The Earth Rejects Him – Horror Short Review

Chris Savage

I am totally mesmerized, this totally blew me away and I’m still trying to understand the psychological aspects behind this, is it a metaphor for teenage adolescence or something much more. Perhaps this is just a stunning short and nothing more.

What ever the case, Jared Skolnick’s horror short The Earth Rejects Him, is an absolute assault on the senses, while there is pretty much no dialogue what-so-ever, the film still manages to captivate and engage me, and i absolutely loved it.

The film follows a young boy who goes out cycling in the woods one day and takes an unexpected tumble down an embankment, to his horror he finds a human skull and other bones hidden within the earth. While he is obviously shaken by what he has found, he finds an interest in the bones and snags a tooth from the skull and quickly hides it in his pocket before contacting the authorities.

After many questions by the police, the boy insists he didn’t take anything from the scene of the crime and that was that. Whilst out with his friends he reveals that he did indeed take something, but after some persuasion he decides to give the tooth a rightful burial, something this corpse did not receive.

Later on, the boy decides to return to the spot where he buried the tooth to discover that something is growing there and from then on out the film takes an unexpected turn which totally captivated me.

If I carry on now I will spoil everything, so I can only urge you to check this one out, as I can assure you it will not disappoint. The story is totally original yet utterly bizarre, but simply fantastic at the same time.

Its a crazy ride which only gets better as the film carries on, and the practical effects are freakin’ awesome! There were w few moments which actually caught me off guard, and i have to admit, which I don’t normally do, but, it made me jump. So, top stuff!

While the film takes place mostly in the daylight, do not be fooled by this false sense of security, it will drag you in and haunt you long after you have witnessed it. This is a stellar short which must be seen by all, Skolnick should be very proud indeed.

5 / 5 stars     


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