Five Reasons Why Warm Bodies Doesn’t “Ruin the Zombie Genre”


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1. Zombies Aren’t Real

I’ve heard all the arguments from people who claim to be zombie purists (whatever that means):

“Zombies don’t fall in love!”
“Zombies don’t have feelings!”
“Zombies are meant to kill people and eat their flesh!”
“Zombies don’t look like that!”

Sorry guys, but zombies aren’t real, therefore THERE ARE NO RULES! You can’t dictate a set of rules for a fictional subgenre based on your perception of what YOU think a zombie should be. Remember, it is your opinion, and as they say, opinions are like assholes, and your opinion is no more than that.

If you want to get down to brass tacks, looking at Haitian folklore, zombies were not flesh eaters. In fact, these Haitian “zombies” weren’t even dead, they were heavily drugged people. Also, in early film incarnations (including Romero’s masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead), zombies had an appearance of ashy skin and wide, hypnotized eyes, something that is actually accurately portrayed by the zombies in Warm Bodies.

Also, it has to be said that rules are bullshit. If there had to be rules in place for the horror genre, then there would never be progression in horror and everything would be generic and vanilla. Breaking the rules is the only way we can ever get anything new and different. I’m not saying that Warm Bodies is breaking rules in a way that is revolutionary, but rules are meant to be broken, especially when there aren’t any in the first place.

2. Most Zombie Movies Suck:

SOME horror fans seem to have this illusion that this one film completely ruins the zombie subgenre. Like, because of one movie, the entire landscape of zombie films will be forever changed and now every zombie movie to come will be just like it. Well, I got news for you: it doesn’t change a thing. One movie isn’t going to change the landscape of the genre. If anything, it builds upon it, giving it more variety.

That brings me to my next point: the zombie subgenre is, for all intents and purposes, totally stale, overdone and filled to the brim with a complete lack of originality. There are waaaaaay more terrible zombie films than there are good ones, and that is a fact. For every great zombie movie that’s released, there are 50 more that are absolutely awful, and to believe otherwise is certainly ignorant. Warm Bodies is the least of the genre’s problem, when the genre itself is in fact its own worst enemy.

3. It’s Not Your Genre:

It’s as simple as that: It’s not your genre and there is nothing sacred about it. You don’t own the zombie subgenre nor any genre of film, for that matter. If think you do, then you will have to explain what you did that makes it YOUR genre and what YOU did that makes you so special that you feel any filmmaker or genre owes you anything.

The reality is, the genre is for anyone who want to enjoy it, and there’s no reason that it should have to always conform to your specific taste. If you want it to be your genre, then pick up a camera and make your own film, your own way, but please, don’t make a zombie movie. There are way too many and most of them suck.

Warm Bodies Meme

*For the record, horror fans in the 1980s thought The Lost Boys was a lame MTV music video*

4. It’s NOT Twilight, No Matter How Badly You Want it to Be:

Of course it’s easy to compare Warm Bodies to Twilight, but it’s also easy to be completely ignorant about something you haven’t seen. It’s a horror inspired romantic comedy based on a novel for young adults, not tweens. The story is, at its heart, Romeo and Juliet, and much like George Romero’s zombie films, there is a nice dash of allegorical commentary to be found, specifically focusing on individuality, conformity and tolerance. It also takes a very witty stab at the mopey emo generation of oh-woe-is-me sad sacks, where even in the afterlife, an emo teen still finds a way to sulk and feel sorry about himself.

Unlike Twilight, Warm Bodies is not some big Hollywood production. In fact, the film is directed by Jonathan Levine, who helmed one of the best Slasher films of the past decade, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Naturally, most of the horror fans who have complained about “the people behind this crap” don’t seem to be aware of this, but I guess that would require doing things like research before calling something “gay.”

Lastly, The Twilight Saga hasn’t exactly won over critics. In fact, the series as a whole has gotten mediocre to negative reviews, and rightfully so considering the ineptitude on display. Warm Bodies, however, has gotten good to great reviews. Now, I don’t take much stock in critical performance with movies, but there is a clear difference in quality between Twilight and Warm Bodies, and that is for a reason.

Fido, Canadian Zombie Film

5. It’s Not the First and Certainly Not the Last:

It might be difficult to comprehend, but there have been numerous occasions where zombies and a multitude of human emotions have collided together, and in some of the best films the genre has seen.

Here are but a few examples:

Fido: Besides being whip smart and as equally funny, Fido features an emotional (and almost sexual) relationship between Helen and her zombie pet, Fido. There is also a sexual relationship between one of the film’s side characters and a female zombie sex slave.

Dead Alive: In this Peter Jackson zombie splatter classic, there are two zombies who simply cannot keep their hands off one another. Not only do they copulate, but the zombie couple even have a baby together.

Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man: Dellamorte Dellamore is a very dark, romantic horror/comedy that features not one but two full-on relationships between a living character and the undead.

And of course the man who made zombies what they are today, George A. Romero, has more than once dabbled in humanizing zombies in his films, most notably with Bub in Day of the Dead.

So if a zombie can have emotional relationships, sex, babies, play video games (Shaun of the Dead), and remember their past lives, then why can’t some of these themes be featured in Warm Bodies?

In conclusion:

There’s a certain level of pretension and insecurity among the horror fan base, and I believe that most so-called horror fans bash Warm Bodies as a way to make themselves look cool. Well, it doesn’t. In fact, it makes you look ignorant, especially if you haven’t even seen it. This piece is going to piss some of you off greatly, and it should. I’m full-on calling you out on your bullshit. But guess what? I’ve been watching horror films for many years, and I could give a crap what anyone else likes or dislikes, because I can judge a film for myself, not based on what I think other horror fans will think.

Now, to be fair, there will be those of you out there who did see Warm Bodies and hated it. That’s fine. You have a right to your own opinion, and I’m not saying you are wrong in that opinion. In fact, I applaud you for at least seeing it before bashing it, unlike 90% of the other knuckleheads who see fit to shit talk a movie they haven’t seen or know nothing about.

Lastly, if you’re concerned with having “horror credibility,” then you sir or ma’am, have none. Warm Bodies doesn’t ruin the horror genre… lame horror fans do.


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      1. andrewmurphy219 February 15, 2013 at 1:10 am

        First of all, you’re coming off way too mean and over opinionated here. Lets get that straight, because you are and that is wrong,

        Second of all of course there isn’t any “rules” per say, but there is guidelines (that aren’t obviously written anywhere) that movies tend to follow. For what zombie movies have become over the past years, they certainly didn’t get that popular/way over having movies with a zombie and human loving each other.

        Of course, why not try something new and that’s all fine and dandy, if it works out, awesome! A good movie, if not? Well, they tried and that’s all that matters.

        But the thing you have to understand is, big horror movie fans (myself included) have had the vampire named “ruined” (somewhat) because of Twilight and I don’t think much people can debate that. And people are nervous over this plot and what this could do to the zombie genre, and you know people are entitled to feel the way they do. They had vampires ruined on them, aren’t they allowed to be defensive?

        But like I said, if it turns out to be a great movie then that’s good. But what I am saying here is, people are entitled to feeling worried and saying they don’t want movies like Twilight because that movie already ruined something for horror fans.

        But like I said in the opening, you come off way too mean and over opinionated in this article. And I’m not trying to be mean myself here, just being honest.

        • Herner Klenthur February 15, 2013 at 1:14 am

          great comment Andrew. This topic is a hot button one people are getting really angry on all sides. i wouldnt take what Matt says as being nasty I think hes just intense :)

        • Equalopportunitydork (@equaloppdork) February 15, 2013 at 4:14 am

          Twilight didn’t ruin Vampires any more than Buffy, My Best Friend’s a Vampire, Love At First Bite, Once Bitten or, god help us, Dracula, Dead and Loving It did. Despite the doomsaying, theaters haven’t been flooded with Twilight-esque vampire films. The vamps in the Fight Night remake were violent and nasty, but honestly, by the time Twilight came out, vampires had already hit a point of super-saturation. Not that I care. I’ve been a fan of vamps since the early 80s and my three favorite vampire movies are still Lost Boys, Near Dark and Dracula 1979. Nothing I’ve seen since then can touch any of those three for me and I’ve seen (and enjoyed) a metric ton of vampire films. I would actually say movies like Blade and Underworld did more to subvert the vampire genre than Twilight ever did. All Twilight did was deliver a bad tween version of an Anne Rice novel.

          So, yes, I can and will debate whether Twilight ruined vampires for the simple fact that it hasn’t had that much of a noticeable effect as far as I can see. The people going to see Twilight, by and large, aren’t horror fans and the people making actual horror movies aren’t going to try and target that audience. Horror movies for people that don’t like horror movies have always been and will always be around. They don’t hurt anything, they rarely change anything and within a decade of their release, no one will remember that they existed.

        • Matt-suzaka February 15, 2013 at 3:46 pm

          Thanks for your feedback, Andrew, and intense is a perfect way to describe my intentions with this article! You are half right and half wrong about me being “mean and over opinionated,” and the reason I say that is because this whole thing is geared towards very specific people. People who have shown a complete lack of respect for the opinion’s of others as well as the horror genre itself.

          The catalyst for this entire piece is reading numerous comments on a bunch of different Facebook horror fan pages, Horror-Movies.ca included, where a handful of “fans” have criticized the film based on nothing more than what they “think” the movie is, not what it actually is. There’s a crazy level of close-mindedness behind many of these comments, and worse yet, the lack of respect is pretty pathetic.

          The venom I have seen in numerous comments from so-called hardcore horror fans is incredible. I have seen many comments claiming that the film is “gay” and for “pussies” and things of that nature. Someone even went as far as calling John from Freddy in Space a “faggot” for showing some support for the film. Any horror fan who uses words like that to describe a film as well as attack other fans in such a nature is not only an idiot, but insecure, weak minded, and not at all a horror fan who has a relevant “opinion.”

          This article was written for those people, and for those people it was written for it was indeed intended to be mean. I have no respect for people who have no respect, therefore I have no problem with calling them out in a way that is, admittedly, aggressive. However, if you read the article again, I’m never actually being rude or disrespectful to anyone who has an actual opinion based on having some knowledge of the film.

          This whole thing is certainly not geared towards respectable horror fans, which is what I believe you are based on your respectful comment. The problem isn’t someone like you, who seems to have an open mind; the problem is the fans who will spew hatred and venom at the drop of a hat, without any real argument or basis for spewing such “opinions.” It’s not an opinion to say “I don’t have to see it to know it ruins the zombie genre,” that’s a statement based on ignorance.

          Again, thanks for your feedback, and hopefully this comment somewhat makes the intent of this article a little more clear!

        • TreeGreen March 16, 2013 at 4:39 pm

          I totally get where you are all coming from, Twilight ruined vampires forever they will never be good again, just like Batman & Robin ruined Batman movies forever. How about Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare, after that piece of trash no decent Freddy movie has been made. (Anyone catching the sarcasm yet?) Twilight is shit, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s a little late to the game to ruin vampires. Dracula 2000 was a travesty but it was never claimed to have ruined vampires. Both Buffy (TV show) and My Best Friend’s a Vampire both feature vampires who refuse to feed off humans or even drink human blood yet they were never called pussies. In fact the only 2 real differences between Edward & Bella and Buffy & Angel are that Bella’s pathetic and Angel doesn’t sparkle other than that the 2 relationships, separated by a decade are pretty much the same with similar stories. If Twilight “ruined” the vampire name then I’m sorry to say that the vamp name has been ruined for decades. One bad series and more specifically one bad film does not trash a genre forever. If you all hate humanized zombies so much than you most loathe the Resident Evil movies and Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, in all of these movies zombies think, some feel, and some even use tools! But we draw the line at a somewhat comedic movie from the point of view of zombies who want to become human again. It’s a fantasy movie! There are no rules, no guidelines! That doesn’t even make sense to think that a fantasy movie has to go down a certain path. While we’re at it why don’t we all bitch about Toy Story and it’s highly unrealistic portrayal of toys that think feel and move! You can’t put rules on things that don’t exist. But I’ll tell you what if there ever is a zombie apocalypse and not one zombie has any form of humanity left I will then completely concede that you all were right until then however if you don’t like the concept of a movie don’t watch it, it’s that simple.

        • Matty Perron July 2, 2013 at 3:15 am

          The vampire genre is not ruined just because it has bad movies, even high profile bad movies in it. EVERY genre has bad movies.
          Also, you say and I paraphrase “there isn’t any “rules” per say, but there is guidelines that movies tend to follow. For what zombie movies have become over the past years, they certainly didn’t get that popular/way over having movies with a zombie and human loving each other. ”
          …yeah, and horror movies in general didn’t get popular by using great gore effects and didn’t even have any blood in them for the most part until Psycho and didn’t really take off until years later, but where would horror be today without it. I’m not saying that every great horror movie needs gore, but it is an important spoke in the wheel especially in the zombie genre.

      2. DirtyGirl (@DirtyGirlReview) February 15, 2013 at 1:47 am

        Well said Matt! I really enjoyed Warm Bodies. My friend and I laughed all the way through it. Why is there this growing trend of people judging and hating on movies before they have even seen them yet? Those memes of Warm Bodies were circulating the internet before the movie even came out! I love a good gory Zombie movie like Day of the Dead or Fulci’s Zombi, but I also enjoy a well made Zom-Com too. Warm Bodies is not going to “ruin” the Zombie genre any more than Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, or Deadheads did!

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 12:22 am

          Thanks a lot! I find it unfortunate and frustrating that a segment of horror fans are constantly on attack mode with what seems like every film that comes out. If it’s not something like Warm Bodies, it’s PG-13 or remakes, and so on and so forth. Some fans seem to be more interested in hating everything as opposed to loving the genre and showing it support.

          But I’m with you; I had a really good time with Warm Bodies and I think it was a mostly refreshing zombie film. The humor hits its mark and the characters are pretty well written.

        • Krixous June 15, 2013 at 1:59 am

          Gotta gree with matt on this one to it had good moments it had technically real zombies that were called bonies and those were the ones who gave up there humanity/hope I liked the ideas floated in this movie sure it wasnt spectacular but comparing it to twilight is kinda insulting in my mind and to be fair before i saw it i was one of those people who thought it was zombie twilight and i was wrong

      3. Mike Silva February 15, 2013 at 1:32 pm

        i am a zombie fan (on my 63rd novel right now) and i am somewhat of a zombie purist but this movie is not going to ruin the zombie genre anymore than twilight ruined movies like 30 days of night.simply put it was a modern fantasy movie that used horror elements to tell the story much like the underworld movies.neither movie scared anyone but it was a good time for those willing to open up their minds a little and let themselves be entertained.zombies should be kill on sight in normal circumstances (if it WAS real) but these type of movies still belong in the list as a welcome change from the norm

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 12:28 am

          You hit the nail on the head, Mike. It’s something different from the horde of zombies movies that have come out, and it’s mostly successful in what it was trying to do. It won’t do anything to change the genre, but it does expand it and give it a little more variety, and to me the variety is certainly welcome! Thanks for the comment!

      4. Tiago Almeida February 15, 2013 at 3:58 pm

        I think you are the one taking it too seriously.
        We, the fans, have the right to defend what we believe. All we are saying is that movies like this one, and Twilight do a big damage to the horror legacy, as they present some of the icons in a way, that is to say the least, disrespectful.
        When they take some of the horror icons, and put it in a teen soup, changing every aspect that made it awesome in the first place, it does a big damage to the horror legacy, and we do have the right to defend it. Specially when they put it out in a big marketing scheme brainwashing stupid teens to watch it.
        I would have to strongly disagree that most zombie movies suck, but this one certainly does suck.
        So all we are saying, is if those filmekers did a bit more of their homework, they could explore the horror genre in a intelligent way, instead of this lazy, lame exploitation of the genre.

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 1:00 am

          I appreciate your feedback, Tiago, however, I feel as if you probably didn’t fully read this article because some of my rebuttals to your comment are already in the piece itself. Also, I have a very distinct feeling that you did not see the film. If that is indeed the case, then you are basing your opinion that Warm Bodies ruins the zombie genre on nothing more than speculation. If I’m wrong and you did see the film and didn’t like it, then that’s fine and I totally respect your thoughts, but nothing points to that fact in your comment.

          Anywho, as you said, I am taking it too seriously, and that’s because I do take the horror genre, and film period, seriously. And because I take horror seriously, I have the wherewithal to not completely judge something (like Warm Bodies) based on my thoughts about another film (like Twilight). I could actually give a shit about Twilight. It does nothing to hurt the horror genre because it’s not a horror movie, and it doesn’t ruin vampires because, well, quite frankly, it hasn’t. What vampire movies over the past 5 years (since Twilight was first released) have been like Twilight?! The answer is none. And that is a fact.

          As for most zombie movies sucking, well, that is a reality, and if you disagree, then that is simply because you have not seen enough zombie movies. And honestly, if that’s the case, then you should feel lucky. As someone who has written for horror/movie websites for around five years, I have been subjected to dozens of zombie films of all shapes and sizes, and most of them are awful, unoriginal and far from intelligent.

          I understand your passionate, but I think you could better spend that passion on enjoying the genre instead of complaining about it.

        • Austinfilm February 16, 2013 at 3:22 pm

          “All we are saying is that movies like this one, and Twilight do a big damage to the horror legacy”

          Pure, 100%, unadulterated horseshit. No they don’t, and they can’t. Warm Bodies has no power whatsoever to “do big damage” to Romero’s classic films and their legacy except the power “purists” like you choose to give it. Your attitude is exactly what the original article is taking apart, and it’s clear that you didn’t absorb its message.

          For some reason, there are a group of horror “purists” whose approach to their “fandom” involves declaring “All zombie movies must be X and only X, and any attempt at Y is IMPURE and must not be tolerated, otherwise the great legacy of X is forever tarnished.” This kind of “fandom” is the worst there is: an insular fandom that seeks to stagnate, rather than innovate, the genre it claims to love. That isn’t being a fan, it’s being a fanboy.

          I agree with Matt-suzaka that you almost certainly haven’t seen Warm Bodies, and are in no position to say it “certainly does suck.” You’ve just decided that the only “real” zombie movie is the same one that’s been made 20,000 times (bunch of survivors barricade themselves in a building while aiming for the heads of the ravening hordes outside), and the fact that somebody’s made one that icky girls might like is giving you nerdrage. That’s your problem, not the movie’s.

      5. Ash February 15, 2013 at 9:13 pm

        Warm Bodies wasn’t a bad movie because it tried to do something different with the genre. It was a bad movie because it sucked the big one! I agree with Tiago in the previous post, this was a lazy, sloppy and infuriating film. It contradicted itself consistently. I hate to see a film that feels like it’s milking the ca$h cow and nothing more. Look at how ‘Let The Right One In’ tackled a different take on the vampire genre. This was a very adult film for sure, but it had a poetic vision, real conviction and integrity. Warm Bodies has none of this and is a film for kids that plays around in Adult territory. Which isn’t something the fans like to see, but if done well, I’m sure could be accepted. It’s being rejected because it’s so bucking fad.

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 1:25 am

          To be fair, people aren’t rejecting Warm Bodies because it’s bad, they are rejecting it because they have closed minds and would rather complain about something that they know nothing about, as opposed to seeing it and building a real, thoughtful opinion.

          Now, I assume you have seen the film and clearly didn’t like it, and that’s fine. You actually saw it, so you’ve earned the right to an opinion on whether or not you think it’s good or bad. I thought it was pretty good, but I do respect your opinion. I do disagree that the movie is a cash cow because there are no big stars, it’s not based on a very well-known source material, the director isn’t a gun for hire, and it’s a genre bender (comedy, romance, horror), which can sometimes alienate both sides of the audience. To me a cash cow is Transformers.

          As for Let the Right One In, I am a huge fan of the film and consider it to be one of the best ‘movies’ (not just horror) of that decade. It is poetic, it is poignant, and it is beautiful. However, I would never even think to compare LTROI to Warm Bodies because there is nothing there to compare; they are completely different types of movies. Sure, both movies deal with an unconventional love story, but that’s about where it ends. Comparing the two is like comparing Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy to Ghost World.

          As I said, I’m happy you shared your thoughts because you actually did take the time to see the film, but I hope you understand where I am coming from in my defense of this film.

        • Dennis Francis June 4, 2013 at 10:32 pm

          I absolutely agree with your comment Ash. For me, I wasn’t thrilled about the movie. A zombie/love story. But i went to go see it anyways do to the fact that it was a zombie movie. I took in the change and style and ended up thinking the movie was terrible.
          Acting, story, direction, etc. It was all bad.

      6. Dread World (@dread_world) February 15, 2013 at 11:14 pm

        Great article! Sometimes the most infuriating thing about horror films are the fans. I did a similar article for this site when the Hunger Games came out and everyone and their mother was screaming about Battle Royale. The truth is The Hunger Games was a very good book, derivative yes, but a good book and film none the less. But this criticizing over things that you haven’t seen, based upon some preconceived notion is asinine.

        The folks screaming about Warm Bodies are the the same folks who scream over PG-13 horror. I used to be one, bitching and moaning because of an arbitrary number. Then I wrote my own film….and it was rated PG-13.

        Sure, Warm Bodies doesn’t particularly excite me. But who’s to say this isn’t the first zombie film a 15 year old girl will see. It may be a gateway film for her. Maybe she discovers Romero and Fulci. Maybe she doesn’t. But I seriously doubt the first horror film anyone saw was Cannibal Holocaust. Gremlins scared the shit out of me growing up. As did Ghostbusters, American Werewolf in London, and any number of films that aren’t considered “hard core horror”. But they opened up something inside of me. I would never have dug deeper if those seeds hadn’t been planted.

        So settle down. There are no rules. It’s art. Maybe not good art. But art none the less.

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 2:26 am

          Thanks a bunch, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m just like you in that all of those same films were the movies that basically got me into horror, and it wasn’t long before I started exploring the genre more and more until the point where I became the hardcore fan I became. Everyone has to start somewhere, and people don’t seem to realize that what’s happening now with horror is the same as what was happening 20, 30 and 40 years ago. like you, I used to complain about some types of movies, but as I grew older, I realized I was being ignorant. Horror is so much more fun when you simply stop hating so much of it.

      7. Tiago Almeida February 16, 2013 at 1:52 am

        Well, I take horror cinema seriously as well. what I am saying is that you take our criticism about that movie too seriously. There is nothing wrong with making something new, and great like Zombieland, or Tucker and Dale vs Evil. I like those movies, and they are clearly made by people who love the genre. And like warm bodies, they are NOT horror movies.
        If you humanize a zombie, than whats the point?
        It IS like a vampire who walks on the sun.
        You are taking away the main characteristic of a character and changing it to the opposite.
        So it is like Twilight. Those movies are target for teen audiences, and not horror fans. I do agree, it’s much better than Twilight, but what isn’t?
        And I never said it ruined anything, I said its harmful and disrespectful. I ignored a lot of what you said, because I don’t think it makes sense. Of course it is not Twilight, of course no one owns a genre, I think that is childish argumentation, so I didn’t bother to consider most of it. Sorry, I am not being a bitch here, I am just speaking my mind, no offense, please.

        I have watched a lot of zombie movies, from all times, hundreds maybe, and I think even the worst of all has it’s charm. Even the cheesiest zombie movies are fun, to me.
        Perhaps we have a different appreciation of the genre, as you did not understand I am not complaining about the genre, I absolutely love it. I am complaining about movies that wants to be different but absolutely suck. If zombies having feelings were something cool, I am pretty sure Mr. Romero would have tought about it. They are zombies, BECAUSE, they have no feelings, otherwise, they are sick people, not zombies.
        I did watch the movie, but I wouldn’t blame someone who will not. I encourage zombie lovers NOT to watch, it is a waste of time.
        It is like saying to a Christian go watch The Last Temptation of Christ, he will say: no, I am not going to watch a movie about that.

        Just to point out, I strongly disagree with most of what you said, but I do respect and appreciate your criticism.

        • Matt-suzaka February 16, 2013 at 3:22 am

          Thanks for your response, Tiago, and I am happy that you did actually see the film before pooping all over it.

          In the article, when I talked about people saying it’s Twilight and how fans don’t own the genre was geared towards a number of the negative comments I saw in different places, so they likely didn’t pertain to you so much as they did other people.

          I agree with you that there are specific characteristics that come with both zombies and vampires, but as i went over in the article, these characteristics have been blurred in numerous films over the years. For example, many of the Jean Rollin and Jesus Franco vampire films featured vampires who sometimes would go out into the sun and sometime didn’t even have fangs. And of course there are movies like The Hunger and even Romero’s own Martin that completely break the mold of what a vampire is.

          While I’m on Romero, he did attempt to humanize his zombies on a few occasions, with the most obvious one being Bub. But he also did it in Land of the Dead, where the zombies actually began to almost think for themselves, making them all the more threatening to the characters. I’m willing to bet if h had been given the chance, he would have loved to direct Warm Bodies because it would give him a chance to stay in his world while doing something very different.

          Anyway, I do appreciate your criticism of my criticism, if that makes any sense, and I am glad that we could have a good open dialogue about the whole thing, even if we do disagree!

      8. Vasquez February 16, 2013 at 3:23 pm

        I would like to re-highlight the character off Bub. Romero definitely tried to humanize him. In fact I would argue Bub is even more humanized by Romero than the character of Capt. Rhodes in his original Day of The Dead. Matt makes a good point about early zombie cinema aswell.

        Honestly, What I am more concerned about today is the over saturation of remakes.

        Any true genre fan directors will disregard films like Twilight and Warm Bodies. Therefore it is up to these people and we the community to raise our game and not let such films overshadow the true horror. If anything it only makes the horror community challenge itself even more. Saying that however you could say that horror has never been a mainstream genre and therefore because these films are for a more mainstream audience then they probably wont have a significant impact on the horror genre. Furthermore I remember loving Stakeland which came about around the time of Twilight. Now that is quite a brutal vampire film. For horror fans It would be, and would have been a far more usefull use of time to support that film than continue to moan about Twilight.

        • Equalopportunitydork (@equaloppdork) February 17, 2013 at 4:57 am

          Stakeland is fan-fucking-tastic. Bravo for bringing that one up. I was kinda sad that the best example I could pull out of my ass was the Fright Night remake, even though the point I made stands. Fright Night overall was just not great, whereas Stakeland was damn good.

        • Matt-suzaka February 17, 2013 at 6:33 pm

          Thanks for the comment, Vasquez! I wholeheartedly agree that there needs to be more focus by horror fans on supporting great, low-budget and, also, foreign horror. There are so many great films to be seen and championed, but too many fans spend too much time worrying about Twilight. And Stake Land is great example of a great vampire film that, like some of the best monster films, focuses on the characters and their journey more than the vampires themselves. I also really enjoy Jim Mickle’s other film, Mulberry Street, which is and interesting take on the zombie genre.

      9. Equalopportunitydork (@equaloppdork) February 17, 2013 at 4:55 am

        On this very day, I did go forth and see Warm Bodies. It’s a terrible zombie movie. That’s ok, though, because it’s a pretty fantastic whatever the fuck kinda movie it IS that isn’t a zombie movie. I laughed out loud through most of the first half and by the end of it, I was getting pretty nervous about the fate of our two leads. Boneys were (ready for this?) a pretty neat addition to the overall notion of zombie storytelling.

        Did it make sense? No, it’s a movie about zombies (still not a zombie movie). Did it have to? No, see previous answer. What it was was cute, charming, funny and downright clever in some spots. It built on some of the ideas from movies like Fido and evoked the memory of Bub on many occasions throughout the first 30 minutes or so. As a matter of fact, it pulled from Romero’s first three Dead films quite heavily, what with the zombies shuffling through the routine of the lives they lived before they died.

        If all you like is gore-filled, brainless zombie drek with no discernible plot and god awful acting/writing, then no, you won’t like Warm Bodies. If, like me, you enjoy a wide range of all kinds of stories and don’t mind it when genres get thrown into a cage match to fight it out, you could have a good time with this. It’s well shot, well acted and well written. I honestly don’t understand how someone with a general appreciation for film wouldn’t, at the least, not hate this.

        • Matt-suzaka February 17, 2013 at 6:49 pm

          I’m glad you dug it! I think part of the appeal and the reason I enjoyed the film is due to it not being easy to define. It feels very different from any other zombie movie because it wasn’t trying to be just another zombie movie. If anything, I think making the film that they did was riskier than just making the typical been-there-done-that zombie gorefest.

          I think you also hit on something with the last line of your comment, specifically the “general appreciation for film.” I think that is exactly the problem with a handful of the horror fans who have bitched about the movie (without seeing it) simply lack passion for film. It’s the immature horror fan who doesn’t care about anything but “hardcore horror,” which is unfortunate because there is so much great cinema out there to enjoy, as you and I both know, so long as you are open to new things.

          Lastly, concerning Warm Bodies, the Pretty Woman scene was fucking brilliant!

      10. PunchoVilla February 17, 2013 at 6:10 am

        To say that this movie is Twilight is wrong. However, there are huge similarities between the two that are obvious. These similarities, in my opinion, are related towards the current trends of the romantic demographic. Warm Bodies targeted girls in their teens and twenties. The most profitable romantic movie of the decade toward that demo is Twilight. If there is any similarity between the two it would be purely for marketing and profit. The love story is totally romeo and juliet (as stated above). The only question that I have is, What does George Romero think of this? Now, don’t go overboard with anger, this is just a hypothetical question. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the father of zombie movies comment upon how humanizing Warm Bodies portrayed zombies? Instead of taking Romero’s idea of brainless man-eating nightmares, they spun the movie around how love can make us alive. It in fact, succeeded in humanizing what is normally seen as nightmarish.

        I’m not saying that this is my favorite movie ever, but it wasn’t bad. In the famous words of the internet.

        Still a better love story than Twilight.

        • Matt-suzaka February 17, 2013 at 7:01 pm

          Thanks for the feedback! I think you touched on something interesting: the marketing. Even though there aren’t any actual similarities between Twilight and Warm Bodies (outside of there being a love story), the target demographic can be the same so long as the studio markets it that way. You could probably say that if it weren’t for the success of Twilight, Warm Bodies might not have been released in theaters at all, let alone widely (which actually surprised me that it was).

      11. Ash February 18, 2013 at 11:19 pm

        Matt, that’s what I was referring to in my post earlier when I called the movie a cash cow – making the next teen love story and replacing vampires with zombies. I did see the film and it was terrible, really bad. I can understand your frustration at people dismissing a film they haven’t even seen. I was actually quite keen to see it myself as I’ll watch anything with a zombie in it :) but it wasn’t the film I was hoping to see. My earlier comment regarding Let The Right One In wasn’t meant as a direct comparison. I was just referring to how a genre can be successfully played with in order to create something different and the two both contained a love story at it’s core. Not a direct comparison by any means. Bottom line, you enjoyed it and I loathed it. Marmite movie :)

      12. Shinashi March 1, 2013 at 9:49 am

        I was looking up memes and came across your first picture of Warm Bodies for some reason…

        Anyway, I wanted to drop by and say this was a great article- not just about the zombie genre, but vampire and horror in general. (I like this site period, haha) I didn’t read reviews/comments on Warm Bodies because I knew- knew– people would compare it to Twilight, and I had a feeling I would love Warm Bodies- which I did.

        I know you’ve seen Warm Bodies, but I didn’t see this mentioned: See how ‘Reality’ is in the picture? I first thought- but there were zombies that looked like that in Warm Bodies. One guy was tearing his face off in the beginning. And then there were the Bonies/Boneys?

        Then I was like- and you or a comment touched on this- many zombies didn’t start looking like that atrocity until later movies. And earlier movies had few ghastly rotting zombies. Then, if zombies did have ghastly rotting zombies- like The Walking Dead- even months after the breakout, the zombies don’t look nearly as decomposed as they should.

        But yea, old article is old, and I shall be going now… haha

        • Matt-suzaka March 2, 2013 at 12:47 am

          Ha ha, I appreciate the feedback, Shinashi, and happy you enjoyed the film and the article! And yeah, the whole “reality” of the way zombies look is pretty ridiculous as you mention. There were numerous zombie types in Warm Bodies as well as in the genre proper, and even R, who was clearly the main target of the negative comments, looks just like the types of zombies found in classic zombies films.

          Thanks for stopping by!

      13. Tad Carter March 5, 2013 at 1:18 pm

        After reading this article over aswell as the comments and you replying to them, Ive come to the conclusion that you sir could help me with something ive been struggling with for years. Ive been the sole defender of a movie, a movie that I would greatly appreciate if you gave me your proffessional opinion on. You are not required to do this, I am not demanding this of you. I am simply pleading you watch a movie, or if having watched it, told me your complete and totally honest opinion. Would there be some way for me to contact you for this? It would clear my mind for all the anguish ive gone through for having to be the only person to defend this because of “fanboys”. It is NOT horror, though some people call it Horror-ible. Bad joke I know. If this is against the rules then I see good reason to simply remove my post, But could you settle this with me please? I want to know your thoughts on.. Dragonball:evolution..My issue is I see it for what it is..Not for what fanboys want it to be..Yet for this simple fact ive been horribly bashed by friends and family alike..People who won’t even watch it…If not, I understand.. If you care to tell me. I would greatly appreciate it, Please and thank you

        • Matt-suzaka April 6, 2013 at 6:21 pm

          Hey Ted! Thanks for the comment, and to answer your question, I actually have no opinion on Dragonball: Evolution because I have not had the opportunity to see it for myself. I feel like I’m letting you down with that answer, but it’s the unfortunate truth.

          I will say this, however: it sounds like you really enjoy the film, despite the negative fanboy opinions, which is honestly all that really matters. If you dig it and enjoy watching the film, no one else’s opinions about it can take that away from you. It can be frustrating to have a movie you love be crapped on, especially when it’s unfairly crapped on, but that’s just the name of the game when it comes to cinema; it’s very subjective. So long as it makes you happy, then you should be okay!

          Thanks for the comment! :)

      14. jmatts78 April 3, 2013 at 8:55 pm

        I consider myself an open minded horror fan, always loved zombies, Night of the Living Dead is one of my favourite movies ever, and I still really enjoyed Warm Bodies. I thought it was sweet. No harm done.

        As for Twilight… while the movies are complete drivel, and the books probably are too (I don’t know as I’m never going to read them) Twilight isn’t responsible for ruining vampires. I place the blame on Anne Rice and every vampire novel she wrote after Interview… and also on her rabid goth wannabe fan base. Good god. Sorry if I sound like an ass but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered more insipid people. Blame them. Twilight is just the sad end result of all that dickery.

        • Matt-suzaka April 6, 2013 at 6:29 pm

          Thanks for the comment, and I completely agree with you. People act like romance and vampires are some new thing that started with Twilight, when in fact Rice made an entire career out of such stories. I remember reading complaints about er work in the letters section of the Fright Night comic book series nearly 25 years ago. Heck, even Stoker’s Dracula is, at heart, a romantic story.

          The issues with Twilight aren’t the fact that the vampires have relationships or that the vampires are not that scary, it’s that the stories and characters are poorly written by a bad author. I wish more horror fans would complain about the horrific portrayal of women instead of sparkling vampires, because that is the real problem with Twilight.

      15. luke clarke April 20, 2013 at 9:58 am

        I 100℅ agree with this post, to the people who are saying it was only made to make money. that’s just stupid, its based on a really good book, there’s nothing in the movie (I’ve seen it) that actually makes zombies look bad. Just because the main character “refuses to eat brains” um no, there is literally a scene where he eats a human brain, and just because his flesh isn’t falling off and decaying, ? No again, there are zombies in the movie who are decaying and stuff, he’s not one of them because he refuses to give up on his own humanity and judgement and keeps feeding. I really don’t see what peoples problems are.

        • Matt-suzaka April 29, 2013 at 1:20 am

          I suppose some people just need something to complain about, as opposed to enjoying all the good things that the genre brings. I know I love the horror genre now as I did growing up, and that’s because I focus my sights on the good films that are coming out, not wasting time complaining about the ones I don’t like. Glad you dug the article and the film, and thanks for the comment!

      16. matt April 28, 2013 at 11:43 pm

        Its more about people who love the genre want something that is considering horror to stay horror. and not being filled with emotions and “girly” stuff…

        Like in twilight. Before vampires were an evil creature not a sparkling little boy that want love. And werewoles were people who transformed and had no control of what they did. Now daysthe people who loved that have more or less lost interest because the genre was taken over by teens. And thats what people hate

        Zombie lovers lost the interest in werewoles and vampires since “what they were” changed and got made for teens. I have seen many examples of how a vampire is to day and its nothing like before :/

        And thats what Im afraid of and probably the rest of all zombielovers are too. That zombies will be something for girly teens and not at all what they were supposed to be. dead and rotten but sparkling and full of emotions…

        and yes, twiligt and warm bodies are the same, just another genre and changes to fit the genre more… Cant really say that i agree with this article at all…

        • Matt-suzaka April 29, 2013 at 2:08 am

          Well, I appreciate the feedback, Matt, though I feel like you completely missed the point of the entire article, which is why you disagree with it. To make things a little easier, I will simply quote some of your comments with my thoughts:

          “Its more about people who love the genre want something that is considering horror to stay horror. and not being filled with emotions and “girly” stuff…”

          I’ve been a “hardcore” horror fan for 25 years, so I think it’s safe to say that I love the genre, and I see absolutely nothing that indicates that the genre is going extinct. I mean, are there no more horror films being made now because of a few Twilight movies? Think about it for a second…

          “Like in twilight. Before vampires were an evil creature not a sparkling little boy that want love.”

          I mean, I guess you’ve never heard of Dracula. Minus the sparkling, Dracula is a character who is driven almost entirely by love. Vampires have been romanticized characters since they were created, and well before Twilight ever came around. I guess you’ve never heard of Anne Rice, either.

          “And werewoles were people who transformed and had no control of what they did.”

          Teen Wolf

          “Now daysthe people who loved that have more or less lost interest because the genre was taken over by teens. And thats what people hate
          Zombie lovers lost the interest in werewoles and vampires since “what they were” changed and got made for teens. I have seen many examples of how a vampire is to day and its nothing like before :/”

          You’re going to have to explained to me how both vampires and werewolves have been changed since Twilight? What are your examples? Seriously, I would love to hear them. If you really think that the genre is taken over by teens, then why is it the only film you can seem to talk about is Twilight? Twilight is self contained, and it’s influenced does not at all effect the genre. It is a genre unto itself. Twilight is not a horror film, so how can it be hurting horror?

          “And thats what Im afraid of and probably the rest of all zombielovers are too. That zombies will be something for girly teens and not at all what they were supposed to be. dead and rotten but sparkling and full of emotions…”

          Well, then according to your argument, The Walking Dead is set to become a show for teenage girls. The writers, producers and AMC are, at this very moment, making changes to the show so it’ll be more like Warm Bodies. Based on your thinking, I am willing to bet that World War Z isn’t gong to be released. Instead, the studio is fast tracking a zombie love story called World Love Z. I heard there’s a new Zombieland TV show… I wonder how many scenes of zombie romance they fit in, you know, since Warm Bodies has ruined everything.

          Please, take a moment and think about how things have changed?

          “and yes, twiligt and warm bodies are the same, just another genre and changes to fit the genre more… Cant really say that i agree with this article at all…”

          Have you seen either of them? I mean, if you did, you wouldn’t say that they are the same, because THEY ARE NOT. And if you didn’t see Warm Bodies, you don’t have the right to an opinion.Sorry, but to have an opinion you need to have something for that opinion to be based off of, and basing an opinion off what you THINK a movie is isn’t how opinions work. That’s like saying you hate tacos, but you’ve never even had them before.

          Before I sign off, I will say that you really need to stop giving a shit about Twilight and focus on the good films that come form the horror genre. There is plenty of great horror cinema being released, so enjoy it instead of wasting your time crying about a movie that doesn’t even matter to the genre.

      17. Mike Allen Greenwalt May 10, 2013 at 8:57 pm

        The strongest point made is that zombie films are stale. I’m so ridiculously bored of zombies that I won’t even watch The Walking Dead. But as for a lot of your other points ,you’re coming off as an enraged moviegoer, just like those you accuse. “It’s not your genre,” while true, no one can “claim” it, zombies, by definition in most places, even voodoo, are dead. When you’re dead, things rot. Capable of emotions? Well, probably depends on the length of deadness. But to say go and make a film but not a zombie film nullifies your defense.

        • Matt-suzaka May 10, 2013 at 9:26 pm

          I appreciate the feedback, Mike. In my defense, it’s hard not to be a little enraged when being constantly assaulted by ignorant horror fans whose best arguments are that “it’s gay.” The difference between me and the handful of ignorant horror fans is that I can compile a reasonable argument as opposed to these people who live in a fantasy world where Twilight and Warm Bodies has completely turned all horror into a tampon commercial for 12-year-olds. Which is simply not true. These sheep live in a bubble where they live to hate everything.

          As far as it not being anyone’s genre, well, it’s not. No one person has the right to say that zombies are supposed to be this or should be that, because they can be whatever the person who writes a story wants them to be. If people conformed to these ridiculous, non-existent rules that the “zombie community” think are in place, then there would never be progression in storytelling, and if there’s no progression, then it all become stale. Furthermore, if people followed rules then there wouldn’t even be zombies as we know them in the first place. In fact, the Voodoo zombies you mention are not actually dead, but people who are under a spell; more specifically people who are drugged to the point that they look like they are the walking dead. White Zombie covered this, and that is the first full-length zombie film ever made.

          When I say that people should make their own film if they want to do zombies how they personally like them (because this is all personal preference we are talking about here), then tell them not to make a zombie film, was meant as a joke and referring to the point you mentioned about the genre being tired.

      18. Rolani-Da Bubble-King May 19, 2013 at 1:58 pm

        this was clearly a romance movie, uh Duh………

      19. anthonyteacher May 19, 2013 at 2:01 pm

        I am a diehard zombie fan, one of the “purists” and I loved the book “Warm Bodies”. I watched the movie today, and was generally pleased with it. This is something different – one of the few movies that actually finds a humanistic solution to the zombie problem – and is a hundred times better than many other zombie movies that have been released in the past few years.

        It is nothing like twilight. Watching the two films or reading the two books will clear that up right away.

        • anthonyteacher May 19, 2013 at 2:02 pm

          Oh, and it certainly wasn’t written for “teenage girls”.

        • Matt-suzaka June 4, 2013 at 7:26 pm

          I couldn’t agree with you more, and I am glad you are able to base your opinion on actually seeing the film. There’s room for all types and styles of story within the zombie subgenre, and Warm Bodies does things that are certainly different than the average zombie flick.

      20. That Ghoul Ava May 19, 2013 at 3:13 pm

        *Applause* love it! Hats off to you! Well, assuming I was wearing a hat. It doesn’t make the compliment any less valid! Pretend it was a really big, pompous hat!

        I too, am “zombied” out. They’ve been over-used and over done. When they start showing up in car insurance commercials, it’s just too much. Fido is still one of my favorites, though.

        • Matt-suzaka June 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

          Thanks, and your hat is indeed impressive!

          I agree with you about Fido. I remember when that film came out and, despite the good reviews, I was a little skeptical that it would be any good. I mean, even in 2006 zombie films were completely played out! Anyway, Fido is brilliant and one that succeeds because it does things differently, which is really the only way to keep the genre from going stale.

          Thanks for the feedback and the magnificent hat tipping!

      21. Siminel May 31, 2013 at 6:45 pm

        I totally agree with you! I wish people would stop comparing it to Twilight! The night I watched the movie, I posted on my Facebook page about how much I liked it! Its humor reminded me of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and The Revenant which is another horror movie made from the perspective of a zombie, and people were at my throat because for them it was just the zombie version of Twilight. And it’s so not! Indeed it’s not a classic horror movie where the zombies are just mindless creatures with only one raison d’etre: to feed. Warm Bodies is so much more. I just loved the book and how it gave me things to think about. The movie its based more on the comedic side of the novel but I didn’t mind. Its title has the word that describes the movie best. Warm.

        • Matt-suzaka June 4, 2013 at 7:32 pm

          It’s really unfortunate that people are so quick to judge, especially when they’re so quick to lump it in with Twilight. I’m willing to bet that most of the people who have such strong feelings have not only never seen Warm Bodies, but never even seen a Twilight film. If that’s the case, what are they basing their opinion on? I guess it’s just easier for people to follow the heard than it is to come up with their own opinions.

      22. emmett June 3, 2013 at 6:28 pm

        OK Matt. listen if you don’t know what your talking about don’t say anything bro. this movie helped me right my own zombie love story. another thing you don’t know what the afterlife is like bro. i am a corpse. I’m not saying I’m a zombie or a vampire. because I’m not any of those. I’m just me. i was brought back by a friend its been like 3 years since anyone even knew i even died. i don’t eat people, and most zombies are all ripped up because they were turned by another zombie, one zombie ate some of the other zombie’s face and then they turn and that’s how people expect zombies to look. now if you were a regular guy and the disease just happens to spread over you you will most likely look like yourself just paler, and slow as hell. there’s a difference there’s the half eaten zombie and the fresh zombies. if theres something i left out feel free to teach me something “Scientifically” chump. the stuff u said in the respone to the movie were kinda offensive. because i have experienced afterlife. think before you speak your mind.

        • Matt-suzaka June 4, 2013 at 7:56 pm

          Wait a second here… so you mean to tell me that you’re some sort of zombie/vampire but you don’t eat/kill people?! That’s not how zombies/vampires work, brah! Haven’t you even seen The Walking Dead or The Lost Boys?! You sir are part of the pussification of horror and the living equivalent of Twilight, therefore I will create a series of memes based on your lack of viciousness.

          On a side note, how’s the pizza in the afterlife?!

      23. Herner Klenthur June 6, 2013 at 12:13 am

        Finally rented the movie last night and although it was nowhere near as good as I expected it was not crap either. The concept was a truly polished one that was just poorly executed.

        I felt like I was watching a zombie movie made for a 14 year old girl with no regard for older fans but by a filmmaker who clearly knows the zombie genre and loves its history with all the great references to classic zombie lore.

        This film could have been genius but then again I am convinced it was not really targetting horror fans. I think it was another effort by the studio to milk the Twilight cash cow that just inadvertently ended up being half ass good.

        My 2 cents.

        • Dennis Francis June 7, 2013 at 5:13 am

          Couldnt agree more.

        • Ash June 7, 2013 at 12:15 pm

          Here here. Cash cow indeed… Are you reading Matt?? 😛

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 4:23 pm

          Oh yeah, I’m reading; I just completely disagree! Warm Bodies is absolutely nothing like Twilight, and that is indeed a fact. Anyone who has watched Twilight wouldn’t compare the two because they are incomparable (and I have seen and reviewed Twilight). A cash cow would have placed some shirtless beefcake in the lead role of a story where there is absolutely no character development, let alone a coherent understanding of women.

          The filmmaking style and dark humor of the film alone is worlds away from what was done in Twilight and certainly not easily acceptable to the masses. Sure, 14-year-old girls will and likely have enjoyed the film, but what exactly is wrong with that? I’m willing to bet many of those girls who saw and enjoyed Warm Bodies are more inline with being a budding horror fan than a Twilight tween who will grow into a fan of shitty Garry Marshall films. 14-year-old girls watched Freddy Krueger, too. Everyone has to get their start in the genre somewhere, and Warm Bodies will be one of many jumping off points for a new generation of horror fans.

        • Herner Klenthur June 8, 2013 at 11:47 am

          Matt you know I got nothing but respect for you bro. My opinion is not a shot at you or the article and in fairness I am comparing it to what i THINK twilight is like since I have not seen it 😛

      24. Andy Britton June 6, 2013 at 12:25 am

        i agree with that 100%

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm

          Thanks for the feedback!

      25. Mike New June 6, 2013 at 8:20 am

        I think people need to quit crying about the whole horror genre being compared to twilight. Sure Warm bodies is a love story about a zombie. Twilight was about a love story about vampires. The recently Howling reborn movie and Teen Wolf was more similiar to twilight as well. Apparently, people like these types of movies because they seem to do well. This is why they keep making them. Zombie, werewolves, vampires, slashers, etc… were meant to suck. All horror movies are meant to suck. They have a very small budget. I grew up on horror movies and they all suck, but I love the horror genre. It is my favorite type of movies to watch. I love to watch all the lame zombie movies. Those are the best. Hell, I will watch an indie movie or a fan film if it is horror. This is how much I love the genre. I have watched twilight and I will eventually watch warm bodies. I enjoyed the twilight films and I am an adult male. They are very interesting. Hell, did you see the TCM 3D movie? They tried to make leatherface more sympatetic in that film. The movie sucked, but I enjoyed watching it. If they make another F13 movie where Jason Voorhees falls in love with a camp counselor or “one of his victims,” I will watch it because it is a F13 movie. I guess what I am trying to say is these die hard horror fans need to grow up or shut up. If they don’ t like the films then don’t watch them. Can they make something better? I certaintly would pay money to see.

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 4:28 pm

          Yeah, one thing that really irritates me about a number of horror fans in the constant bitching about EVERYTHING! It seems like people are more apt to complain about a remake, Twilight, PG-13 horror, etc., then they are actually enjoying the many good things the genre has to offer. There are plenty of great horror films released every year, and better yet, there is nearly a hundred years of horror cinema to look back on and enjoy. It’s unfortunate that everyone wants to focus on the negative; to me it only hurts the genre and makes horror fans look like trolls. Thanks for your feedback!

      26. Mike New June 6, 2013 at 8:25 am

        By the way, good article Matt. Anything you write, you are going to have haters that will debate. It is always interesting to hear people’s opinions on the subject.

        • Herner Klenthur June 6, 2013 at 11:57 am

          Well said Mike.

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 4:30 pm

          Thanks X 2! The one thing that is always constant with stuff like this is that, no matter what, it’s pretty difficult to ever change someone’s opinion, but the dialogue between differing opinions can create options and help feed ideas, which is always great!

      27. Fools2234 June 6, 2013 at 11:51 pm

        It was an OK movie imo. Dont hate me for saying it tho, I mean the zombie genre no harm.

        • Herner Klenthur June 7, 2013 at 12:51 am

          Nobody will hate you hear for sharing a valid point of view.

      28. Mike New June 7, 2013 at 4:12 am

        Yea, I might check it out at the red box this weekend. I do agree with the whole thing about there are no rules when it comes to zombies. If I ever direct a movie, my zombies might start doing martial arts and get the hot females because chicks dig zombies!

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 7:12 pm

          I’m all for martial arts zombies! You should check out Shaolin VS The Evil Dead!

      29. R June 7, 2013 at 3:53 pm

        i hate how us corps’s are accused of being cute

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 7:13 pm

          Hey, if you’re cute you’re cute. Can’t stop the sunshine, brah!

      30. R June 7, 2013 at 4:11 pm

        but to be honest teen girls are all crezy for “hot” every thing is hot, i mean take this cosplay tutorial the chick says

        ” do you want to turn your boyfriend into a smoking hot zombie?”

        if my girlfriend every tries n touch my face and try n make me look like someone else just because she’s crazy for the guy in the movie. idk what i would do lol

        • Matt-suzaka June 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm

          Yeah, that might be kind of strange; however, you could use it as leverage to make her look like ‘Trash’ from Return of the Living Dead! That’s a fair trade off, for shizzle!

      31. DemonicHoodlum June 7, 2013 at 7:05 pm

        Great article, Matt!! Let me get this out of the way first to bitch-slap the haters and inform them of my “credentials”: I have been a die hard horror fan since I was a kid and I am now 38. I own over 1300 DVDs and I’d say about 80% are HORROR. I love all subgenres of horror: vampire, slasher, werewolf, zombie, creature, b-movie, etc. I have over 70 tattoos and most are horror movie icons: Jason, Freddy, Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead, Evil Dead, I could go on for a while.

        Having said that, I live and breathe horror. I’ve only watched the first Twilight (because my girlfriend at the time told me it was a vampire movie and tricked me into watching it) and, well, let’s just say you couldn’t pay me enough to watch another one, even with a gun to my head (or a chainsaw to my throat for my gore-lovers). I even think Kristen Stewart is hot, but she’d have to do like a full frontal nude decapitation scene to make me even consider watching garbage like “Twilight” again. OK, so my point is that I “assumed” that Warm Bodies was going to be similar from the previews alone. It kept getting great reviews, however, and I finally decided to watch it with my current girlfriend (who HATES horror). I had NO expectations and honestly figured I’d be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that was not the case. I can honestly say that I loved this little flick. It had heart, great story, great acting, and I felt like the Bonies represented TRUE zombies that us horror freaks love. The “zombies” in this story were eventually on the path to becoming “too far gone” as the narrator/main character even says in the movie, but in their current state were just confused, slow-moving, diseased people with a hunger for brains. Genius if you ask me. And guess what? My girlfriend who hates horror actually really loved this so I was able to finally sit down and enjoy a movie with her that had a little of what I liked and a little of what she liked (romance) and a hard-to-achieve blend of both in ONE film.

        I am also fed up with the ignoramus attitude of horror “purists”, or simply “haters” because let’s admit that is what they are. So, of course haters are gonna hate a movie where the solution to overcoming the brainless, slow, dull, passionless “life” of a zombie is LOVE. Break the chains, break the mold, break the monotony, people. Hating this movie reminds me of my fellow rap fans who ONLY listen to rap from their home city in Houston; or metal fans who ONLY listen to BLACK metal because that DEATH metal is too soft. And I dare one of these horror geeks to say that I am a pussified fan to my face in a dark alley. I dare you … haha.

        Matt, great article, bro. You are a great writer and I hope to read more of your posts in the future.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:27 pm

          We are so on the same page it’s insane! Everything you have said in this comment is so spot on and in line with my thoughts, and I thank you for sharing them. It’s good to know there are some true horror fans out there who aren’t afraid to enjoy the genre, instead of trying to play the cool guy all the time like so many “fans” do.

      32. R June 7, 2013 at 10:37 pm

        yea, hey matt what do you think. will zombies become more for teenage girls now because of that movie

      33. seinfeld fan June 7, 2013 at 10:57 pm

        warm bodies (doesnt the title sounds like a porno?)

        is the worst freaking movie I ever seen, frankly I couldnt wait for it to be over, so I just fast forwarded it till it ended, then I watched tv instead,
        which was much better.

        god, how can a stupid airhead blonde (putting a slutty stupid blonde in the
        movie totally ruined it for me, stick to porn only you sleazy tramps)
        fall in love with a stupid dead head zombie?

        what pissed me off the most is that she didnt even seem to care that dave
        franco’s character died.

        probably cause he wasnt giving her enough dick or something, or maybe her
        pussy was calling for zombie dick?

        what a slut, worthless whore.

        I really hope there is no sequel, or I might have to go to the god awful set
        and just shoot everybody to death.

        if you want a realistic zombie show, stick with “The Walking Dead” instead,
        at least that’s true to zombies and the makeup looks better, whereas in
        warm stupid bodies, it’s just white faces and painted on veins on their

        oh man, what great makeup, you should win best makeup award, not!

        I really dont know what to do with my stupid dvd combo dvd, dont know
        whether to give it away or just stomp on it and throw it away.

        disgusting piece of trash, ugh.

        this is just another twilight wanna-be, fucking pathetic.

        zombies suck anyways, I mean seriously, what is so fucking great about
        a dead corpse walking around and eating brains?

        give me werewolfs anyday, at least they’re cute.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:29 pm

          Damn, son, you must have been shot down by a lot of blonde girls to be so bitter about them. I feel bad for you, homie.

      34. tanstaafl June 8, 2013 at 6:50 am

        It cracks me up when “horror fans” complain that zombies should look more dead and not just pale skin, or that certain zombie make up wasn’t realistic enough. Have they ever seen a zombie? Here’s a surprise I have, at least an interview between a zombie and a member of the media (not American media). No, I’m not being silly, not the man wasn’t insane, and yes he and others believed 100% he was a zombie.

        To understand, first you have to understand what an impact on your beliefs your culture has. Why do you believe things about the world to be absolutely true where in other parts of the world they believe things to be absolutely true? The interview was with a man from Haiti, first I’ll explain his story and then I’ll explain why this educated man thought he was a zombie. I also ask you check into this yourself, don’t just believe what others tell you, research and educate yourself.

        So there were two brothers and their father died. The father was well off and had a lot of land. The younger brother didn’t want to share so he visited a voodoo witchdoctor and paid the doctor to get rid of his brother. A few days later as the older brother swept in his house he began to feel numb all over, fell over and passed out. He was rushed to a real doctor who pronounced him dead and he was buried. The witch doctor dug the older brother up and brought him back to life. The witch doctor told the older brother that he now owned the brother’s soul and would be his servant. Years went by, the older brother could barely string together two sentences. The brother kept the with doctor’s house clean, cooked, did laundry, basically was a servant. After about ten years the witch doctor died so the brother went to the bed, laid down a waited to be returned to the dead. However, days went by and after about a week the older brother began to regain his senses. He could think more clearly than he could for years.

        He remembered who he was and decided to go find his younger brother and let him know he wasn’t dead. So the older brother walked back to the town where his brother lived and walked in the door. The younger brother saw his dead brother walk in the door and died of a heart attack. This is the way the story was told, was some embellished? Probably, but the main part about a zombie is true. This is actually how it happens. There is a neurotoxin found can be made in Haiti and is known to those that practice voodoo so that when it is mixed correctly gives the appearance of death. In fact in the 1980’s several doctors tried to find the mixture to patent it because once it wears off there are very few side effects. So the older brother was given this neurotoxin that was probably put on his broom or somewhere else in his house.

        Next thing the brother knows he is being dug up and told he is a zombie. You or I would scoff and tell the guy to pull the other leg. Remember Hattian culture. They are led to believe that zombies are as real. However this alone isn’t enough so the witch doctor mixes up another voodoo concoction that is similar to peyote. This allows the ‘zombie’ to be open to hypnotic suggestion. The witch doctor puts this in the ‘zombie’s’ food everyday and also reminds the ‘zombie’ what he is, probably told as a story. So basically you have a culture that believes in zombies, several different pharmaceuticals that allow a zombie to be made, and finally a person(s) that is willing to carry everything out as part of his/her religion and/or money. So basically a true ‘zombie’ isn’t deal, doesn’t decompose, is able to talk but not hold a conversation, and eats real food not live people. So “horror fans” are actually upset because some zombies aren’t Hollywood versions as opposed to what a ‘real’ zombie would look and act like. If you want to see if I’m full of it, telling 100% truth, or just enough truth to sound interesting I’ll point you in a direction. Look up a Wade Davis. He is an Ethnobiologist from Harvard. Trust me if you are a horror fan, a zombie fan, or a fan medicianal herbs check out Wade Davis.

        • Drakulya June 14, 2013 at 3:51 am

          Might want to look at the comment I just posted.
          We complain about this Infected being so pale because there are reasons why a zombie can not possibly look like this Infected does.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:33 pm

          Wow, that’s one hell of a comment, but you sir are absolutely correct, and I thank you for sharing!

      35. R June 9, 2013 at 2:03 am

        matt the horror genre is leaning more for teenage female entertainment
        its like when im at school everyone found out that i was a corpse then every girl hated me. then twilight came along and now im in highschool and every girl is buggin about “R please change” ok first of all i can’t do that second it wasnt my choice to be a deadman its rediculas. its like vampires are for girls now because f twilight. but most of the problem is the makers of barbie they make dolls of the characters in it. they did the same to this movie.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:36 pm

          So wait, you go to high school?! DOOOOOOD, ZOMBIES DON’T GO TO HIGH SCHOOL! What’s next? Killer sharks are going to start going to college?!

          On a side note, most Slasher films from the 80s were made for teenagers (boys and girls) as are a good majority of horror films.

      36. Drakulya June 14, 2013 at 3:49 am

        There is one thing terribly wrong with your post.
        The over pale model you try so hard to call zombie, even though it’s not and never will be, Is dead.
        Why do I mention this? Simple, assuming for a moment, all rules went out the window (The Infected feeling, reasoning, thinking, falling in love, hitting on a girl and coming back to life) there is the fact that HE IS DEAD.
        This means, that like the first image, it would inevitably rot, a great failure in the movie, since the Infected, is I don’t quite remember, but about a few weeks to a couple of moths dead.

        Why is this a great failure?

        Because, after 3-7 minutes that the brain does not receive oxygen, an effect of the lack of blood flow also an effect of a lack of a pumping heart a consequence of DEATH, brain cells begin to die, this would make the Infected that much more so idiotic, stupid, unable to perform the most basic of tasks, like turning a door knob, lets not even begin to get to the all talking and feeling higher functions.

        Also, Decomposition in the air is twice as fast as when the body is under water and four times as fast as underground. Corpses are preserved longer when buried deeper, as long as the ground isn’t waterlogged. This means that the Infected, while walking around would decompose faster than if it were buried, to put it simply:

        A corpse can become a moving mass of maggots within 24 hours depending on the environmental situations and if there are no animals to destroy the body, hair, nails and teeth become detached within a few weeks, and after a month or so the tissues become liquefied and the main body cavities burst open.

        A very nasty sight…..all this comes to that, the Infected in this shit-movie CAN NOT POSSIBLY LOOK LIKE IT DOES, AS AN OVER PALE MALE MODEL….Not after so long of being dead.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:38 pm

          Guess you’ve never seen Night of the Living Dead or White Zombie. Also, dead is not the correct word used to describe zombies, because they are UNDEAD!!

        • Drakulya June 14, 2013 at 8:51 pm

          They don’t have a beating heart, no blood flow, no breathing, shooting them does not work (unless in the head), maiming them does not work, cutting them in half does not work, they are dead.
          And when it comes to speaking of zombies, a zombie is a term used to refer a subject with: No self-awareness, no reasoning, virtually no intelligence, no will of it’s own, no feelings, no higher brain functions….That is a zombie, regardless of whether it’s dead or not, none of these traits apply to this infected from warm bodies, therefore it does not qualify as Zombie.

          Now, of course I’ve seen Night of the Living Dead but what about it?

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:57 pm

          Well Mr. Fancy shoes, the zombies in Night of the Living Dead are in fact pale, just like they are in Warm Bodies, so, there you go.

          As far as your whole brain being dead ‘theory’, which you disproved in you own follow up comment, a zombie’s brain still functions after death, which is why their brains much be destroyed in order to kill them. When a person dies and they turn into a zombie, their brain doesn’t “die,” it becomes infected; taken over and replaced by a desire to eat human flesh. If their brains aren’t dead but infected, then why should they rot away the same?!

        • Drakulya June 14, 2013 at 9:14 pm

          They are pale because they are recently turned, they haven’t been dead long enough to decompose in a hideous manner…..In Warm bodies, however, they have been dead for weeks or months yet there is no actual sign of decomposition….
          And now, I never said that the brain entirely dies, the brain cells begin to die, and the brain begins to work at the most basic level…that’s why zombies are not able to open doors, set traps, talk, deceive…..but again, a zombie regaining it’s brain functions entirely that’s just impossible, why do you think that when someone dies, if he dies for more than a minute or two and is brought back to life they have to check him for brain damage?

          Now, why should the body decompose? Simply put, Because, our body is covered with bacteria. Our intestinal track is filled with bacteria which helps digest food into absorbable minerals. While alive, the body keeps these bacteria under control so that they don’t take over the body. Anti-bodies (white cells) are in the blood stream. Blood is pumped to every area of your body. The blood provides nutrients and water, and at the same time white blood cells which actually eat and absorb bacteria.

          When the bacteria get out of control (infections), is when your immune system (lymph nodes which create the white blood cells) battles the bacteria. If the white blood cells lose the battle you get sick and at worse die. When your white blood cells win the battle it kills the bacteria and the dead bacteria is taken out of the body by the white blood cells (puss).

          When you die Blood stops flowing and the lymph nodes stop functioning, the bacteria cells out-number the white blood cells, and the bacteria begin to consume the tissue of the body.

      37. Noah June 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm

        I don’t think the problem is Warm Bodies itself. I particularly have no interest in going to see it much less pay to see it but its a movie with the right to exist just as Twilight. I don’t think Buffy ruined the Vampire Franchise because it actually showed that when you date a vampire things are bound to go wrong on both sides. Now mind you I decided I didn’t like Warm Bodies because the previews implied “love story” and Twilight was a “Love Story”. Pretty much everyone knows what Twilight is about whether you’ve seen it read it or not. A girl with no identity unless her abusive stalker ish boyfriend or her other almost lover whiner who is also abusive is around. Yes it does send the wrong message to youth but it’s a work of art. Even the crappiest films are works of art art and have the right to exist.

        Now what I see as the problem isn’t Twilight or Warm Bodies. (again I hate both with a passion and it is my right)

        It’s Hollywood and their mimicing/rebooting phase. When Twilight came out it was followed up by Teen Wolf being rebooted on MTV with the same nature as Twilight, CW put The Vampire Dairies on the air again mimicing Twilight to some extent. I’ve actually seen both and was disgusted in the unoriginality of both.

        And honestly I don’t think the mimicing/rebooting trend is over yet. Most movies these days are books for young adults and Twilight is actually categorized as Young Adult in Barnes and Noble and BAM! and used to be in Borders the same. Just because Harry Potter was a good run didn’t mean all these teen books needed a movie or movie series. Alex Rider was a great book series but the movie for it starring Alex Pettyfer was horrible. Teen books being turned into movies is part of the Hollywood Trend Phase right now.

        Why? They have outwardly said that rebooting things and making younger characters or doing teen books into movies is where the money is at. So when the vampire genre was ruined its because whether critics hated it or not its obvious it had a very big fan base of mothers who act like children and children who of course act like children. This is why Hollywood imitated it with so many shows.

        Zombie films yes are a sub genre. And not all the information on zombies is entirely accurate in thi article. As a Theologist I can tell you right now. Neither form is completely correct whether it be The Living Dead nor Warm Bodies. For the most part Zombies were cursed souls trapped in their own bodies while the body acted on its own. they could not speak out they could not fight it. they could not fall in love. They were doomed to watch their own bodies do horrible things to people they loved and more before the body finally turned to dust or became immoble.

        But if the movie’s sales are up there I garuantee you the idiots in hollywood will see it as a good thing and want all zombie movies to look like that to bring more people into the genre.Yes one movie can ruin a franchise because one movie can make and impact that makes hollywood want to use that format to bring a younger group in. Happened with Star Trek, happened with a lot of things. And looking at a clip of it I see a bunch of tween stars(not in age but what the tweens and teens are obsessed with) so it will give Hollywood the impression that this is a good thing if they’re not careful they’ll shove out the older folk for the younger rather than doing both styles of movies like they should be doing with vampires.

        Why is there nothing good on TV? The same trends whether it be reality show bull that younger people watch and older classy people wouldn’t watch. Teens and kids keep these things on the air and they’re the prime marketing group. Hence why it won’t be Warm Bodies or Twilight destroying Genres but Hollywood and the

        Girl on Monster (for lack of a better word) phase

        So all in all I think both sides of this arguement are misplaced and while I don’t like warm bodies and won’t like it or give it a chance I can say with neutral understanding that defending a movie or even a genre is mostly teen behavior in itself.

        Why would anyone care to defend something that isn’t important? Fight for real causes. And don’t let your misguided anger have you at each others throats. Blame Hollywood for the out raged Zombie Genre fans and blame Hollywood for the fear that the zombie genre may be ruined by Warm Bodies mimicing.

        • Matt-suzaka June 14, 2013 at 8:50 pm

          There is so much wrong with this comment.

          Now, I might not be a “Theologist (seriously, man?!),” but I do know the history of Zombies, and everything you have said here is incorrect. This isn’t The Serpent and the Rainbow.

          Being a “Theologist,” I assume you have some special Theology Wikipedia you get your info from, but here is an except from Wikipedia that describes Zombies as such:

          “A zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) is an animated corpse resurrected by mystical means, such as witchcraft.[1] The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. Since the late 19th century, zombies have acquired notable popularity, especially in North American and European folklore.”

          The last thing I will address about your comment are in relation to these two sentences:

          “…I can say with neutral understanding that defending a movie or even a genre is mostly teen behavior in itself”…”Why would anyone care to defend something that isn’t important? Fight for real causes.”

          Holy pot calling the kettle black!

          Sorry, try again!

      38. Noah June 15, 2013 at 3:29 am

        Actually dumbass I don’t rely on a wikipedia like you did I actually went to college. And I’m about 30. And went to college sweetie and that was my major. You see your problem is you’re too busy bashing people to actually have an actual adult conversation. Try actually reading reliable information rather than user content. Yes I can tell your information came from wikipedia. Zombies date back to Sumarian mythology if you want to be technical. So many things are wrong with your comment. You have been proven an idiot with science by a previous poster and you have been proven by a someone who majored in religeons and mythology hence Theology.

        I do see the problem with you though. You’re a kid who worships this movie and probably worshiped Twilight. You have no tools to actually have anything like an adult conversation and will bash anyone who disagrees with you. I actually stated my comment in a civil manner and you’re throwing quips and insults? I never defended anything did I? I simply said you were both wrong on your views. That little kid is not defending either point of view and is a neutral point of view. What I’m not neutral because I’m not interested in your obviously favorite movie? I didn’t bash it because I don’t know anything about it. So without further discussion I will say grow up.

        Please respond because like the child you are I know you will need the last word…

        Or will you show me you’re a mature adult? And let ti be known I do not tolerate bashing people who do not see things other peoples way.

        Get off the Batman fad your not cute.

        Get a sense of reality and what information is REAL information. My god your such a immature tween with no actual education on the subject matter.

        • Matt-suzaka June 15, 2013 at 5:07 am

          Alright, you want to go there:

          “Actually dumbass I don’t rely on a wikipedia like you did I actually went to college. And I’m about 30. And went to college sweetie and that was my major.”

          You major was what? Because you clearly didn’t explain what you went to college for. I assume it’s for Theology, but you might want to make that clear in the relevant comment.

          ” You see your problem is you’re too busy bashing people to actually have an actual adult conversation.”

          And I quote: “…defending a movie or even a genre is mostly teen behavior in itself.”

          You started it by bashing an argument that you claim to not care about, you know, because you’re too busy “Fight(ing) for real causes,” but it’s funny how involved you became. Again, kettles and pots and stuff about name calling.

          “Try actually reading reliable information rather than user content. Yes I can tell your information came from wikipedia.”

          You could probably tell my information came from Wiki because I TOLD YOU THAT’S WHERE IT CAME FROM! Also, ALL content is user content. Think about it…

          “Zombies date back to Sumarian mythology if you want to be technical. So many things are wrong with your comment.”

          Well, a few things are wrong with your rebuttal, one of them being your spelling of Sumerian, though I assume that type of thing happens when a “user” submits “content.”

          Furthermore, it’s great you can go all the way back to Sumerian Mythology, however, zombies, as we know them, are based on Voodoo culture, and that is indeed a fact. It all began with White Zombie, which was ‘influenced’ by the true events of Haitian Voodoo culture. For all we know, and we don’t, Sumerian Mythology could have been talking about vampires. They’re undead, too, right?

          “You have been proven an idiot with science by a previous poster and you have been proven by a someone who majored in religeons and mythology hence Theology.”

          Actually, I had a (nice, respectable) rebuttal for that last comment from the other gentlemen, who is indeed a gentlemen, but I had a computer issue as I was typing it up and lost the entire thing. In all honesty, I said fuck it and figured I’d get to it when I get to it. I have responded to more than enough comments, and I certainly don’t need to respond to every single one. You, however, should mind your own business and worry about what we have going on right here.

          I do have one quick question, though (remember, you wanted to go there): when you majored in Theology and religion, did the textbooks spell religion the same way you do? That must have something to do with “user content,” I bet. You shouldn’t brag about your education when you seem to lack some of its basics.

          “I do see the problem with you though. You’re a kid who worships this movie and probably worshiped Twilight.”

          Actually, I’m 36, and I don’t worship Warm Bodies, nor do I worship Twilight. As I said in the post, which you clearly read, I thought it was pretty good. Twilight? It’s a bunch of crap, but it’s not made for me, so what do I care?! I’m so thrilled that you can jump to conclusions so quickly, though.

          What I do know is that you haven’t seen the films, yet you hate them. Why? I know it’s not because you actually saw them and actually formed your own opinion. Is it because you heard other people make fun of them, so you wanted to get the password to the cool kids club and thought this was your ticket in? Have you been conditioned by other people’s opinion to the point that you no longer can form your own? I know it’s easy to fall in line with what others think and say, so continue to conform.

          “You have no tools to actually have anything like an adult conversation and will bash anyone who disagrees with you.”

          That’s not true. At all. In fact, more than a few people in this comment thread has stated that they didn’t enjoy the movie, and I had no issue with them not enjoying it. Read the comments before you make accusations. I know, research is tough for you, but give it a try.

          “I actually stated my comment in a civil manner and you’re throwing quips and insults? I never defended anything did I? I simply said you were both wrong on your views.”

          I already addressed how you were being rude above, but what’s funny is you actually saying: “I simply said you were both wrong on your views.” Oh, my views are wrong? Why, because you said so?! If that’s the case, then you’re way out there and think way too highly of yourself.

          “ That little kid is not defending either point of view and is a neutral point of view.”

          Who are you even talking about?

          “What I’m not neutral because I’m not interested in your obviously favorite movie?”

          What? Beside the fact that the structure of this comment is mind boggling, it’s really strange, too. Saying other people are wrong and spewing out crap about having a degree in Theology as a way to make yourself feel superior is simply childish. I guess you felt you had to prove yourself to get that awesome guy feeling. I, however, need not stoop to such levels.

          Also, my favorite movie is Children of Men, and I don’t recall that ever coming up in the conversation.

          “I didn’t bash it because I don’t know anything about it.”

          Damn, you sure do have a short term memory problem. If saying you hate something, no matter what, then you are indeed bashing it.

          “So without further discussion I will say grow up.”

          If you say so.

          “Please respond because like the child you are I know you will need the last word…
          Or will you show me you’re a mature adult?”

          What? Like I’m not going to respond to this?! Come on, man! Don’t try to set a trap and act like me responding makes me the child who has to get that last word in. I’m not falling for it.

          “And let ti be known I do not tolerate bashing people who do not see things other peoples way.”

          Whoa, “I do not tolerate”! Really?! What is that some sort of off-handed threat? Are you coyly playing internet tough-guy with me?! Not a good look, bub.

          “Get off the Batman fad your not cute.”

          Don’t try to be funny, because it doesn’t work. Also, some would consider me cute. Feel free to look; I don’t hide my identity.

          “Get a sense of reality and what information is REAL information.”

          If you say so. Feel free to drop some of your own information on me, just be aware that it’s “user created.”

          “ My god your such a immature tween with no actual education on the subject matter.”

          Ha, tween. I’m glad ‘you’re’ such an educated expert on zombies and “religeons,” but not as glad as I am that you’ve been able to expel your knowledge in such a fine format.

          END SCENE!

          Okay, how was that? Not that bad, right? I wish I could have appreciated your feedback, but you certainly do not know how to go about having a debate, or stating an OPINION, without indirectly tossing insults. The saddest part is you don’t even seem to know how insulting you really are, and I mean that in relation to your first comment. It’s littered with pretension.

          I truly wish you the best of luck, and I hope you take your pent up anger towards me and use it to watch some good horror movies and broaden your horizons.

      39. Matt-suzaka June 15, 2013 at 1:46 pm

        I’ve already said my peace, made my points and then some, and there is really no reason for me to continue with this dance. It’s boring, and I certainly have better things to do with my time. As a result, I’m not even going to read your response, let alone take the time to respond to it in the fashion you desire.

        As I said in my last comment, I truly wish you the best of luck, and I encourage you to stop wasting so much time on this nonsense. Watch a good movie, read a good book, or eat some ice cream; whatever makes you happy will make me happy.

      40. Herner Klenthur June 16, 2013 at 12:28 am

        As a red headed person who happens to also own/run this site allow me to point to the commenting rules;

        Our policy for commenting is simple. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. Have fun, be polite!

      41. Danielle June 19, 2013 at 7:23 am

        Excellent post! I agree with every point made. Horror is my favorite genre — it is practically all I watch — but you know what? I loved this movie. It was endearing, funny and freshly innovative. A damn shame people, and most being those that haven’t seen the film for themselves, are so quick to write it off as a Twilight replica. And there is nothing that makes me want to tear my hair out more than an elitist attitude. Some horror fans have quite the entitlement complex and I commend you for calling such fans out on it.

      42. Prydonian June 21, 2013 at 6:11 am

        I saw it one optimism-filled night. Trying to deny its Twilightness is silly. It may be a teeny bit smarter than Twilight, but it’s absolutely cut from the same cloth and designed to appeal to the same demographic.

      43. Psy-Ko Smiley July 3, 2013 at 3:54 pm

        Agree with all your points, one thing I’d add though is the fact that Twilight didn’t ruin Vampires for me. I can go watch The Lost Boys and they’re the same as they ever were. Davids not sparkling now. I can watch Near Dark and they’re still badass. Twilight didn’t change those movies one bit. As for anything that comes out now that resembles Twilight, well hell, I just choose not to see it. Pretty easy and my Vampires aren’t ruined.

        I saw Warm Bodies totally expecting to hate it but I didn’t. It was cute, it was fun, it made you go awwwwww. You might say a zombie movie isn’t supposed to make you go awwww and you’re right. Thing is I don’t consider it to be a horror movie. It’s a teen romance movie where one of the lead characters just happens to be a zombie. And as a teen romance it was a great movie

        For many years us horror fans have been looked down upon for what we choose to watch and here we are doing it to others. Reminds me of the Heavy Metal scene awhile back. When it was just known as Heavy Metal we all banded together, us against the world. Then it started getting subgenred and people were like “oh you’re into industrial, thats not real metal” Well sure it is, but doesn’t mean I have to like it, just let others like it without hassling them. Maybe Tween/YA horror is a subgenre wa just have to accept. Look at it this way, for alot of these young people Warm Bodies and even Twilight are their introduction to horror. Sure most will never move beyond but maybe some say dayem i want more vampires or zombies and they seek out more. Without an influx of new fans any genre will die so if this is what it takes so be it.

      44. mandy July 12, 2013 at 8:51 pm

        “Isaac: The reaction has been pretty much split between two camps. Camp 1 is people who understand that a zombie is a fictional creature that has been portrayed differently, with different origins and different behavior, in pretty much every iteration and remains open to interpretation depending on the goals of the story in which it appears. That camp thinks its a great new idea and welcomes the unexpected shift in perspective that explores a lot of the unaddressed questions in zombie lore, while using the mythology to explore other, more human themes. Camp 2 is people who I don’t understand at all, who seem to think that zombies are real creatures that have been studied and defined by science, and that there are immutable “rules” to how they should function in fiction. These people tend to ignore the fact that every major work in the canon of zombie mythology has redefined what zombies are. First, they were regular people brainwashed by Haitian voodoo powder. (White Zombie.) Then they were corpses reanimated by mysterious cosmic radiation. (Night of the Living Dead.) Then they were regular people driven insane by a virus. (28 Days Later and onward.) In the midst of all this, we saw zombies with lingering consciousness who responded to music and speech (“Bub” in Day of the Dead) self-aware zombies capable of independent thought and even leadership (Land of the Dead) and yes, zombies who fall in love. (Fido.) I don’t really know what it means to be part of a “zombie community” but I’m certainly well familiar with the “genre” if all stories about a certain creature can be lumped into one genre. (Why is “Dragon” not a genre? Why is there no “Robot genre”? I don’t even think “Vampire” is considered its own genre.) My roots run pretty deep into geekdom, so it’s not like I just decided “I think I’ll write a zombie novel” and then had to research what the fuss was all about.”

        The author itself answered it well, before closing your mind to a new thing, read the book, its way more than just a romance between a zombie and a human :)

      45. Alicia J McGill July 25, 2013 at 7:28 pm

        For me it wasn’t that it broke arbitrary rules, it was written poorly with no proper explanation of how this zomboy started to live again. It would have made sense that he kinda fell for the girl after eating the boyfriends brain as he absorbed his memories but R was infatuated with her just from sight. It was ridiculous. Also did he have some sort of zombie super powers that helped wake the others up? It seemed like there was way to much emphasis on the love story and not enough on plot. In my humble opinion, it was a terrible movie and I really don’t understand what people see in it, but that’s just me.

      46. Mandi Hidalgo July 25, 2013 at 7:54 pm

        Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this article?!?!?! Thank you a million and one times for this! I read the novel when it was released because I love zombies, I love to read and I’m a girl so I was intrigued by the romantic side of the story. I adored the book.

        When I heard they were making a movie, I was super excited! Then I began to express said excitement and received a backlash of hate messages on Facebook about how I was an abomination to the horror community. I was called “gay” and there were some that even said I should kill myself based on my liking a book and being excited about a movie.

        Needless to say, I was horrified. I have friends who like Twilight and I give them a hard time about it, but I couldn’t imagine telling them to horrific things that complete strangers were telling me about this. To bash someone and bully someone simply because they like something that you don’t like (or didn’t even give a chance for that matter) is simply preposterous to me.

        I never backed down from my Warm Bodies fandom. The novel is one of the most poetically written novels I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The sequel is also very amazing. I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a VERY well done adaptation of the novel. I have t-shirts, a poster and other memorabilia. I even drew fan art. Yeah, I’m that kind of nerd.

        Do I give a shit what anyone thinks of me liking Warm Bodies? Not remotely. Do I think it’s extremely sad that anyone would bully someone else based on their likes? Absolutely…especially when they know NOTHING about it and refuse to open their minds and/or eyes to what it really is. So, again, I thank you from the bottom of my black, little heart for this article. It’s amazing and what I’ve been telling people for quite some time now.

      47. Mandi Hidalgo July 25, 2013 at 8:26 pm

        I also want to add that there was another transient zombie who came before and swept a girl off her feet. Why does everyone forget My Boyfriend’s Back? I love that movie and it didn’t ruin horror or zombies AND it was a romantic comedy with a ZOMBIE as the main freaking character.

      48. Kuchiki Byakuya September 1, 2013 at 7:42 am

        you’re full of crap.

        awful post, awful points, i bet you liked twilight too

        • Matt-suzaka September 1, 2013 at 5:50 pm

          Good one! Did you just come up with that comment on the spot or did it take you a little time to craft such a witty and brilliant response? Either way, I’m impressed.

      49. Sjlifed September 27, 2013 at 9:20 am

        Gosh! MATT! (sorry for the caps)

        I really think you wrote an awesome piece. Yes, it appear a little harsh but it makes good point. It is a change in opinions from what I have heard. (un-zombie like, lame, gay etc.) I gotta admit that I judged it too (not in a good way) when I saw the poster. But as a film buff (horror and more), I went ahead to catch it and enjoyed myself! I nearly smack myself for wanting to miss it. I believe no movie can ruin a genre!! A genre is just a categorization, so in this case, this movie is more of romance, comedy, etc more than horror. That’s all. And, you are definitely right in saying “You have a right to your own opinion”. Cheers!

      50. shelby December 29, 2013 at 3:30 am

        yes let the ugly zombies turn into hot sexy zombies I love zombie films and I love the change a nice hot sexy looking zombie is what some people like!!!! <3 I LOVE R AND WARM BODIES <3 oh and let people like what they want to like change is good!!!!!!

      51. Faggs January 11, 2014 at 5:25 am

        Omg, i feel so bad for you as humans
        There will never be a zday, so waste all the money on crap you will never use

      52. DOPESTAR PRODIGY January 12, 2014 at 7:45 pm

        i saw this movie while on tour it was cool but the only reason i likeed it was because i like zombie stories

      53. ヤヸェ (@WonderFir) October 6, 2017 at 10:46 pm

        I find this article pretty disgusting. While the author do have a point when talks about how a medium changes over time;saying something like “it is not your genre” reeks of blogger trying to insert his views on something he was never part of to begin with. It is the same crowd that thinks that there are no standard and how being progressive is good just for the sake of it progressing. Further the writer of the article in typical hip fashion starts to lament over how zombie flicks aren’t good and what not.
        Nobody has ever claimed that there aren’t a lot of poorly made movies out there,but the same can be said about any genre… just look at how bad new movies are in whatever genre.
        The writer of the article seems to be suggesting that it is okay to make a bad movie and add stuff to it that is crap simply because there are a lot of bad elements in many movies. But what kind of reasoning is that? Take that shitty show “Twilight” and add the Muppet to it and then make the claim that it is okay because Twilight is shit to begin with. See how most fans of that show will react.
        Just because something is bad or appears to be bad, is no reason to deliberately try to destroy it or add more bad stuff to it.

        • Robert November 28, 2018 at 12:05 pm

          Thank you. I think the same,bad past movies isn’t a green light for stupid movie with necrophilia