First Look at BD Wong in ‘Jurassic World’ and a New Viral Site

Jason McDonald

Dino fans the world over have been anxiously awaiting new details on the upcoming “Jurassic World” sequel.  Now it looks like we might finally get some answers in less than ten days.

A new viral site has popped up on the internet and it’s a corporate website for Masrani, the new corporation that seems to be spearheading “Jurassic World.”  Reading through the site it would seem as if Masrani has acquired InGen, the infamous company behind the original “Jurassic Park” venture.  It’s also revealed that Henry Wu (played by BD Wong) has taken a bigger role in InGen and is responsible for helping turn the division around. Read this section to get a little backstory on the upcoming film.

Browsing through the site also gives us our first look at BD Wong as Henry Wu and Irrfan Khan as CEO Masrani.  Not only that, but if you click on the “Jurassic World” link on the site, you’ll be taken to the official “Jurassic World” page which now features a countdown timer.  Currently the timer is set to expire on Thanksgiving Day.  What could possibly be in store for us? Obviously one would hope for a teaser trailer, but that might be too optimistic at this point.  Keeping inline with the viral marketing side of things, it could very well be a commercial advertising “Jurassic World” itself as a real destination.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy the ageless BD Wong.

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