‘The Shape of Water’ Wins the Best Picture Award at the Oscars!!

Jason McDonald

It’s been a long night, but here we are. The big one. The final award of the night.  It’s been a good night for horror thus far.  “Get Out” was acknowledged for its fantastic writing with an award for Jordan Peele’s original screenplay.  Then Guillermo Del Toro was honored for his directorial prowess with an Oscar for Best Director for “The Shape of Water.”  Both of these were fantastic movies and they’re joined by eight other amazing films . . . but there can only be one.

Tonight the Oscars decided that the best picture of the year should go to “The Shape of Water!”

Holy shit, can you believe that?  Let’s say that again “The Shape of Water” is the Best Picture of 2017.  A creature feature just won the best picture of the year.  What a truly marvelous time to be alive.  Horror has been on the rise for the last few years with increasing box office success and great films coming out both in the mainstream and the indie side of things so having “The Shape of Water” win the Best Picture feels like the ultimate culmination of that rising success.

Congrats to “The Shape of Water” and to all the people who brought it to life.  Thank-you to Guillermo Del Toro to making us horror nerds look more legitimate.  And to all of you creators out there, let this serve as inspiration for you.  Just cause you’re a genre feature doesn’t mean you can’t stretch out beyond those boundaries.

Updated to add acceptance speech:

Shape of water BP


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