White Zombie Has Been Remade

Jason McDonald

Here’s a fun fact: In 2009 Tobe Hooper was going to do a remake of the 1932 film, White Zombie, with screenwriter Jared Rivet.  However, that project fell through because of some weird legal technical issues.  Apparently White Zombie is in the public domain, but “questions about uncredited source material” prevented the picture from moving forward.

Flash forward to today when I got an email touting the premiere of the White Zombie remake trailer.  Naively I thought Tobe Hooper had secretly made his remake and was ready to share it with the world.  Not quite, this version of White Zombie is written and directed by Creep Creepersin.  Yes, that’s a real person and he has a pretty prolific IMDB page.  Check that shit out.

Journey below and check out the debut trailer.  This remake of the Bela Lugosi classic stars Elina Madison, Creep Creepersin, Tony Slade, Mindy Robinson, Dean Mounir, Myles Crawford, Anne Montavon, Lea Vonn, Joseph Daniels, Tim Chizmar, Jake Osti, Edward Joyce and Adam Jaffe.

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      1. LaReena Spradlin May 1, 2013 at 6:48 pm

        I checked out Creep Creepersin’s imdb page = man the guy has been busy! I watched this trailer, and I have to say it looks a little too low-budget for me to watch. I watch a lot of low-budget but a remake of a classic needs to have some funding . . .