Are You Ready to Choose Your Victim?

Chris Savage

A new reality style web-series is on the horizon which gives you, the viewer, the option to vote for one of the stars to die. Not only that, but you get to suggest how they should die. It will then be incorporated into the next episode and you get to see your deadly imaginations come to life.

It sounds like they have hit something here, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. The show has been described as, “Jersey Shore meets Survivor — with a gory twist!”

Below we have the first episode for your viewing pleasure, go check it out and see what you make of it.

From the Press Release:

Ever wanted to vote a reality star off the island so bad you could just die? Capilano University film graduates Gigi Saul Guerrero and Luke Bramley have created the show for you — blending horror and reality into a raunchy gore-fest with their summer web series Choose Your Victim.

“This is the first series where people actually write a death and can be as graphic as they want, to certain limitations,” said show co-creator Guerrero. “We’re taking what’s popular today — reality TV and horror — and combining them to make a show where people can finally kill off those characters nobody likes… Think Jersey Shore meets Survivor — with a gory twist!”

Choose Your Victim, which launched its pilot episode this week, is a faux reality show which plays up the stereotypical characters often seen in shows like Big Brother: the hot bitch, the geek, the wild chick, the shy girl, the jock. The characters are placed in a cabin to party, but there’s a killer on the loose; this is where the audience comes into play.

The show operates on a simple yet enticing formula: watch an episode, decide who you want off the show, and say how you want the character to die. The crew then takes an audience suggestion and makes it happen — incorporating the chosen victim’s death into the next episode.
“Writing is going to have to be a fast process,” notes Guerrero, an award-winning horror filmmaker. “Writing episodes will have to be done in one night. We pick the character with the most votes, and then the most creative death scenario gives us only one night to create an entire five-to-seven-minute script. My team and I must be on the ball at all times. Luckily CYV is fortunate to have Jeremy Heynen, Director of the Okanagan Film Festival, to be a writing partner.”Voting for the first death ends at midnight Monday June 11. New episodes will air every two weeks throughout the summer with a fresh round of voting after each episode.

“We are huge horror fans, but the main reason for this project is to be able to connect 100% with an audience and finally give them what they want. The gore and fun have just started… let the Horror begin!”


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