Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Release Window

Jason McDonald

When Square Enix announced it’s list of upcoming games, players who were interested in getting their hands on “Murdered: Soul Suspect” were left a little perplexed.  The game was nowhere to be found in the announcement.  Fear not though, the game didn’t vanish into the ether like a wayward spirit.  It’s just not being released anytime soon.

Gamespot reached out to Square Enix representatives and learned that the game is still on track to be released next year.  However, the list of upcoming games that they put out only covered up until March 2014.  Assuming that the game is still on track to be released in “Early 2014”, that puts the release between March and Summer.

It’s not a definitive release date, but it at least gives expectant gamers a window of time to look forward too.  When “Murdered: Soul Suspect” does eventually drop, it’ll hit PCs, PS3, and XBox 360.

In the upcoming game players will take on the role of Detective O’Connor, a cop who gets murdered in the midst of an investigation and must now solve the mystery surrounding his death.  The game takes place in Salem, Massachusetts so O’Connor will also have to contend with the wronged spirits of the Salem Witch trials if he wants to figure out who murdered him.


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