Exclusive Texas Chainsaw 3D Sequel Updates

Herner Klenthur

Earlier in the week a reader wrote in to us to tell us about the plans for a Texas Chainsaw 3D sequel. I was somewhat surprised given that the first film did not make a boatload of cash but there is no denying that younger fans seem interested in more Texas Chainsaw.

The story was quickly debunked by Bloody Disgusting who reached out to Christa Campbell an executive producer onTexas Chainsaw 3D who said in a nut shell that the BBC had their facts wrong.

The tip we got from Richard that was debunked was;

I saw on BBC Youth Radio that Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager are reprising their roles for the sequel as well as new cast members including ex-Disney star Cody Linley and British newcomer Tommy Hatto. They said that because of the success of Texas 3D's twist, the new movie will have a twist with a male protagonist.

We now just received an email from an insider who is saying that the BBC is not wrong at all and that yes the meeting took place and yes there are plans for a sequel.

I am told there was a very early meeting to discuss Texas Chainsaw 3D between studio execs and the films key producers. I am also told that the meeting was purely to throw around ideas. During this meeting it was mentioned that Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager could be willing to both return for the sequel and that idea was discussed.

On top of the two headliners returning a ton of names were thrown around the table as potentially new cast members including Cody Linley and Tommy Hatto. BBC got that part right as well but its worth noting they were just names tossed around and by no means final. They could have just as easily mentioned Christina Ricci, doesn't mean she would want to do it.

As for the male protagonist concept that was just one of many ideas discussed and is by no means the direction that was selected.

So to summarize what our new insider is telling us, yes they met to discuss a sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D and yes BBC got their points correct but none of it is final. Our source does tell us that the film is 100% moving ahead and they are aiming to land the film in theaters for Halloween of 2014 but it is very early planning stages.

Stay tuned for more!



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