Horror Writers Wanted!
Written by TheM, August 4, 2014
Do you love horror? Do you want to write about the horror genre? Well, we have the gig for you! We are specifically looking for a day-to-day news contributor to join our daily horror movie news team. If you are up on the latest horror news and have it dripping into your blood stream from an

Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces Off Against Zombies in New ‘Maggie’ Clip
Written by Chris Savage, May 5, 2015
Go! Do it now, get to the choppa! Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and this time he is up against the living dead and we have a brand new clip from Maggie, which puts him head-on with those brain-munchers, check it out below and let us know if you’ll be watching this one? Synopsis: A

Machinima Announces RoboCop and Clive Barker Shorts for Their Web Series
Written by Chris Savage, May 5, 2015
Machinima, the online digital collective looks to be getting back in the game with a slew of short-form web series as The Wrap reports that they will be unleashing projects that include RoboCop and several shorts from the man himself, Clive Barker and a little Sci-fi project among others. Read on for some early details. Clive

Will Poulter to Play Pennywise in ‘It’ Remake
Written by Chris Savage, May 5, 2015
Here we go, guys. Pennywise has been cast in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and it’s definitely a surprising choice. According to Variety, Will Poulter (pictured right; Maze Runner, We’re the Millers) has been cast to play the evil monster disguised as a clown known as Pennywise, the role which Tim Curry made

Scream Factory Unleashes GhostHouse and Witchery onto Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2015
The folks over at Scream Factory have a couple more titles heading to Blu-ray, and if you like witches, freaky clown dolls, demonic spirits and David Hasselhoff, then you’re in for an absolute treat! Scream Factory are putting together GhostHouse and Witchery on a double feature Blu-ray this June 30th. From the Press Release: Clown

Nicolas Cage Battles the Undead in New ‘Pay the Ghost’ Photo
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2015
Nicolas Cage is back! I think he is fantastic, I love his work and it brings me great pleasure to usher in the first photo from his latest horror flick Pay the Ghost. A film in which Nicolas Cage must do battle with a vengeful ghost who abducts children. Check out some information below as

Turn Your House Into A Horror Movie with New Smart Phone App
Written by Chris Savage, May 4, 2015
Ever wanted to be a part of a horror movie? Sure you have, we’re horror fans, and it turns out you may be able to be a part of a horror movie within your own home through a new app entitled Night Terrors, and we have some early details as well as a trailer to give

Friday the 13th Director takes on Horror Flick ‘Stowaway’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2015
Marcus Nispel doesn’t produce a whole lot of work, but I still find him to be an interesting director.  His feature film debut was with the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake in 2003.  He then followed that up with the underrated sci-fi creature feature “Pathfinder.”  And then he took on the task of remaking another horror

The Last of Us Has Been Recut into a TV Series
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2015
Are you a huge fan of “The Last of Us” that has always wanted to show off the games story to a non-gamer acquaintance?  The idea of having someone sit down and watch you play a game so that they could absorb the story is a bit daunting as it can be a lengthy and,

Ouija 2 is Set to Release Next Year
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2015
At the beginning of the year producer Brad Fuller let it be known that they were interested in pursuing a sequel to “Ouija.”  Despite not being a huge success with horror fans, the film still did considerably well at the box office thanks to it being a micro-budget film. Well now it looks like those

Lionsgate is Planning to Remake the ‘Cube’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2015
Here’s something I didn’t realize, in three years time the “Cube” will be twenty years old.  Normally I’d say “has it really been that long?” But in this case I could’ve sworn that the “Cube” was much older than that.  In any case, what are you getting for the Cube for its twentieth birthday? I

Animals Go Wild in First Promo for ‘Zoo’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 3, 2015
CBS is currently working on an adaptation of James Patterson’s “Zoo”, a novel in which animals mysteriously begin to revolt against their human overlords.  Domesticated dogs suddenly become vicious killers, lions begin to organize themselves like mobile hit squads, and cats… well… cats are still jerks. The show will center on a ridiculed scientist who

First Trailer for the Eli Roth-Produced Film ‘The Stranger’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 2, 2015
Eli Roth might be back to directing films, but in his downtime he is still out there producing films.  The latest film he’s attached his name too is “The Stranger” and we’ve got the first trailer below for you to check out. “The Stranger” is a supernatural tale about a mysterious man who arrives in

Zombies from Outer Space Finally Hits DVD
Written by Chris Savage, May 2, 2015
A couple of years ago we gave you guys the first look at a little indie flick entitled Zombies from Outer Space, but since that time it has sadly been extremely silent. Thankfully however, the silence has finally been broken as Zombies from Outer Space is making its way to DVD this May 26th via Olive

First Official Trailer for The Nightmare
Written by Chris Savage, May 1, 2015
From Rodney Ascher (Room 277) comes his latest flick The Nightmare, a film that is a sort of documentary horror film as this one explores the phenomenon of sleep paralysis through the eyes of a series of people and what we get is something actually horrifying. This sucker looks like it will send chills down your

The UK Gets a ‘Demonic’ Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, May 1, 2015
From Will Canon comes the James Wan-produced flick Demonic, and we have just scored ourselves the official UK trailer for the upcoming film. If you’re into all things supernatural, most notably paranormal phenomenon, then Demonic should be right up your street. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’re intrigued? Synopsis: ‘Demonic’ centers on the

[Trailer] LeglessCorpse Films to Unleash The Rohl Farms Haunting
Written by Chris Savage, May 1, 2015
Many years ago when I first witnessed The Blair Witch Project, I just didn’t get it. But after a re-watch it quickly became a staple in my collection and I love it. But since then, we have been inundated with “found-footage” movies and most of them have simply drifted off without so much as a

New Official Terminator Genisys Poster & TV Spots
Written by Chris Savage, May 1, 2015
I’m not sure if it’s intentional by unleashing a potentially major spoiler, but it appears as if the powers that be have struck again by giving us more spoilers for Terminator: Genisys. But then again, maybe this is a decoy to throw us off from something much bigger? Either way, we have the brand new

First Official Poltergeist Clip Inside
Written by Chris Savage, April 30, 2015
Whether you want it or not, the remake of Poltergeist is just around the corner and will soon be scaring a new generation of fans and maybe a few old ones as well. Speaking of the old, what we have for you, thanks to Collider, is the first official clip from the film which takes us

New Official Eerie Trailer for The Suffering
Written by Chris Savage, April 30, 2015
From Robert Hamilton comes his latest flick The Suffering, a film which looks set to take you on a journey into the mind of madness and into the depths of hell. Yep, and we just so happen to have the first trailer for you guys to check out as well as some poster art to

Overkill’s Walking Dead Game Coming to PS4, XBox One, and PC
Written by Jason McDonald, April 30, 2015
Here’s an update for those of you that might have forgotten.  Overkill, the developer behind “Payday 2″, is in the process of putting together a “Walking Dead” game. This bit of news was announced last August, but little about it has been heard since. Now the developer’s parent company, Starbreeze, has come out with a