Tales of Zombie Terror – Habeas Corpus


Love Dead. Hate Living.

Independent Running has released a teaser for their upcoming indie zombie anthology film – Habeas Corpus, and even though it’s just a teaser, I definately like what I’m seeing.. make me wish I was that zombie at the end of the trailer.   GIMMIE SOME SUGAR BABY! 

Habeus Corpus is an upcoming portmanteau horror feature bringing together some new and exciting names in the genre. Directors Paul Davis (Beware The Moon) and Simon Aitken (Blood + Roses) are collaborating with award-winning short film writers/directors Clive Ashenden and Rob Wickings (Code Grey, Snatching Time), writer Ben Woodiwiss (Blood + Roses), and effects artist Brendan Lonergan (John Carter of Mars, Clash of the Titans, Gladiator, Alien 3) on the film: an anthology themed around the exploitation of the dead.

directed by Clive Ashenden

A graveyard caretaker makes a deal with a flesh-eating zombie. While the log-fire in his cottage burns, he will have an attentive audience for his macabre stories. But when the fire dies… so will he.

directed by Rob Wickings

Trevor is a recovering alcoholic, who has filled the aching gap that booze used to fill by visiting prostitutes. He hears about an exclusive place where the girls touch you so sweetly that it’s barely like being touched at all. It’s called The Veil. The host of the place, an androgynous creature called Shrike, soon hooks Trevor in, and demands a price that will destroy both the addict and his wife.
Shrike has a secret, and the girls of The Veil are older than they look…

directed by Brendan Lonergan

Edward J Goldsmith, lonely, middle aged bachelor, is the unwitting victim of a confused, undead works unit by the name of Charlie, who thoroughly believes that Goldsmiths house once belonged to him. While on an assignment, it/he has escaped from an underground facility run by government men, plotting to do away with troublesome workforces, Trade unions, armies etc and ultimately create a cost effective undead workforce which doesn’t ask questions, answer back or take days off. After being kidnapped by the loathsome creature Charlie, Mr Goldsmith is embroiled deep into a world of utilitarian walking corpses, and evil little men in Bowler hats plotting to change the face of 1950’s Britain … possibly the world.

directed by Simon Aitken

The Tourist is about a young man, Stuart O’Brien, who discovers he has the ability to absorb energy from a person when they die. The rush he gets from it is like a drug. He volunteers at a local hospice, where he feeds off the dying. Alas he is not the only one with this gift. He finds someone more experienced and more dangerous than he could imagine.

directed by Paul Davis

A female art student is in danger of failing a critical school project, not only resulting in her dropping out of school, but being deported from Britain back to the United States. While struggling to find inspiration for her project on S.C.U.M. (the Society for Cutting Up Men), she stumbles upon a method of expressing her art in a way that embodies the very core of the subject matter. Art isn’t dead. Dead is art.

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      1. Rangimarie Tekoha July 6, 2011 at 3:58 am

        Is this movie out yet? I saw the trailer and I just HAVE to watch it lol

        • chris December 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm

          This is exactly where I stand. I’ve had this bookmarked since February 2011 because it’s supposed to remind me to find out when it is released. Yet, it is December 2012 and I’m still waiting. Come on Habeas Corpus! Release thy self!