch Black you will likely find something to like in RIDDICK just like I did but wait to see it on the cheap night or at the very least see it when it lands on Video on Demand. Riddick is  an ok movie to waste 90 minutes on but it is nothing spectacular. 

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      1. evilgenius September 9, 2013 at 6:04 pm

        I saw it yesterday. I thought it was entertaining and for the most part agree with what Herner Klenthur, here says. The original (which I watched again last week) has much better pacing and more suspense than this one. Riddick, though, has slicker production values and has a slightly better cast. Since the first movie they’ve seem to be more action movie than as horror movie. That makes everything different and to me more predictable and a little less enjoyable.