Awesome New Trailer For Creature Feature Dead Shadows

Chris Savage

This almost seems like a dream come true. With the French recently owning the horror genre with their recent output, they are unleashing a creature feature which has practical effects close to what was seen in John Carpenter’s The Thing. Dead Shadows looks awesome, and hopefully, if CGI is used, it used in extremely small doses.

Director David Cholewa looks to be onto a winner with Dead Shadows and we have the brand new teaser trailer which gives us a glimpse at the effects on display. Add this one to your one to watch.

The film stars Fabian Wolfrom, Blandine Marmigère, John Fallon and Rurik Sallé.

Synopsis: “Dead Shadows tells the terrifying story of a young man, named Chris (Wolfrom), whose parents were brutally killed 11 years ago, on the same day that Halley’s comet could be seen from earth. Tonight, a new comet is appearing and everyone in his building are getting ready for a party to celebrate the event. There’s even an apocalypse theory going around. As the night falls, Chris discovers that people are starting to act strange – and it seems to somehow be connected to the comet. They are becoming disoriented and violent and it doesn’t take long before they begin to mutate into something far beyond this world. In a fight for survival, Chris tries to escape from his building with the help of a gun taunting tenant named John (Fallon) – but will they make it out alive?”

For more information and a slew of production photos, hit up their official Facebook page.

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      1. Sweet 'n' Tender February 1, 2012 at 4:30 am

        Thank God for French horror! Actually I’m pretty thankful for European horror as a whole… it’s just weird man, I just don’t get the same hard on when I see the new crap coming from Hollywood. Is Hollywood even aware of the whole new Euro Horror movement? If they are they sure as hell aren’t learning anything from it. This is just another reason to be excited this year. 
        I agree about the CGI too. It’s just bullshit hoe they are now using CGI blood in US films… saw Zombie Apocalypse on SyFy and every last drop of blood was CGI… I had to turn it off. For me that’s even worse then the bad handycam movies on Netflix…well, uhh… maybe it’s a tie, they both suck equally as hard.