Michael Gross Says ‘Tremors 7’ is in the Works

Jason McDonald

You might glance at the title of this article and think “Well, duh, of course there’s going to be another ‘Tremors'” movie.  However, with the return of Kevin Bacon and this new “Tremors” series in the works, some people feared that the further adventures of Burt Gummer might come to an end.  Well, rest assured, Universal is still very much in the Burt Gummer business.

Speaking with Bloody-Disgusting, actor Michael Gross (who has played the lovable Burt Gummer since 1990) opened up about the future of the “Tremors” series now that Kevin Bacon has returned to the franchise. According to Gross, Universal has already spoken to him about potential plans for a “Tremors 7.”  Here’s what Gross had to say:

They tell me I’m not at liberty to discuss it right now but it will also be, if it even happens, this is ridiculously premature, they just like to talk about these things in case they want to pull the trigger quickly on something. So they’re actually preparing and talking to writers. That’s far from meaning it’s ever going to be made, but it’s also putting Bert in a place we’ve never seen him before. More personal vulnerability along with the monsters. I just like to put Burt in uncomfortable situations.

And while we wait to hear whether or not that Kevin Bacon series is ever going to come to life, it’s good to know that we still have Burt Gummer to keep us company.  But wouldn’t it be nice if Burt got in on some of that “Tremors” mini-series action with Kevin Bacon?  According to the actor he still hasn’t been approached to appear in it.

No, I’ve not heard a thing from that I truly do think Kevin is doing his own thing.  Universal is so big, they have one part of the company doing one thing and another part of the company doing another.

Recently there were rumors that Fred Ward may have joined the potential “Tremors” TV series with Kevin Bacon, but there still hasn’t been any official confirmation of that.  So far all we know is that a pilot was filmed and one would think that if a pilot was filmed Burt Gummer would’ve had an appearance in that.  So the fact that he hasn’t been involved yet doesn’t bode well, but I’m still holding out hope.

Meanwhile, if you’re eager for more “Tremors” right now you can check out “Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell” next month.

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      1. Faye Witt October 21, 2018 at 4:57 am

        I loved Tremors 5 and I loved Tremors 6 so I really hope there are going to be more Tremors movies, like at least one more and I hope there is going to another television series of Tremors I don’t know the first series was canceled I liked it!