Warm Bodies Review

Monster Mary

warm-posterForget everything you know about zombies.  None of the normal Zombie rules apply in Warm Bodies, except that they still enjoy some tasty brains for a snack.  Warm Bodies is about Zombies that drive, collect classic vinyl, talk,, and fall in love.  Yes I said fall in love.  Essentially Warm Bodies is a Romantic Comedy with Zombies thrown into the mix.  A classic tale of Romeo and Juliet.  Two star crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks. There is even a balcony scene where “R” comes to rescue his Juliet.   It has the classic elements of a romantic comedy which makes it perfect for a date night.   There is even the required makeover in it.  It is sweet, romantic, and will make you smile.

Warm Bodies focuses on the daily life and routine of a zombie simply named R.    We follow R as he shambles through a zombie infested airport that he calls home.  He even has a friend called M that he attempts to have a conversation with daily.  R has flashes of memories of when he was human, but he can’t quite remember everything from his former life.  He lives in an airplane and collects vinyl records that he enjoys listening to every night.  Maybe this is why R is able to change the way he does?  Doesn’t music calm the savage beast?

When Julie and a group of friends break into the airport  in order to find supplies, they are attacked by R and other Zombies.   R falls madly in love with her from across the crowded room and saves her from being eaten by the other zombies.    He takes her back to his airplane home, and they get to know each other.  But Julie has to go home eventually and let her Father know that she is alive and well.  She knows she can’t take R with her because her family will kill R without asking questions.  A bullet to the head.  Love story over.

Even though Warm Bodies was fun to watch, I am not going to say I absolutely loved it.  It definitely had it’s flaws.  It was pretty silly and you really have to tell your brain not to over analyze it while watching it.  And yes there are some of the typical Zombie movie metaphors in it.  One scene not so subtly reminds us that we act like zombies already on a daily basis.  How many of us walk around with our faces buried in our cell phones?  Not noticing the world around us?  Only communicating through texts and tweets?

Warm Bodies even adds on to the Zombie mythology by attempting to explain why Zombies love to eat brains so much.  Return of the Living Dead gave us a little bit of an explanation from the half Zombie Lady on the table…When Ernie asks “Eating brains, how does that make you feel?”  “She replies it makes the pain go away”  Warm Bodies explains why it makes the pain go away because it also makes Zombies feel more alive.  This was one of my favourite parts of the movie.

If you are a hard core purist when it comes to Horror or Zombie movies then this is not the film for you.   There is hardly any gore or even scary parts to be found here.  I knew it was going to be a light comedy going in so I took one of my non- horror friends to see it and we laughed and had a good time the whole movie. The whole story line is pretty much ridiculous but that is what made it so funny. I mean really…a zombie driving a car? a zombie collecting Vinyl? Kissing a Zombie after he just had brains for breakfast? Pretty ridiculous actually. If you don’t take it so seriously and you just might enjoy it.   But it isn’t Twilight either.  Recently, I keep seeing this comparison all over the internet.  Which just confirms my suspicion that all the people that don’t like this movie, haven’t even seen it yet!   I suggest you go and see the movie and form your own opinion on it.   No Warm Bodies is not going to ruin the Zombie genre any more than Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, or Deadheads did.  It is just another extension to a very popular genre…the Zom-Com!   If you enjoy a light comedy filled with a lot of laughs then enjoy!

3.5 / 5 stars     


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      1. Ash February 13, 2013 at 10:27 pm

        I feel compelled to add my opinion to the mix. I think you wrote a great review DirtyGirl and I agree with most of the what you have said. You’ve made some good points. The two things I felt differently about come right at the end of your review. For me, there were next to no laughs here. It was a painful experience. I felt actual anger towards this film. 1 star movie for me.

      2. DirtyGirl February 15, 2013 at 2:55 pm

        Thanks Ash for reading the review. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the film, maybe I had a better time because I had a friend with me who is not a horror geek? We were pretty much laughing and making fun of it the whole time :) I even blurted out a line of from Romeo and Juliet at the balcony scene. I couldn’t help myself!

      3. Ash February 15, 2013 at 8:38 pm

        Ha! sometimes a bad movie can be a good experience huh? – if you’re laughing at it with someone else. I watched it with a friend too and we tore it a new a$$hole. It had no redeeming features whatsoever in my opinion. I felt annoyed (maybe anger was a bit strong) when the film starting to contradict itself. Contradicting the zombie “rules” that we have come to expect is their choice (although I’d rather watch a film that adhered to them) but I can’t abide by any film that contradicts itself in the way Warm Bodies did as if the audience are too stupid to notice. Hate that. Glad one of us could enjoy it though.Thanks for the good review, well, most of it :)

      4. Mike New August 19, 2013 at 6:58 am

        I know this is an old review and what not, but I couldn’t find the most recent review on warm bodies to give my opinion on the movie. With that said, I did see it recently on DVD. I rented it at my local library so I watched it for free. In my opinion, it was a decent entertaining movie, but with a weird take on the zombie genre. I don’t agree that zombies can turn back to humans. Once a zombie, always a zombie. The chemistry that the male role and female role was decent. The fight scene towards the end was decent. The only character I really enjoyed in the movie was John Malovich’s character. He didn’t have a big role, but I am just a fan. I feel this was similiar to twilight. I would hate to see this turn into a sequel or a triology. I hate to admit, I seen all the twilight films and I am not ready to sit through another series of films on a love story about zombies.