A ‘Halloween’ TV Series Could Still Be in the Works

Jason McDonald

While “Halloween” is about to get a big screen revival in a couple of weeks, Producer Malek Akkad is still keeping all of his options available. Over the last few years we’ve seen big screen horror properties take to the small screen with shows like “The Exorcist,” “Scream,” and “Ash vs Evil Dead.”  Even Chucky is reportedly still coming to television.  And let’s not forget the short lived idea to bring “Friday the 13th” to the CW.  So it’s no surprise that “Halloween” may still yet come to television.

Speaking with Bloody-Disgusting “Halloween” producer Malek Akkad touched on the subject of bringing “Halloween” to the small screen.  The idea had been floated years ago, but as you can see ultimately they decided to take the property back to the big screen.  Still, Akkad hasn’t forgotten their small screen ambitions.

When we started doing it… this was in development about a decade ago. At the time, I think the thought was we don’t want to cannibalize the theatrical. Let’s keep it as a theatrical event movie. If that starts flowing down, we would address TV. Nowadays, we all know, TV is pulling out ahead of theatrical in a way that surprised everybody, certainly me.

But what sort of form would the “Halloween” series take? Would it be an anthology series?  Or would it be a straight up serial? Akkad wasn’t willing to offer too many details, but he did say that the series they were previously developing did have Michael Myers involved.  He also noted that it wouldn’t look like a “traditional Halloween movie.”

Whatever it may be, “Halloween” is one of those rare slasher films that would work on just about any network.  The series isn’t known for gruesome violence, so it could fit right in with anyone’s programming.  The thing is, if the upcoming “Halloween” movie does extremely well, I can’t imagine that they’ll want to push out a TV series before cashing on another movie. What do you think?

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