Yeon Sang-ho is Working on a Sequel to ‘Train to Busan’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 14, 2018
I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed that “Train to Busan” would’ve wound up being the horror hit that it was.  On the surface, you might just look at it and think “Oh it’s a movie about zombies on a train or something.” However, the film managed to be so much more and endeared itself to

[Trailer] It’s a Feeding ‘Frenzy’ in This Upcoming Shark Movie
Written by Chris Savage, August 13, 2018
With The Meg opening with a strong $44M as reported by Jason HERE, it seems the shark movie is just as popular as ever and as such, we have word of another movie so you can get your teeth stuck in once more. From MarVista Entertainment and making its way to SyFy this Wednesday, August 15th

The Psychological Thriller ‘Prodigy’ Arrives On Netflix Next Week
Written by Chris Savage, August 13, 2018
Alex Haughey and Brian Vida’s psychological thriller Prodigy has taken the streaming world by storm, as the film outperformed their expectations on Amazon by such a margin that it caught the attention of Netflix, where we can reveal the film will be making its permanent home next week, August 22nd. From the Press Release: The

Slender Man is No Match for a Giant Shark at this Weekend’s Box Office
Written by Jason McDonald, August 13, 2018
If you had asked me five years how I thought a “Slender Man” movie would do at the box office, I would’ve told you it would absolutely own the weekend.  With viral video games, insane internet lore, and great YouTube videos driving the legacy of the CreepyPasta character it would have definitely been a box

Tony Dakota Reprises His Role of Georgie in New ‘It’ Short Film
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2018
John Campopiano, the man behind the upcoming It documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT, looks to be venturing even further into Stephen King’s It, as John has announced that he is working on an unofficial sequel to the It miniseries and we have the first details below. The short is simply titled Georgie and it asks,

‘Rabid Grannies’ Have Come Out of Retirement for a Sequel!
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2018
Way back in 1988, Rabid Grannies first made their appearance and since then? Well, we can only assume they vacted to Florida to live out the rest of their days. But it would appear that you can’t keep a cannibalistic old lady down, as a sequel titled Rabid Grannies II: Ravenshore is set for a release in

‘Dead Envy’ to Hit VOD This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2018
Back in June we informed you guys that Random Media had acquired all domestic rights to Harley Di Nardo’s Dead Envy, but a release date wasn’t firmly announced at that point. Today, however, we can reveal that the film will receive a limited theatrical release in LA this August 24th and then on VOD beginning September

Fantasia 2018: Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum [Review]
Written by Simon Rother, August 9, 2018
A found-footage Korean film involving vengeful spirits filmed inside a real-life abandoned mental asylum? Yes, please. Embark on the live broadcast of a YouTube show inside “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” which made its Quebec premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. “Horror Times” is a popular Korean YouTube show that often investigates locations that are said

First Official Trailer and Artwork for ‘Redcon-1’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, August 9, 2018
It has been quiet a while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to Chee Keong Cheung’s (Bodyguard: A New Beginning) UK zombie flick Redcon-1, but today we have quiet the update for you. Not only do we have the first official trailer but we also have the artwork and release details,

John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog’ to Get 4K Release in October
Written by Jason McDonald, August 9, 2018
With a new “Halloween” on the horizon all the John Carpenter talk is firmly centered around that film. However, while “Halloween” is the talk of the town, there is another John Carpenter classic that is looking to get it’s time in the spotlight. According to Variety John Carpenter’s “The Fog” is getting a 4K restoration

Patrick Wilson to Star in Adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill Story ‘In The Tall Grass’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 9, 2018
If we were looking for a modern day male horror icon, I would think Patrick Wilson would have to be pretty high up on the list of potential choices.  Not only has starred in two high profile films (“The Conjuring” and “Insidious”) but he continues to do genre work with well received entries like “Bone

Fantasia 2018: The Field Guide to Evil [Review]
Written by Simon Rother, August 8, 2018
After “Tales from the Hood 2”, a second disappointing horror anthology made its presence felt at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. “The Field Guide of Evil” made its Canadian premiere and unfortunately won’t be a classic to remember. Mainly inspired by country-related folklore, “The Field Guide to Evil” brings forth 8 different segments; 7 from

Official Trailer for Wild Eye Releasing’s ‘Dead Love’
Written by Chris Savage, August 8, 2018
The folks over at Wild Eye Releasing have announced that they will be unleashing Colin Floom and Greg Nemer’s Dead Love onto VOD this August 21st, and below we have the first official trailer, artwork and details. Is this something you’ll be checking out? From the Press Release: Sometimes the blood just won’t wash away. This summer,

Fantasia 2018: Mandy [Review]
Written by Simon Rother, August 7, 2018
Brace yourself for a cinematic experience like no other before. “Mandy,” starring Nicholas Cage, made its Canadian premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, and love it or hate it, Panos Cosmatos’ second feature film which he directed and co-wrote will most likely leave a permanent mark on you. Set in 1983, lumberjack Red Miller

Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Been Announced as a DLC Character for Tekken 7
Written by Jason McDonald, August 7, 2018
In the last few years a lot of horror characters have found their way to fighting games.  In particular we’ve seen horror icons like Freddy and the Predator appear in the “Mortal Kombat” series.  While a strange combo, it still makes sense.  While “Mortal Kombat” isn’t a “horror” game, it’s the kind of gruesome environment

Is ‘Jaws: The Revenge’ Really That Awful?
Written by Chris Savage, August 6, 2018
For years I heard that Joseph Sargent’s Jaws: The Revenge is one of the worst movies ever made. It has made countless “Worst Of” lists, received a slew of negative reviews such as, “Jaws: The Revenge may very well be the dullest and most pointless sequel ever made.” [Common Sense Media] and “This film is one of

First Look at Vertigo Releasing’s ‘Revenge’
Written by Chris Savage, August 6, 2018
We have just received word that Vertigo Releasing will be unleashing Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge onto Digital HD this September 7th, and below we have some early artwork as well as details pertaining to the release. The film is described as Tomb Raider meets I Spit On Your Grave, so naturally it has us intrigued, how about

What’s the Secret to a Viral Creepypasta Story?
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2018
With the Slender Man feature film hitting theatres this August 10th, Sara McGuire of Venngage.com hit us up with an intriguing piece on Creepypasta’s, simply asking; What’s the secret recipe for a viral creepypasta? And well, after some research, ten stories out of the 72 that Sara studied found that they contained a number of ingredients. In total,

Fantasia: Anna and the Apocalypse [Review]
Written by Simon Rother, August 4, 2018
Have you ever wanted to experience a musical sung by teens that took place at Christmas, during a zombie apocalypse? Wait no more, because “Anna and the Apocalypse,” which made its Canadian premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, will fulfill all your needs concerning the precise aspects depicted above. Well, almost all of them.

‘Killer Kate!’ Arrives This October Via Freestyle Digital Media
Written by Chris Savage, August 3, 2018
It has been announced that Freestyle Digital Media has acquired the North American rights to Elliot Feld’s debut feature film Killer Kate!, and we can reveal that the film will be making its way into select theatres as well as VOD, Digital HD across cable, Internet, and satellite platforms this October 26th. Check out the official details