Trailer for ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Highlights the Return of Sarah Connor
Written by Jason McDonald, May 24, 2019
Judgement Day is upon us… or behind us?  Possibly in a parallel universe to ours?  Honestly, it’s hard to say at this point.  Either way, we’re in for another “Terminator” movie and you can check out the first trailer down below. “Terminator: Dark Fate” marks the return of iconic bad ass Linda Hamilton as the

Ice-T Ventures to the Haunted ‘Clinton Road’
Written by Chris Savage, May 22, 2019
Have you guys heard about the haunted road that is Clinton Road? If not, you’ll soon learn about it as Midnight Releasing is set to unleash Steve Stanulis and Richard Grieco’s Clinton Road into select theatres this June 14th with a PVOD release scheduled also. Below we have the official trailer, poster and details. From the

A New ‘Evil Dead’ Game is in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, May 18, 2019
While Bruce Campbell has parted ways with his iconic persona Ash Williams, the actor seems to be destined to always have to field questions about the character wherever he goes. In an interview with TV Insider where Bruce is promoting his upcoming show “Believe It or Not”, he was asked about the future of the

New Trailer & Clips for ‘The Dead Don’t Die’
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2019
Have you guys seen the cast for Jim Jarmusch’s upcoming zombie-opus The Dead Don’t Die? It’s insane. We’ve got the likes of Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, and many more. So, if this one intrigues you, check out the new trailer and clips below. The film also stars Caleb Landry Jones, Rosie Perez,

First Official Photo for Patrick Lussier’s ‘Trick’
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2019
With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing, we’ve received the first official photo for Patrick Lussier’s Trick, as well as further details pertaining to the upcoming film from Lussier himself. So head  on down below and check out the goods. Is this something you’ve been keeping an eye on? From the Press Release: Genre veteran Patrick

Chris Rock to Reboot the ‘Saw’ Series
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2019
A few years ago I thought Danny McBride bringing back the “Halloween” franchise would be the most left field pairing I could’ve possibly heard.  Well, it took a little time, but we finally have a new bizarre pairing. Deadline is reporting that comedian Chris Rock . . . yes, the guy who was on SNL,

The Final ‘Purge’ is Coming Next Year
Written by Jason McDonald, May 14, 2019
Name a more iconic duo than “final” entries in a franchise and horror movies.  Love it or hate it the “Purge” franchise has been going strong for six years now. However, it looks like the end might finally be in sight. Universal has set a date for the next entry in the “Purge” series and

The UK’s Grimmfest Launches Horror Production Company with ‘Deathgasm’ Sequel
Written by Chris Savage, May 13, 2019
Back in 2015,  Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm hit, and it simply exploded. Everyone was talking about it, and with good reason, it was a ton of fun. And of course, we’ve been patiently awaiting a follow-up to the film which appears may actually be happening in the very near future according to Screen Daily. The site reports

The Trailer for ‘It: Chapter 2’ is Here – Check It Out Within
Written by Jason McDonald, May 9, 2019
It’s been nearly two years since the first chapter of “It” hit theaters in 2017.  It was a pop culture sensation, it dominated the box office, and it reignited a fervor for Stephen King properties.   Now today we’re finally getting our first look at the second chapter. “It: Chapter Two” will star Jessica Chastain, James

‘Lost Boys’ Pilot is Being Reworked at the CW
Written by Jason McDonald, May 9, 2019
Doing anything with the original “Lost Boys” film is going to draw some ire, but the recent attempt to bring “The Lost Boys” to television brought some particularly strong opinions when it was revealed that the Frog Brothers would become the Frog Sisters. Personally, I was all for seeing a genderbent take on the Brothers. 

‘New Mutants’ Has a Release Date – Maybe for the Last Time?
Written by Jason McDonald, May 8, 2019
I know the release of “New Mutants” has been a long running joke now and there were even rumors that it wouldn’t make it to theaters, but would instead be on Hulu.  It seemed like the film would never find its way to theaters, but now Disney appears to be giving it one more shot

David S. Goyer is Working on a ‘Hellraiser’ Feature
Written by Jason McDonald, May 7, 2019
You can’t escape the inevitable.  A new “Hellraiser” project is in the works, but this time it looks like it might be more than just a direct-to-DVD feature. Variety is reporting today that David S. Goyer has been picked by Spyglass to write and produce a “revival” of “Hellraiser.”  The way they talk about the

Practical Effects-Driven ‘Saint Burnard’ Arrives This Month
Written by Chris Savage, May 6, 2019
Oh, man! This one looks insanely awesome! It has it all; gorgeous special effects from FX maestro Gabe Bartalos, an hallucinatory tale and Warwick Davis! Yep, Gabe Bartalos who also wrote and directs Saint Bernard is unleashing the film via Severin Films this May 14th and we have the official trailer, clip and more below. From the Press

‘Warm Bodies’ is Getting a TV Series
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2019
Wow, “Warm Bodies,” that is a movie I have not thought about in years. And that’s not a diss against the movie.  I actually really liked that “Warm Bodies.”  At the time I think people unfairly dismissed it as “Twilight” with zombies, but it was a quality film. That being said, I never would have

Josh Stewart Teases ‘The Collector 3’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2019
I remember seeing the trailer for the very first “The Collector” and thinking “Wow, this looks like a poor man’s ‘Saw.'” So, sadly, I never got around to seeing that movie until the sequel came around. At that time I thought I’d finally give the series a shot and I absolutely loved them.  So I’m

New Clip and Poster for the Apocalyptic Horror ‘Starfish’
Written by Chris Savage, May 2, 2019
A little while back we gave you guys word that A.T. White’s apocalyptic horror flick Starfish, would be making a limited theatrical release in the States, and if you missed your chance to check this one out, you’ll soon be able to watch the film on VOD this May 28th. So, with the VOD release looming

New Official Trailer for Uncork’d Entertainment’s ‘Hallowed Ground’
Written by Chris Savage, May 2, 2019
The folks over at Uncork’d Entertainment have just unleashed a brand new trailer Miles Doleac’s (Demons) latest offering, Hallowed Ground, which arrives in select theatres this June 7th, and we also have the official artwork and further details below. Is this something that you’ll be keeping an eye on? From the Press Release: This summer, trespassers

Eli Craig to Direct Horror Comedy ‘Bride and Doom’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 2, 2019
While we’re still anxiously awaiting the day that they finally make a sequel to “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil,” at least Eli Craig is still out here making horror comedies. Deadline is reporting that director Eli Craig, who previously helmed “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil” and “Little Evil,” has signed on to direct “Bride and

A Native American Reserve Becomes the Last Bastion of Hope Against a Zombie Horde in ‘Blood Quantum’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 2, 2019
Every now and then you hear a concept that leaves you thinking “That’s such a cool idea, how hasn’t it been done before?” Such is the case of “Blood Quantum” which has just released their first look today. Deadline put out a report today about revealing that XYZ Films will be handling the worldwide sales

Universal Studios Hollywood to Feature a ‘Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man’ Attraction at Halloween Horror Nights
Written by Jason McDonald, April 30, 2019
It’s both a joyous and unsettling feeling that the unofficial Halloween season kicks off in about 4 months.  While Halloween is still in October, September is when all the big parks start to push out their Halloween events. So far Universal Studios has announced that “Stranger Things” would be returning for a second season along