First Official Teaser Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Film Chrysalis

Chris Savage

It is kind of rare, but here we have a Kickstarter success story. John Klein’s upcoming post-apocalyptic flick Chrysalis exceeded its goal back in 2012 and since then, the film has been chugging along in fifth gear. So, with all the funding in place, the film has come together, and we have scored a really impressive teaser trailer for the film, as well as an official release date!

The film stars Cole Simon, Sara Gorsky, Tanya Thai McBride, and Clayton Stamper.

SynopsisChrysalis is a post-apocalyptic horror film, set decades after a bio-terrorist attack unleashes a virus upon the world, transforming much of humanity into vicious creatures and laying waste to civilization. The remnants and survivors have staggered about for years, as the infected slowly starve and die off.

Our story follows Joshua (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara Gorsky), two such survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others and hopefully rebuilding civilization. When they encounter Abira (Tanya Thai McBride), the lone survivor of another group, they must face new and terrifying challenges if they are to survive.

The film is set for a release this April 24th.


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