First Look At Found Footage Film The Helpers

Chris Savage

Just when you thought you had seen the last of the torture porn craze, director Chris Stokes is about ready to unleash his film upon the world which is entitled The Helpers. Now, these helpers aren’t the sort of people that will help carry your groceries or anything like that. You see, they are out to help you die. They are nice and jolly like that.

So, courtesy of Dread Central we have our first look at the film. The Helpers has a shockingly long synopsis which, unfortunately, is filled to the brim with spoilers. However, below is a shortened version, but if you want to read the whole essay, head on over to the link above.

The film stars Kristen Quintrall (Wolvezbayne), Denyce Lawton (“House of Payne”), Christopher Jones (You Got Served), JoJo Wright (Bring it On: All or Nothing), and Rachel Sterling.

Synopsis: “Seven friends, three couples (Claire, Todd, Jordan, Brandy, Ryan and Anna, and their tag along Phil) from Sacramento California all decide to go on a trip to Las Vegas. Phil decides to document their entire trip because his girlfriend Julia wasn’t able to make it. All seems fun until they hit a detour/road block. A couple hours of lost driving later, both of the back tires on the truck are blown out! After some moments of confusion and arguing, the gang comes up with the plan that all the girls will stay inside the truck while all the guys walk down the road to find HELP.”

For more information check out their official website and Facebook page.


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