It’s the End of the Road – ‘Supernatural’ to End After the 15th Season

Jason McDonald

Man, I honestly never thought I’d live long enough to write these words.  Somehow “Supernatural” just became one of those common TV staples like “Law and Order” or the “Simpsons.”  It just always seemed to be there and while I stopped watching after the fifth season, it was nice to know that I could still catch a random episode if I wanted to.  Well, it looks like the ride is over and the boys are finally about to retire from demon hunting.

Taking to Instagram Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins (also known as the power trio of Dean, Sam, and Castiel) made a special announcement regarding the future of the show.   They talked about how excited they are to be working on the fifteenth season of the show, but revealed to the cast and crew that it would be the last season.

Think about how insane that is. “Supernatural” started in September 2005.  Shows like “Lost” and “House” were at the height of their popularity when “Supernatural” started.  It premiered in the same year as “The Office” and “The Colbert Report.”  It is an absolute dinosaur, but it wasn’t one that was on life support either.  Despite it’s long running status it was actually doing well pretty well for itself.  As over the top as the show got and as much as the actors wanted it to end, the beast just would not die.

It’s gonna be weird living in a world where “Supernatural” no longer exists.  Maybe it’s time I jump back in for one last ride.

If you want to see the announcement for yourself, check out the video below.

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The rest of the vid. #spnfamily for life.

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