‘The Jurassic Games’ Begin This June
Written by Chris Savage, April 26, 2018
In what appears to be a mash-up between The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park comes Ryan Bellgardt’s (Gremlin, Army of Frankensteins) The Jurassic Games, and I have to tell you, I’m actually pretty stoked for this. Sure it’s a little silly but I can’t help but think this will be a ton of fun. Check out the

‘A Quiet Place 2’ is in Production at Paramount
Written by Jason McDonald, April 26, 2018
If you’ve seen my review of “A Quiet Place” then you’ll know I loved the hell out of that movie.  That being said, I’m not sure how to feel about this announcement. CinemaCon is currently underway in Las Vegas and all sorts of first looks and announcements are taking place.  For example, Paramount’s CEO Jim Gianopulos

Michael Gross Says ‘Tremors 7’ is in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, April 25, 2018
You might glance at the title of this article and think “Well, duh, of course there’s going to be another ‘Tremors'” movie.  However, with the return of Kevin Bacon and this new “Tremors” series in the works, some people feared that the further adventures of Burt Gummer might come to an end.  Well, rest assured,

Bruce Campbell Says He is Retiring From Playing Ash Williams
Written by Jason McDonald, April 25, 2018
A few months ago Bruce Campbell stated that if “Ash Vs Evil Dead” were to be cancelled, it’d mark the end of Ash Williams.  Well, sadly, we learned last week that “Ash vs Evil Dead” has indeed been cancelled.  So is this truly the end for Ash Williams?  “Evil Dead” fans across the world have

‘Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich’ Finds a Home with RLJE Films
Written by Chris Savage, April 24, 2018
Puppet Master is still very much alive and well as the latest installment, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, which was directed by Sonny Laguna (We Are Monsters) and Tommy Wiklund (Wither) has been picked up by RLJE Films to be released in North America. The film is expected to drop this August 2018. Check out the details

A New Doom Movie is in the Works . . . But it May Not Come to Theaters
Written by Jason McDonald, April 22, 2018
While comic books have long escaped the stigma about them being automatically terrible, video game movies are still trying to find their footing.  It says a lot that the highest rated video game movie is currently “Rampage.”  It seems like with every new movie we get closer and closer to a good video game adaptation

‘Ghosthouse’ Looks to Reopen its Doors for a Remake
Written by Chris Savage, April 22, 2018
Umberto Lenzi’s (Cannibal Ferox) 1988 flick Ghosthouse holds a special place in my heart, while it may not be his best work it was still a fun little ride. But, skip forward 30 years and it appears as if there is still some Ghosthouse love as Dustin Ferguson (Sleepaway Camp IV) is currently in pre-production

Starz Has Cancelled ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ After Three Seasons
Written by Jason McDonald, April 21, 2018
Despite being a hit with critics and beloved by “Evil Dead” fans, it seemed like “Ash Vs Evil Dead” was always fighting to stay alive.  Perhaps it was because on a premium network like Starz or the fact that more and more people seem to be cutting their cords these days, but the show only

First Images from the Onetti Brothers’ ‘Abrakadabra’
Written by Chris Savage, April 20, 2018
Brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti are returning with their fourth film Abrakadabra, which will also be the third and final film in their Giallo trilogy which began with Sonno Profondo (2013) and Francesca (2015). Their latest, Abrakadabra, will be making its debut at the upcoming Cannes film festival this May 12th, and below we have your first look

The Nun Appears in the First Teaser Image from the ‘Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘The Nun’
Written by Jason McDonald, April 20, 2018
“The Conjuring” universe is getting a little bigger this year as the terrifying Nun from “Conjuring 2” gets her own feature film.  While the film doesn’t hit until September 7th, we’ve got our first look at the demonic creature.  You know, just in case you forgot what she looked like. The teaser image, which you

Blumhouse Releases First Poster for ‘Halloween’
Written by Jason McDonald, April 20, 2018
Conceptually, October seems like it’s impossibly long time away.  However, it’s only actually six months out.  SIX MONTHS.  We’ve already passed up four, so six months are just gonna fly by.  Hopefully… And while I’m generally excited for October to come around for all the festivities, this October is shaping up to be extra special

Is Fred Ward Reteaming with Kevin Bacon for the New ‘Tremors’ Series?
Written by Jason McDonald, April 19, 2018
There’s only a tiny bit of meat of the bones of this story, but if it turns out to be true it could be the most delicious bit of meat. As we all know SyFy is working on a “Tremors” TV series with Kevin Bacon set to star.  At this time we haven’t gotten too

Cary Elwes and Jake Busey are Joining the Cast of ‘Stranger Things’ for Season 3
Written by Jason McDonald, April 19, 2018
While their may be a bit of turmoil behind the scenes of “Stranger Things” the show must go on.  For season two of “Stranger Things” Netflix nabbed a couple of actors (Paul Reiser and Sean Astin) who had some ’80s/’90s nostalgia attached to their name.  For season three it looks like they’re following the same

Killer Drones Make an Impact in Syfy’s ‘Hover’
Written by Chris Savage, April 18, 2018
What appears to look like a feature-length version of a Black Mirror episode is Matt Osterman’s upcoming dystopian sci-fi flick Hover, and below we have the first official trailer, artwork and details. Check out the goods and let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye out for this one, as well as any murderous drones.

Jason Clarke in Talks to Star in ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake
Written by Jason McDonald, April 18, 2018
We’ve known that the remake of “Pet Sematary” has been slowly building momentum since “It” dominated the box office, but now it looks like the project is starting to solidify as a big name star is circling the production. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Jason Clarke is in talks to star in the “Pet

Jim Carrey Explores ‘Dark Crimes’ in the Official Poster & Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, April 17, 2018
I’m a little late to the party here, but better late than never, right? So, it appears as if Jim Carrey is back and this time he is returning to a more serious role in Alexandros Avranas’ Dark Crimes, which is based upon the 2008 article “True Crimes – A postmodern murder mystery” by David Grann,

Crazy UFO Death Cult ‘The Endless’ Hits the UK This June
Written by Chris Savage, April 16, 2018
Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution, Spring) are quickly becoming one of my favorite directing duos and it appears as if they may have another great film to add to their growing work. Their latest film is titled The Endless, [Jason’s Review] which features a crazy UFO death cult and I’m sure, plenty of surprises.

‘Rampage’ Storms into the Box Office While ‘A Quiet Place’ Slides Into Second Place Ahead of ‘Truth or Dare’
Written by Jason McDonald, April 16, 2018
Another weekend has come and gone (ugh) and two new films entered the box office fray against last week’s champion “A Quiet Place.”  Last week “A Quiet Place” blew people away by earning an impressive $50 million in the domestic box office.  Along with the impressive financial debut the film also had a ton of

Art Bell, former host of Coast to Coast AM, Has Passed Away at 72
Written by Jason McDonald, April 15, 2018
As horror fans I tend to think most of us are fans of the supernatural.  Are ghosts real?  Have we been visited by extraterrestrials? Is there a giant ape roaming our woods?  Even if you ask these questions in jest, it’s still something horror fans love to talk about and, perhaps, the most well known

[Review] ‘Mohawk’ A Historical Thriller with a Dab of Supernatural Horror
Written by Jason McDonald, April 15, 2018
American history may be still a recent occurrence relative to the rest of the world, but there are plenty of events that lend themselves to unique settings for stories.  However, a compelling stance to take is to examine that history from the perspective of someone treated as an outsider in their own homeland.  And that’s the