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Birth of the Living Dead Documentary Poster and Trailer
Posted by Goon | Posted 244 days ago.
Over the years we have heard of many documentaries that would chronicle the career of George A. Romero. We have also seen plenty of them that follow Dawn of the Dead. Now we have one that will explore the birth of Night of the Living Dead, Birth of the Living Dead. Rob Kuhns’ feature documentary [...]

Michonne Rides Into The Walking Dead Season 4 Still
Posted by Goon | Posted 244 days ago.
At some point during the zombie apocalypse you are going to run out of gas. So what is the most reliable source of transportation? Well if you ask Michonne she’ll tell you a horse. In this still that was just released by AMC we see Michonne riding in on her new horse named “Flame”. My [...]

George Romero Finishes New Script
Posted by Goon | Posted 245 days ago.
Everyone has been waiting to see what the Master of Horror George A. Romero would do next. There has been several rumors about what his next film would be. But today it has been revealed that he will be returning to the living dead with his recently finished script, The Zombie Autopsies. George A. Romero [...]

Behind the Scenes Footage From Dead Snow: War of the Dead
Posted by Goon | Posted 251 days ago.
Today some behind the scenes footage from the next Dead Snow film has surfaced online. It seems to have been floating around for awhile but hasn’t come to our attention until now. Tommy Wirkola is back in the director seat once again and is hard at work making this film happen. It was rumored that [...]

Watch Two Featurettes From The Walking Dead Season 3
Posted by Goon | Posted 251 days ago.
Anchor Bay Entertainment has just released two short featurettes in anticipation of the release of The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD/blu-ray on August 27th. The first one is a disection of Michonne fighting with the Governor and the second concerns Michonnes “pets”. Synopsis: Based on the hugely popular graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, “The Walking Dead”: [...]

Watch Horror Short Chronicles of The Dead
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 254 days ago.
It is very hard to stand out these days when there seems to be literally hundreds of horror shorts being made each and every day. So the fact that Chronicles of the Dead shines should tell you something. Chronicles of the Dead takes the not so original concept of Zombies and makes it fresh again [...]

First Official Trailer & Poster for Naked Zombie Girl
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 254 days ago.
Two words for you, “freakin’ awesome!” That’s what I thought upon watching the trailer for Rickey Bird’s upcoming grindhouse zombie short, Naked Zombie Girl. I mean, what more could you want in a film. Here we have zombies, buckets of the red stuff, a naked girl and of course the chainsaw. So, head on down [...]

World War Z Blu Ray Details Announced
Posted by Goon | Posted 255 days ago.
Paramount has just released the details for the upcoming release of World War Z on Blu Ray and DVD on September 17th. There is no mention about that “alternate ending” being included on the disc so we may not see it. But I’m sure if fan outcry is loud enough they will reconsider. Check out [...]

Behind the Scenes Footage From The Walking Dead Season 4
Posted by Goon | Posted 257 days ago.
AMC has released a nice behind the scenes featurette for the upcoming season 4 of The Walking Dead. In the featurette you get to see all the actors along with producers, stunt guys and even Robert Kirkman himself talk about the next season and what you can expect. The clip also features some really rad [...]

New Official Clip for Harold’s Going Stiff
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 258 days ago.
Level 33 Entertainment will soon be unleashing Keith Wright’s Harold’s Going Stiff in the States. The film is scheduled to hit various VOD platforms and also a limited theatrical release on August 20th. And with that date looming closer, we have scored a brand new clip for the upcoming flick. The film stars Stan Rowe and Sarah [...]

[FrightFest 2013] Official Poster for The Dead 2: India
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 259 days ago.
What with FrightFest on the horizon for this August 22nd at the Empire, Leicester Square, we have scored the official poster for The Ford Brothers’ latest, The Dead 2: India. The poster was designed by Luke Insect for FrightFest Originals and copies of the poster will be available at this years FrightFest. The Dead 2: India [...]

Uwe Boll’s Zombie Massacre Hits Blu-ray & DVD This August
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 260 days ago.
For those of you who have been looking forward to the Uwe Boll-produced flick Zombie Massacre, are in luck as the film is making its way to Blu-ray & DVD this August 6th and we have the details and the artwork below. Zombie Massacre is directed by Marco Ristori & Luca Boni and produced under Uwe [...]

World War Z Receives the IMAX Treatment in the US
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 260 days ago.
Just in case you guys wish to witness World War Z one more time in theatres, the powers that be have announced that the film will hit IMAX for the first time ever in the US. For our International friends, the film already hit a few IMAX theatres during its initial run, and now its [...]

New Official Teaser Trailer for the Lazarus
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 267 days ago.
Over the past several years I have become extremely found of period horror, most notably films set during the 50′s. Now, if you take a film set in the 50′s, chuck in a few zombies here and there and announce the end of the world, well, I’m all over that freakin’ sucker and this is [...]

Watch the Entire Walking Dead Comic Con Panel
Posted by Goon | Posted 270 days ago.
Couldn’t make it out to Comic Con? No problem. Today the entire panel for The Walking Dead comic has made its way online. It runs nearly an hour long so be sure you have some time put aside to check it out. Robert Kirkman is up to his usual antics cracking jokes and having a [...]

Afterlife with Archie Trailer Debuts
Posted by Goon | Posted 271 days ago.
Not long ago there was a rumor that the Archie film was going to feature zombies. Unfortunately that turned out to not be the case but worry not Archie/horror fans! Archie and the gang are going to run into some zombies courtesy of  the upcoming Archie Comics series by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla. The story [...]

First Image of The Walking Dead’s Bob Stookey
Posted by Goon | Posted 272 days ago.
As with every new season of The Walking Dead we will be a seeing quite a few new characters making their way into the show meeting up with Rick and his crew. Today Entertainment Weekly released their next cover story as well as the first image of Bob Stookey played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr. His character [...]

First Look at a Walker from Season Four of The Walking Dead
Posted by Goon | Posted 274 days ago.
With Comic Con right around the corner AMC is gearing up for a big weekend. Today on the official Facebook page for The Walking Dead they announced that a trailer was going to be released this Friday. They also revealed a first look at a walker from Season 4. Nothing special about the walker. Just [...]

Zombie Hunter Hits Blu-ray This October
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 275 days ago.
I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it, I am totally freakin’ stoked for this sucker! The awesome zombie flick, Zombie Hunter, is directed by Kevin King, and if you have been keeping your eye on this one too, you’ll be pleased to know it is making its way to Blu-ray. The folks over at [...]

Kirkman Talks About Season Four of The Walking Dead
Posted by Goon | Posted 276 days ago.
With San Diego Comic Con looming right around the corner we are going to be getting a lot of Walking Dead news. Today he spoke with THR about the upcoming season. He talked about a miriad of different topics and had some interesting things to say. He started by talking about how new showrunner Scott [...]

New Official Trailer for Pretty Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 279 days ago.
Several months ago I stumbled upon a little indie flick from Benjamin Wilkins, which is entitled Pretty Dead. The film itself appears to be fairly unique, and even since I witnessed the first trailer I have been thoroughly intrigued. Today, we have a new trailer for you guys to check out, and yes, I am still [...]

Watch Zombie with a Shotgun Episode 1-4 Right Here
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 279 days ago.
Zombies. We love em’ right? It just seems as if we cannot get enough of these brain munching fiends. So, to help with your addiction of everything zombie, we have got word of a new zombie web-series which is entitled Zombie with a Shotgun. so far there are four episodes, and we have all four [...]

Another Day of the Dead Remake is Coming
Posted by Goon | Posted 279 days ago.
I’m sure many of you remember the horrendous Day of the Dead remake that came out a couple years ago that was directed by Steve Miner starring Nick Canon and Mena Suvari. It was.. beyond terrible in my opinion. Well today it seems as though we will have another Day of the Dead remake coming [...]

Witness the Birth of the Living Dead
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 281 days ago.
The film that basically started it all. Night of the Living Dead has gone on to inspire hundreds of filmmakers to bring the living dead back to life on film. It has and will always stand the test of time. It is one of those films which will live on for generations to come, and [...]

Release Date and New Trailer for The Walking Dead: 400 Days
Posted by Goon | Posted 287 days ago.
Telltale Games released The Walking Dead game last year to a lot of praise. It recieved a couple Game of the Year awards as well. Now they have announced the release dates and a new launch trailer for their next bit of content. In order to tide fans over until the second season of the [...]

Children Do Battle With Zombies in ’19′
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 290 days ago.
Some may say the zombie genre has become over saturated and to be fair, I am one of them. But, with the genre being so unique and vast, we should never jump to conclusions as we have just received word of a new zombie flick which takes the sub-genre in a totally different direction. According [...]