Watch Zombie Short ‘Velvet Road’

Herner Klenthur

This short was sent to us by one of our long time readers and it is entitled ‘Velvet Road’. I am not entirely sure on the meaning of the title but it packs some solid production values and a moral message on racism.

Velvet Road is a look into the world that we have created. A world that is fueled by ignorance and the fear of the unknown. The film has gained great reviews from coast to coast and has even crossed the seas to Europe and South America. The message has been received and Velvet Road is a story that needs to be told!

Amidst the racial tensions of the Deep South in the early 60s, a plague runs rampant. Bobby is trying to save his infected wife and their unborn child from the disease spreading across the South. This short film depicting a zombie apocalypse in the Deep South explores the social issues of prejudice and racism.

Frankly I love this short film my only issue is that I think it is to short and the messaging on racism and ignorance gets lost because of it. That said its a well shot excellent production that is a demonstration on how no

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      1. Rebecca Villarreal November 14, 2013 at 11:28 pm

        That was good!