Trailer and Poster for Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Jason McDonald

grow_up_tony_phillipFirst there was Pathogen. Then came My Sucky Teen Romance.  Now Director Emily Hagins is set to unleash her third film at South by Southwest on March 12th and we finally have a poster and trailer to go with it.

Grow Up, Tony Phillips touches me in a special place.  No, not there.  More in the chest region where I’m supposed to have a …what’s it called? Heart?   The film follows young Tony Phillips (Tony Vespe) who is entering his senior year of high school.  To Tony, Halloween is still the greatest holiday ever.  He loves dressing up and he’s not afraid to go trick or treating.  This, of course, does not make Tony the most popular kid in school.  When his older cousin (AJ Bowen) returns home right before the holiday, Tony starts to wonder if he really is the dork everyone thinks he is, or if he’s just ahead of the curve.

I have mixed feelings about this project.  The subject matter hits me right in the feels because, obviously, I never stopped loving Halloween.  For me, Halloween is the beginning and ending of the year. Come November 1st, I just spend my time counting down the days till October 31st.  So while this film should be everything I want, the trailer has me a little worried.  Everything about the trailer just screams indie movie cliches, but I’m not willing to discount the whole thing because of one bad trailer.  I’m still optimistically awaiting the final project.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and enjoy the trailer.


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