Poster, Trailer & Stills For Planet Dead
Written by Chris Savage, May 3, 2014
Who is up for some more zombie action? Well guys, fresh for you today is Larry Greene’s Planet Dead which has recently been picked up from SGL Entertainment and we have our first look with a trailer, poster and a few stills. Check them out below. The film stars Charles Adames, Joe DeBartolo, Raven Oscar Flores,

World War Z Movie Casting News! Its Alive!
Written by Chris Savage, May 3, 2014
Paramount Pictures roller-coaster of a ride World War Z has had its fair share of bad patches but perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. Deadline reports Marc Forsters zombie apocalypse World War Z is back on track and is set to begin filming this Summer. Due to the budget being a staggering $125 million the

Official Trailer for The Dead 2: India
Written by Chris Savage, May 3, 2014
For those of you who loved The Ford Brothers’ zombie flick, The Dead, will be very pleased to hear that we have just scored the official trailer for the sequel, The Dead 2: India. Unfortunately details regarding the film are very slim to say the least, still, just check out the trailer and see what

First Teaser Trailer & Poster for Zombie Fight Club
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2014
The first rule of Fight Club is…we all know what the first rule of Fight Club is. But it looks like we’re in a bit of a rule-breaking mood today because we’re talking about it! But this one happens to feature zombies going toe-to-toe with the last of humanity’s prisoners. Welcome to Zombie Fight Club.

Doc of the Dead (2014) Review
Written by Flay Otters, April 28, 2014
For the passionate and dedicated horror fan, documentaries can be familiar-territory gold. Like a worn-in blanket or a busted up ballcap, these films deal primarily in retread information and narrative that is already well-known to their target audience. That doesn’t suggest, however, that they aren’t produced well or aren’t good films – rather that you

First Official Trailer for [REC] 4: Apocalypse
Written by Chris Savage, April 25, 2014
It has arrived! Finally we’ve scored the official trailer for Jaume Balaguero’s upcoming sequel,  [REC] 4: Apocalypse, complete with English subtitles! The burning question: Does it look promising? My answer is, “Oh yes!” I’m pretty stoked for this and I’m glad that they’ve dropped the found-footage angle again for this outing. But don’t take my word

Kill Zombie! Hits Blu-ray & DVD This June
Written by Chris Savage, April 15, 2014
For those of you who have been following Marijn Smits and Erwin Ven Den Eshof’s horror-comedy flick Kill Zombie! will be very pleased to know that this undead sucker is making its way home. From the Press Release: A deadly virus turns the good citizens of Amsterdam into the bloodthirsty undead in the horror-comedy KILL ZOMBIE!,

Official Release Date Announced for Life After Beth
Written by Chris Savage, April 12, 2014
Jeff Baena’s horror comedy, Life After Beth, has finally scored an official release date. It was recently announced that A24 will be unleashing the film into theatres this August 15th. Let us know if you’ll be heading out to see this sucker? Synopsis: Zach is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth. But when

Syfy Unleashes the Zombie Horde with ‘Z Nation’
Written by Chris Savage, April 7, 2014
What with zombies all the rage thanks to a little show some of you may of heard of, The Walking Dead. Syfy are looking to get in on some of that undead goodness with a zombie series of their own entitled Z Nation. According to Deadline, Syfy is teaming up with The Asylum and Karl Schaefer

Anchor Bay Picks Up The Dead 2: India
Written by Chris Savage, April 2, 2014
Are you guys still stoked for The Dead II: India? If so, we have some very good news for you as the wonderful folks over at Anchor Bay, have just announced that they will be unleashing the film in the U.S. and Canada and we have all the details. From the Press Release: Anchor Bay

Witness a ‘Night of Something Strange’ in the First Teaser Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, March 6, 2014
When will you kids learn. Always wear protection, man. There is all sorts of nasty stuff out there and it appears as if there is a new deadly STD just laying in wait to ravage your youthful flesh and of course, to make you devour your friends. Care to learn more? Head on down for

New Extended Trailer for Bombshell Bloodbath
Written by Chris Savage, March 3, 2014
This right here is why I still have faith in the zombie genre. Brett Mullen’s new Italian zombie flick, Bombshell Bloodbath, is inspired by the one and only Lucio Fulci, and you can automatically see the influence in the new extended trailer which we have for you below. This sucker looks set to be all kinds

New Official Clip from the Doc of the Dead
Written by Chris Savage, March 2, 2014
You guys wanted it, you got it! The definitive zombie documentary, Doc of the Dead, will be making its premiere this March 15th on EPIX as part of their Zombiethon. And with that, we have scored a brand new clip courtesy of our friends over at AICN. Check out the goods below as well as

Official Trailer for the Zombie Pirates!
Written by Chris Savage, February 19, 2014
Just last month we gave you guys the first details for Steve Sessions’ Zombie Pirates, and I have to say that the poster art was pretty badass. Today however, we have scored the official trailer and well, I’m not sure what to think. Is this so bad it’s good? Or just simply bad? Check out the trailer

Stink of Flesh Released on Collectors VHS
Written by Goon, February 17, 2014
If you have been following this site for a couple years than you should know that one of the indie films that gets talked about a lot on this site is Scott Philips Stink of Flesh. It was an ambitious little indie zombie flick with a ton of heart. If you haven’t seen it yet

Zombie Bottle Opener = Awesome
Written by Herner Klenthur, February 15, 2014
You call yourself a zombie fan? You have seen every Romero film? You have studied all the works of Lucio Fulci? You know the history behind Return of the Living Dead? Well my friends that still does NOT make you a zombie fan. You are a true blue zombie fan when you open your beers

Goal of the Dead Scores Distribution
Written by Chris Savage, February 12, 2014
Well I guess it was always inevitable, I mean with the zombie genre so over-saturated, ideas are pretty slim. So, what we have for you today is Goal of the Dead, a mix of zombies and football (or soccer to those of you across the pond) which has just scored some International distribution. According to

New Official Red Band Trailer for Zombies of the Living Dead
Written by Chris Savage, February 5, 2014
From Christian Ackerman comes his latest flick, Zombies of the Living Dead and I have to say, I’m not instantly sold on this sucker. But, to give you guys a little taste, we have scored the official red band trailer thanks to our good friend Avery, who gave us the heads up. Synopsis: Zombies attack a the

The Trailer for Zombie Buddy Flick ‘Buck Wild’ Brings The Laughs
Written by Herner Klenthur, February 2, 2014
Buck Wild is a new buddy comedy coming to DVD that once again looks to capitalize on the new found popularity of the Zombie Genre. This time the ‘angle’ is a bunch of buddies go deer hunting and discover the undead apocalypse is here.  Buck Wild Will hit DVD on March 18th. BUCK WILD is

You Voted: 15 Best Zombie Movies
Written by TheM, February 1, 2014
Its time for another edition of You Voted. You voted is an on going weekly editorial where we turn to our community and ask you a question relating to the horror genre. We then take the answers and compile them into a Top list aptly named. You Voted!. Last week I asked our over 14,000