Horror Writers Wanted!
Written by TheM, August 4, 2014
Do you love horror? Do you want to write about the horror genre? Well, we have the gig for you! We are specifically looking for a day-to-day news contributor to join our daily horror movie news team. If you are up on the latest horror news and have it dripping into your blood stream from an

CUB (Fantastic Fest 2014) Movie Review
Written by Flay Otters, September 19, 2014
When dealing with children in peril in horror films, you come to expect a certain set of rules, a certain pathway from start to end that give us the hero, the villain, the comic foil, the human drama, the adult influence and the calming resolution. This is what we see time and time again and

Exclusive Dark Haul Poster
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 19, 2014
Producer Andrew Gernhard was awesome enough to let us release the official international Dark Haul poster here first! Now, you may be wondering why the title says “Monster Truck.” Well, Andrew explains that this title is being adapted for domestic home video and international release, but you can still enjoy watching it when it comes

New Official Honeymoon Clip Inside
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2014
If there is one film I am stoked to see this year it is the indie flick Honeymoon. It just looks as if it is set to be a hidden gem, so, to give you guys a little taste, if you haven’t seen this one already, we have a brand new clip for you to check

May God Have Mercy on This Annabelle TV Spot
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2014
Annabelle is nearing ever closer with each passing day, and to ensure that you guys don’t forget about her, we have scored a brand new TV spot for you guys to check out below. Also, be sure to let us know if you will be checking this one out? Annabelle is directed by John R.

The Evil Within TGS Trailer Gets Messy
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
We’re just a month away from the release of Bethesda’s “The Evil Within” and I’m still not sure what to think about it.  I enjoyed my time with the game during E3 and was left wanting to play more; however, many others have felt underwhelmed by what it has to offer.  Either way, I can’t

Red Band Trailer for V/H/S Viral
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
IGN has debuted a new trailer for “V/H/S Viral” and I’m a little surprised at how over the top this one looks.  Granted, the previous entries had some far out concepts going on in them, but this one seems exceptionally so.  That could just be a result of the way the trailer was edited, so

Bloodborne Hits Us with New TGS Trailer and Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
The more I see of “Bloodborne”, the more I know that I’m going to be absolutely terrible at it.  But it’s also the kind of game that I can’t say “no” to.  I may give up after a few frustrating hours, but if it’s anything like the time I spent with Demons Souls, I’ll remember

New Teaser Poster for ‘Insidious: Chapter 3′
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
“Insidious: Chapter 3″ is still a thing that is currently happening and to remind you that it is, they’ve released a snazzy little teaser poster.  Usually these kind of posters just feature a simple image, but instead they’ve opted to go with a wall of text that hints at a creepy new spirit. The next

Creepy New Concept Trailer for Silent Hills
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
Did you play P.T.? I finally got around to checking it out this past weekend (just got myself a PS4) and I have to say that it was pretty effective.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I let out one scream while playing it in the dark.  To be fair, it was a random jump scare,

Matt Smith Joins ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 19, 2014
You hear that strange “Eeerrwoooo” sound off in the distance? That’s the sound of millions of Whovians suddenly becoming very interested in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” The Hollywood Reporter has learned that ex-Doctor Who star Matt Smith has landed a role in the upcoming adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”  The film is

Dead Snow 2 Review : The Must See Horror Film!
Written by Simon Rother, September 18, 2014
If you loved “Dead Snow”, then it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT to like “Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead”, directed by Tommy Wirkola (who also did the first chapter), and having been presented at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE FIRST “DEAD SNOW”.) “Red Vs. Dead” picks up where the first

New Perspective: The Lost Boys As A Homosexual Film
Written by CineNiche, September 18, 2014
  Carl Jung spoke of the wanderer archetype, which states certain people are destined to wonder the world seeking meaning, but normally never finding it. Vampires fulfill this archetype; they are beyond the bounds of society. They are on the outskirts, always forced to watch but never truly be a part of life. In Joel

Jeepers Creepers 3 Delayed Due to Financing?
Written by Chris Savage, September 18, 2014
I’m sure many of you are just chomping at the bit for some release news for the third entry in the Jeepers Creepers franchise, which is entitled Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral, but unfortunately we still have nothing concrete. But, perhaps we may know why the film hasn’t arrived. According to Bloody-Disgusting, Justin Long, who starred in the

Full Official Trailer for Gilgamesh
Written by Chris Savage, September 18, 2014
We have been following Richard Chandler’s sci-fi horror flick Gilgamesh, for quite some time now. In the past we have unleashed a slew of stills and even a teaser trailer, but today we have scored the full official trailer for the film, and it looks sweet! Perhaps that’s to do with the bodacious Melantha Blackthorne,

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Hits March 2015
Written by Chris Savage, September 18, 2014
The sixth film in the Paranormal Activity franchise looks as if it is hitting sooner than many believed. Not only that, but the film has scored itself a title, the film has scored the name Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. As always, plot details are held under lock and key, but we can reveal that

Zombies Should Fear “Confederacy of the Dead”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 17, 2014
Just when you think you’ve seen it all with Nazi zombies in Dead Snow and crazy confederate vampires in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, we get another zany title that comes out way. Beware the Confederacy of the Dead. The setup for this one’s story is very ironic as we start off at a Civil War

Inside Look At Rob Zombie’s “Great American Nightmare” Experience
Written by Stephanie Joyce, September 17, 2014
Ever wanted to experience Captain Spaulding’s creepy attractions for yourself? Or how about a super terrifying black-out experience with the “Lords of Salem”? Well, you just may get your chance as Rob Zombie kicks off his concert tour for America today, another curious creation of his will be coming to town this Halloween. It’s none

First Casting News for the Mysterious Thriller ‘A’
Written by Chris Savage, September 17, 2014
Well, guys, how about that for a title? Yep, A is the title of this indie flick from Elias (Gut, Dark), a guy that is quickly making a name for himself and we are very pleased to announce some very awesome casting news for his latest flick. Lets just say things are about to get a

New ‘Extraterrestrial’ Poster Inside
Written by Chris Savage, September 17, 2014
I’m sure many of you have been following The Vicious Brothers’ latest flick Extraterrestrial, right? I’m also sure that a few of you are stoked for some extraterrestrial mayhem, so thanks to our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting, we have scored a brand new one-sheet for the upcoming film. Synopsis: The film follows April (Brittany Allen), who is

Tom Hiddleston to Star in Skull Island
Written by Jason McDonald, September 17, 2014
Universal will be returning to King Kong’s home in 2016 for a new origin story about the legendary ape and his island of monstrous horrors.  And now they’ve found the leading man who’ll take them there and the director who will guide them. Tom Hiddleston, who has achieved worldwide geek cred for his portrayal of