New Poster for the All-Female Horror Anthology ‘XX’

We here have been keeping a close eye on the upcoming horror anthology XX, a film that has the potential to be huge and it also happens to be directed by four badass women. Once again proving that women in the horror genre aren’t just eye candy, but can unleash utter horror from behind the camera just like their male counterparts if not better, and we have the brand new poster for XX.

The film is comprised of four short stories which are directed by Karyn Kusama (GIRLFIGHT, JENNIFER’S BODY), Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO), Jennifer Lynch (SURVEILLANCE), and Jovanka Vuckovic (THE CAPTURED BIRD). XYZ Films are producing the film.

At this time we don’t have any more news to report but hopefully soon we can tell you more about this one.

XX Poster

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