Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs Up for Zombie Film “Maggie”

Jason McDonald

Add this to the list of things I thought I’d never get to see.  Legendary action-film star Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed up to produce and star in “Maggie”, a post-apocalyptic zombie film written by John Scott 3.

Variety is reporting that the film is “set at a time when a “walking dead” type virus has spread across the country.  Schwarzenegger will portray the father on a journey to help his daughter come to terms with her infection as she slowly becomes a zombie.”

Chloe Moretz was originally up for the role of the daughter, but scheduling conflicts kept her from doing the project.  Given that Arnold has a full slate of films ahead of him, this might push “Maggie” back far enough for her to come back to it.  That remains to be seen though.

For now the only other details we know are that commercial director Henry Hobson is set to helm the film and that production on it will start this fall.

How do you feel about Arnold taking on the undead? In the 80s they wouldn’t have stood a chance in hell.  He’s a little slower now though, so they might be able to catch him.  If this turns out to be a rated “R’ zombie flick, we could be in for a pretty good time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


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