World War Z Blu-Ray / DVD Details

Herner Klenthur

We have your first look at the Blu-Ray cover for World War Z as well as the price for it and the DVD release. World War Z will be available on Blu-ray for $24.99 and on DVD for $14.96. ( Yeah not sure why 96 cents ). Although we have the art which you can see below we do not yet have the World War Z DVD release date just yet. As soon as we do we will let you know!

World War Z has been a massively polarizing film with our readers. Many loved it for what it was a high-octane popcorn movie while many of our readers despised it for basically crapping all over the source material by Max Brooks.

Jet Edwards a die-hard World War Z fan holds no punches when he says;

Why did they need to go through the legal battle to win the name and rights to make the book into a movie when they had no intention or interest in making the book into a movie? They still could have done the movie as it is and came up with an original title instead of creating confusion for the sole purpose of getting asses in seats (yes, I understand this was part of the intention, but that doesn’t make it good and only goes to show how uninspired and unoriginal Hollywood is becoming, which is a bad thing and a threat to all forms of art).

These aren’t zombies… Fast moving zombies who don’t feast are as insulting and pathetic as sparkling vampires who attend high school. Zombies cannot move fast and they feast on live human flesh… They cannot run and they do not bite somebody and move onto the next. These are ghouls, not zombies. World War G would have been a much more appropriate title.

It might be a great action thriller, but it is not a zombie movie, nor does have any business using the title it currently has. The CGI was awful and much of this has been done better in pretty much every other actual zombie story out there. (I do not include 28 Days later nor the remake of Dawn of the Dead as credible zombie stories).

Flay who is  a critic for our site takes the opposite approach writing;

 World War Z is absolutely not an overproduced, unmitigated disaster some have predicted it would be. It is, at times, a bracing and tense disaster epic that writes its own rules for not only zombies, but how to tell a zombie story. It does, however, lack some key moments of quiet contemplation that I think might’ve upped the human stakes and laid bare the emotional toll a disaster of this type would take. Taken as a whole, I enjoyed the film quite a bit and had a lot of fun with it for what it was.

I’d definitely say the giant spectacle of it all is well worth the price of admission.

World War Z wont be for everyone and I think Stephen King said it best when he reminded us not to compare books to movie or television adaptations since they are not and will not be the same. What did you think of World War Z? More importantly are you excited for the Sequel to World War Z?



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      1. Dennis Francis July 5, 2013 at 5:31 pm

        I have seen the movie but not before reading the book. And absolutely loved both. Thought much differences the movie stays very true to the book.

        In my opinion the book would be incredibly difficult to be made into an entire movie. There is too much detail and jumping around and is much documentary.

        The movie on the other hand felt rushed but in a good way. It was non-stop until the very end. I will be sure to pick up the Blu-Ray because Im very much interested in the commentary and the behind the scenes.

      2. Gene Rutter July 6, 2013 at 10:28 am

        I saw the movie and did like it, however, where was the gore. I can’t believe they released a PG-13 Zombie film. They better release the blu ray unrated if they expect to sell it to horror fans. I keep hearing about this 30 minutes more unrated version going around the internet. I even tried to download it from a site. I tried to open the download but it said you needed to take some survey first. Screw that! I only hope the blur ray is and extended unrated cut.