Watch Some Gameplay from U55 End of the Line


U55EndoftheLineWhile perusing Kickstarter for something to throw my money at I came across U55 End of the Line. A game that is using a lot of H.P. Lovecraft mythology mixed with modern day game mechanics like Occulus Rift. The gameplay footage that was provided is very interesting and is very reminiscent of Amnesia.

In the story-driven game, you play as David, an American student living in Berlin. While he is on his way to the central station to meet his girlfriend, his subway train crashes. In order to find a way out, he has to navigate through the dark with the smartphone display as his only source of light.

You’re only weapon? You’re smartphone. It’s harsh considering your up against beings older than time itself. But it is what makes the game so damn interesting.

They are currently seeking $115,000 on Kickstarter at the moment. One of the stretch goals is the above mentioned Occulus Rift. Check out their Kickstarter and if you are feeling generous or just really want to see this game made help them out. Below you can check out their pitch video as well as some of the gameplay.


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