Future of Castlevania is “Not Clear”, But That Isn’t Bad

Jason McDonald

This is the sort of news item you can file under the “No kidding” category.  However, other outlets are reporting on it, so we might as well tell you anyways.

MercurySteam producer Dave Cox recently took to Twitter to announce that the future of the Castlevania series is uncertain at this point.  In the Tweet, Cox stated that “What happens with Castlevania after [Lords of Shadow 2] is not clear, but we hope to leave it in the best of health for those who come after us.”

This isn’t a surprise for two reasons.  First off, the next iteration in the Castlevania series, “Lords of Shadow 2”, has yet to be released.  Game companies usually don’t make decisions about future sequels until after they’ve seen how well a game sells.  If it moves a lot of units, they’ll make another one of those.  If it doesn’t, then they’ll try something else.

Secondly, MercurySteam is moving on to a new project after “Lords of Shadow 2” ships.  Of course they wouldn’t be privy to details regarding the franchise’s future.  So it would make perfect sense for him to say that it isn’t clear, because he doesn’t know.  Some people are taking the statement to mean more than it actually says.  It’s not a sign that the franchise is in trouble or that Konami doesn’t know what to do, it simply means that now that he isn’t involved he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

So there.  While the future of Castlevania is up in the air, it’s not rocketing towards the Earth in a fiery ball of death.  It’s simply in a holding pattern while the publisher decides what’s next.

Speaking of which, where would you like to see the Castlevania series head?  Let us know in the comments.


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