Arnold Schwarzenegger Turned Down a Role in ‘Predator’ for ‘Terminator 6’ But Could Be Back for ‘Predator 2’

Jason McDonald

It’s been eight years since we last got some Predator action, so I’m a little more than excited for this weekend’s release of “The Predator.” But I can only imagine how much more excited I would be if I could see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the series.  Well, that could still be a possibility.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Shane Black revealed his plan for how Arnold Schwarzenegger would have appeared in his movie.  According to the director it would have been a simple cameo at the end of the movie:

It would probably be more of a matter of his showing up briefly and just participating at the very end, at the climax of the movie.

Unfortunately, the idea of a cameo died on the vine as Arnold had told him he didn’t want to show up for such a small part, especially since he had to make time for his sixth “Terminator” movie.

However, while Black couldn’t get Arnold for this movie, he remains hopeful that Arnold might pop-up in a potential sequel.  Part of Black’s motivation for trying to get Arnold to do the cameo was that he hoped it would allow him to bring Arnold back in a sequel in a bigger capacity.  While the cameo didn’t happen, Black suggests that it doesn’t necessarily mean that a bigger sequel role still is off the table.

“The Predator” hits theaters this Friday, September 14th.

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