Official Poster & Trailer for Zombies Reborn

Chris Savage

No matter how much I love the genre, sometimes you just cannot polish a turd. While I am willing to wait to witness the full onslaught of the upcoming Chinese zombie flick, Zombies Reborn, judging by the trailer things aren’t looking too promising.

I’m not sure if this is what is going on, but it looks to me as if someone has taken the idea of Universal Soldier and thought that will work well with zombies (although they look like vampires, who knows!?), but sadly for me, it just doesn’t do it. But, this is what it is, head on down below and check it out courtesy of 24FPS, perhaps it might be one for you?

Synopsis: ” The dead of night, a hospital’s surveillance video captures a morgue bizarre corpse theft, those stealing the bodies turned out to be a group of grim, red-eye zombies. Security report the incident to the police but the senior detective dispatched could not find the slightest clue. …… Subsequently a beautiful woman is Kidnapped from the hospital to find herself imprisoned in a terrorist laboratory, without a soul to help her she must fight to survive, and escape becoming a zombie herself……”

This one hits China this November 1st.


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