Brad Pitt Returns for World War Z Sequel

Herner Klenthur

worldwarzew5xMore word has come in on the upcoming sequel to World War Z. On the 29th of May Jason let you all know that Steven Knight has been tapped by Brad Pitt’s production company to flesh out a story for the upcoming sequel to “World War Z.”  

Steven Knight will be joining newly appointed director J.A. Bayona on the production of the sequel which sees Brad Pitt return to save the world from CGI-zombies. Knight was nominated for an Oscar in 2004 for his work on “Dirty Pretty Things.”  Most recently he’s been writing a World War 2 thriller that Brad Pitt might potentially star in.  A connection that possibly led Knight to land a gig on the “World War Z” sequel.

Now word comes from Variety that Brad Pitt will once again reprise his role as lead zombie ass kicker.  Despite quite a bit of fanboy/girl backlash against the movie adaptation it was still a smash hit for paramount. World War Z made over $540 million at the box office. Max Brooks made it clear when the film was about to be made that it would be no easy feat saying;

“You couldn’t pay me to turn it into a film. All I know is they have their work cut out for them. It is the equivalent of climbing Ben Nevis on your knees.”

Max Brooks reportedly had ZERO creative input to the World War Z film which as Max points out is the norm. He did not even get invited to see the script until after Brad Pitt’s production company PLAN B had started filming. Max Brooks decided not to read the script because he was afraid he would hate it.

Worse he was afraid he might love the script and end up hating the final product after inevitable edits and reshoots. The question now is what involvement will he have in the sequel. My guess? No involvement. What plot would you like to see the sequel for World War Z be about?


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      1. BerrieSWild June 6, 2014 at 9:09 pm

        UNDERGROUND PARIS TUNNELS. Granted, my initial reaction to this news is “…why though?” but I could live with one good 3-7 minute scene of unmitigated horror underground through dark ass tunnels and these impossible 13 second zombies…

      2. Alex June 10, 2014 at 5:01 pm

        Maybe make it a little more like the book. That’d would be great.