SGL Entertainment Launches Their Free Movie Channel Onto Roku
Written by Chris Savage, January 15, 2019
Our friends over at SGL Entertainment have recently informed us that they have launched their movie channel onto Roku, which features all kinds of movies ranging from horror, sci-fi, documentaries, comedies and even cult classics. So, if you’re looking for more horror to get your teeth stuck into, head on down below on how to

There is a Rarely Seen Disney “Documentary” About Aliens
Written by Jason McDonald, January 13, 2019
Growing up as a kid in the ’90s I never really left the confines of California.  And for the most part that was totally fine. We had Universal Studios, Disneyland, the beaches, mountains, plenty of museum, and so on and so forth.  There was no shortage of awesome things to experience.  But there was one

‘Saw’ Writers Venture into Their ‘Final Destination’
Written by Chris Savage, January 12, 2019
It’s been laying dormant since 2011 when the fifth Final Destination movie was released, and while we have had various updates and rumors regarding a sixth film in the popular franchise, things have just never came to fruition sadly and we’ve been left eagerly awaiting more ever since. But, we may just get that sixth

Trailer for ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ Reveals the Darker Side of Art
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2019
Jake Gyllenhaal and writer/director Dan Gilroy have melded well together in the past when they worked on “Nightcrawler,” so the idea of them teaming up again has me excited and the concept for this movie is pretty engrossing. “Velvet Buzzsaw” follows a series of supernatural events that befall people who have let greed get in

Warner Bros Working on an Animated ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2019
The saga surrounding the often rumored live-action “Mortal Kombat” movie has been a long and storied one.  Every time it seems like it’s close to becoming a reality, someone or something comes along and pulls the rug out from underneath it.  Well, it looks like destiny has found a new way to bring the game

FX Releases New Teaser and Premiere Month for ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Series
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2019
I know it’s not surprising to say, but I absolutely love “What We Do in the Shadows.”  I mean, really, who could possibly hate that movie?  Yeah it’s a comedy, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s charming and delightful.  And while I would love a sequel, a TV series is

The Sequel to ‘Alien: Isolation’ is a Mobile Game Titled ‘Alien: Blackout’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 8, 2019
It seems like it was only yesterday that I was full of hope and wonder over the idea of a sequel to “Alien: Isolation.”  But there was something about all that teasing that gave me pause to worry.  And it turns out I was right to worry. So, yes, there is a sequel to “Alien:

[Trailer] First Look at Richard LeMay’s ‘Blood Bound’
Written by Chris Savage, January 7, 2019
For those of you who are looking for a new supernatural horror film to check out this year may be interested in Richard LeMay’s (Dementia 13) Blood Bound, which arrives on VOD platforms this January 15th via Film Mode Entertainment. Below we have the first official trailer and poster along with all the details pertaining

‘Alien’ Twitter Account Possibly Teasing a New ‘Alien’ Game with Amanda Ripley
Written by Jason McDonald, January 6, 2019
“Alien: Isolation” is, without a doubt, the best game based on the “Alien” franchise ever made.  I’m not even a fan of stealth games, but Isolation did an incredible job of making the Xenomorph a terrifying and powerful creature in a way the movies haven’t been able to do in a while.  The game also

‘Escape Room’ Kicks Off a New Year of Horror with a Strong Debut
Written by Jason McDonald, January 6, 2019
January used to be known as the dumping ground for movies studios had no faith in, but in recent years it has also become home to horror movies.  After all the holiday cheer and wonderment people might be in the mood for something a little different, so putting a horror movie out in January isn’t

Godzilla Once Went One on One With Charles Barkley
Written by Jason McDonald, January 6, 2019
In the ’90s I loved collecting posters.  The likes of the X-Men, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman adorned my walls.  But there was one poster that I had that firmly sticks out in my memory.  It was a poster of basketball legend Charles Barkley attempting to dunk on Godzilla. As a nerdy kid

That Boy Ain’t Right – Check out the Trailer for ‘The Prodigy’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 4, 2019
There are plenty of movies 0ut there about murderous children, but like Jello, I feel like I always have room for more in my life.  There’s just something about the dynamic I love.  Between the frazzled parent who everyone ignores and the mysterious murders that seem to occur every time this little kid is around,

First Official Trailer and Poster for ‘The Amityville Murders’
Written by Chris Savage, January 3, 2019
As we begin to look ahead at upcoming films for the year, we have just been provided with the official artwork and trailer for Daniel Farrands’ The Amityville Murders which arrives this February 8th in theatres, On Demand and digital. So, if this one has been on your radar, head on down below for the

Jason’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2019
Written by Jason McDonald, January 2, 2019
Happy New Year everyone, glad you made it another year.  2018 was a hell of a year for horror movies and we’ve talked about my favorite of the year, but now it’s time to look to the future.  There are a lot of big movies due out in 2019, so let’s see what my most

Alternate Endings for ‘The Predator’  Would Have Featured Ellen Ripley or Newt
Written by Jason McDonald, January 1, 2019
Just a big heads up here: If you haven’t seen “The Predator” yet and don’t want to be spoiled on the ending (even though it is terrible) I would stop reading this post.  If you don’t care, continue on! So there were a lot of weird things about 2018’s “The Predator,” but one of the

Jason’s Top Ten Horror Movies of 2018
Written by Jason McDonald, December 29, 2018
Earlier this week we looked to the past to review what I was looking forward to seeing this year.  Today we’re looking at which movies actually made my list for the top ten horror movies of 2018. Now, this list is ten movies ordered sequentially, but that doesn’t mean these are the only good horror

Expectations Versus Reality – Looking Back at My Most Anticipated Movies of 2018
Written by Jason McDonald, December 26, 2018
As we round out the end of year it’s time to look back and take an accounting of the films that came out over the year.  I’m working on my top ten list and I’m starting to realize that a lot of the films that I had anticipated for this year didn’t make it on there. 

Check Out the Trailer for Jordan Peele’s New Film ‘Us’
Written by Jason McDonald, December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas! I’m sure you’re all either opening gifts, drinking some spiked eggnog, or possibly avoiding your family entirely at this point of the day.  So if you’re in the later group and need some kind of distraction, I got a fantastic one for you.  Universal has released the first trailer for Jordan Peele’s next

We Have the First Clip for the Anthology ‘Terror Tales’
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2018
We love anthologies, you love anthologies, everybody loves them. So, we’re beyond stoked for Jimmy Lee Combs’ Terror Tales which stars some absolute legends in Lynn Lowry, Ari Lehmann, Felissa Rose, Laurene Landon, and Jennifer Runyon. Below we have the first official clip for the upcoming movie which is expected to hit this January 8th. From

First Look at Dee Wallace’s ‘Dolls’
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2018
One may wonder just what type dolls Dee Wallace may have. Could they be cute and cuddly or could they be the kind that’s kinda rabid or those spiky critters from another planet? Well, they’re neither, but they are said to be mysterious and sinister, and well, that’s good enough for us. So, check out