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New Official Poster for Zombie World
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 377 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
It has been quite a while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to Juan José Patón’s upcoming independent Spanish zombie flick, Zombie World. But thanks to the passing of time, we have scored the brand new poster for the film, and just in case you missed it last time, we have also [...]

Dolph Lundgren’s Battle of the Damned Hits Blu-ray & DVD This February
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 390 Days Ago. | No Comments
This may just be the greatest thing ever! On the one hand we have zombies and on the other we have some robots. Sounds pretty good, right? But then you throw freakin’ Dolph Lundgren in the mix and suddenly this shit gets real! Are you guys as stoked for Battle of the Damned as I [...]

Danny Trejo Battles Against Volcano Zombies!
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 396 Days Ago. | 8 Comments
I have to admit, I never thought of a volcano zombie, so hats off to Jeff Miller, Jason Ancona, and Rene Perez, as that is what they are bringing to life. But who could battle such ferocious beasts? Well, Danny Trejo of course! The man is a total legend, with or without a machete, so head [...]

Brace Yourselves for the Zombie Pirates!
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 397 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
For you guys today, we have the first details for Steve Sessions’ Zombie Pirates, courtesy of our friends over at Dread Central, and while there isn’t much to show you guys, just the sound of this one has me ready for a boat load of fun! Head on down for the early details including a release [...]

VIDEO : Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Dead Weight’
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 399 Days Ago. | 7 Comments
Who would have guessed that The Governor would become the sympathetic character he is now in Season 4 of The Walking Dead? Here I was afraid the focus would be once again on the prison gang and quickly get mundane but once again the shows writers and producers have upped the ante. I would say [...]

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 6: Live Bait Sneak Peak
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 406 Days Ago. | 7 Comments
It wont be long and Episode 6 of The Walking Dead Season 4 will be upon us. This will be an exciting episode since one of our favorite villains is back and hes looking for trouble. The Governor murdered his own people in a rage at the end of Season 3 so there is no [...]

George Romero Attacks The Walking Dead…. Again!
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 406 Days Ago. | 115 Comments
I did an article quite some time ago asking Why do horror fans hate George Romero? I asked the question because I just don’t understand why some people give him so little respect. I feel this disrespect comes from a younger generation of horror fans who do not honor his contributions as much as us [...]

New Official Teaser Trailer for The Graveyard Feeder
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 409 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
I am so stoked to check out Rich Robinson’s upcoming flick The Graveyard Feeder. I’ve been following this one for what feels like forever, and while we still have no news as to when we can check this one out, we have scored a brand new teaser trailer to help raise your anticipation. Okay, maybe you [...]

The Returned Scores US Distribution – Release Date Inside
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 412 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Manuel Carballo’s Spanish zombie flick, The Returned, recently had it world premiere at this years Stiges festival, and I’m sure, just like myself, many of you could not make it and was unfortunate to miss out. However, do not fret as the film will soon be released in the States. According to Screen Daily, LevelFILM has [...]

New Official Teaser Trailer for the Devil’s Crossing
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 419 Days Ago. | No Comments
Well here is a blast from the past for you guys. We haven’t had an update on James Gary’s post-apocalyptic zombie western flick, Devil’s Crossing, in years! But today, we have scored a new trailer and word that the film will soon be making its way to the U.S. and Canada among many other territories. I’m [...]

George Romero Fires A Shot at The Walking Dead
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 420 Days Ago. | 75 Comments
Are you curious where George Romero stands on The Walking Dead? No need to wonder any more thanks to a recent interview that the legendary director conducted with ‘The Big Issue‘. During the interview they asked George Romero  to share his insights on The Walking Dead and he pulled no punches Quote; “They asked me to [...]

Sony Screen Gems Acquires ‘Patient Zero’
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 425 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
You ready for more zombie madness? Well, Sony Screen Gems just can’t get enough of the undead, what with the Resident Evil franchise and all, and today we bring you news of a character-driven zombie flick entitled, Patient Zero. According to The Wrap, Screen Gems has acquired Mike Le’s zombie script, Patient Zero. At this time [...]

Official TV Spot for Syfy’s Zombie Night
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 431 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Well this was a bit of a surprise. From John Gulager (Feast, Piranha 3DD) comes Zombie Night, an original movie for Syfy, and it looks pretty damned good, its just a shame that we are only hearing about this one now. But still, you guys still have a chance to catch this one as Zombie Night, [...]

Sneak Peak Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 2 ‘Infected’
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 434 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Episode 1 of the Walking Dead Season 4 arrived last week and to put it candidly it was a smash hit with the fans. The question now is will tonights episode ramp things up a notch and keep fans of the hit AMC show intrigued? Episode 1 of Season 4 was pretty solid introducing a [...]

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode One Review: 30 Days Without an Accident
Written by Zachariah, Posted 440 Days Ago. | 16 Comments
It’s back! The premiere of the new season is here and…it’s got an unexpected pace. The debut episodes of the previous three seasons have started off with a bang that contained tons of action and suspense throughout. Not the case here. Special Effects and Makeup master Greg Nicotero directs this episode with patience and logical [...]

Dolph Lundgren’s Battle of The Damned Trailer, Greatest Zombie Robot Movie Ever?
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 442 Days Ago. | 7 Comments
Earlier in the week Chris shared with you all the poster for Dolph Lundgren’s upcoming zombie-robot-apocalyptic-awesomeness and I wanted to point your attention to the trailer. While Steven Segal is busy pretending he is still relevant pushing out direct to dvd action flicks that nobody can buy into Dolph is going to b-move heaven. This [...]

New Official Poster for Dolph Lundgren’s Battle of the Damned
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 445 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
So, what do you do when you have a world overrun with robots and zombies? Well, you call one man, you freakin’ call Dolph Lundgren! And this is what we have in-store for you guys with his latest flick Battle of the Damned, and thanks to B-D, we have a brand new poster for you. [...]

Official Release Date for the Birth of the Living Dead
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 447 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Does Rob Kuhns’ upcoming documentary, Birth of the Living Dead, look awesome or what? I think this one is going to be right up there, and if you’re anticipating this one, we have some very good news in regards to when you can watch this sucker. It has been announced that the Birth of the Living [...]

World War Z Sequel Will Have a New Director
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 451 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Well, it’s pretty much a no brainer. Sequels always tend to have different directors attached so this is no reflection on Marc Forster who directed the first flick, but it will be interesting to see who will helm the next one and will it make nearly as much money? Recently, Brad Pitt spoke to the [...]

Joely Richardson Is Cast in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Maggie’
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 452 Days Ago. | No Comments
Who else is excited for the zombie film Maggie, which stars none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger? If so, you will be pleased to know that the cast is rounding out rather nicely as we have scored some new casting news for you guys. According to The Wrap, Joely Richardson (pictured right; “Nip/Tuck”, Event Horizon) will play [...]