Stephen Kings ‘The Dark Man’ Finally Gets Released in Hard Cover

Herner Klenthur

the-dark-man-stephen-kingFans of Stephen Kings books will have reason to celebrate since Cemetery Dance Publications has just announced the World’s First Hardcover Edition of THE DARK MAN by Stephen King, which will be available in bookstores and libraries across America on July 30th.

Pre orders are happening right now and within a matter of hours the lettered editions sold out. You can still get a special collectors edition while supplies last and of course the regular all be it extremely rare Hard Cover copy of The Dark Man. If you plan to buy one I would suggest you do not hesitate before they are gobbled up by fans.

The Dark Man has never seen the light of day beyond a few hardcore collectors of King’s college work, but many people consider it to be a prequel to King’s epic end of the world novel, THE STAND, because it stars the first appearance of Randall Flagg, one of King’s greatest villains.

This is a unique addition to the King canon, an eighty-eight page poem featuring extraordinarily detailed Glenn Chadbourne artwork on every page. Cemetary Dance Publications have taken this breathtaking poem and worked closely with acclaimed artist Chadbourne to bring King’s chilling words to life in a unique way.  They tell us in an email today;

There was a very specific rhythm to the poem that we wanted to convey through the blending of the text and the artwork, and Chadbourne skillfully used his illustrations to create a new kind of mixed media story.

Feedback from early readers has been fantastic, with some saying they never expected a poem to make their heart race with terror and horror the way the ending of The Dark Man does.

The Stand is in my humble opinion one of the finest books that Stephen King wrote and I have read just about every one of them. Growing up Stephen King was the source of many of my nightmares and although I am no longer an avid book reader I do love his work to this day.

I know that many will disagree but I also happen to think that The Stand Mini Series which was released in 1994 is also a pretty solid series which represents his book quite well. The series starred Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald and brought to life the pages of Stephen Kings book.

Where most of Stephen Kings movies have been frustrating The Stand is not. Not to get off topic here but fans of the novel should note that Hollywood plans to release a new movie based off The Stand and perhaps they can incorporate some of ‘The Dark Man’ into it. The movie will be directed by Ben Affleck of all people. More here

The concept of an early work that is based on the main character ‘The Dark Man’ from The Stand certainly fascinates me. That combined with the fact that Cemetary Dance Publications has tapped a talented artist to bring it to life makes it sound quite unique. I am pretty sure collectors will jump all over this one.  More details are here including how to order

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