First Look at Raven Banner’s Upcoming Thriller ‘Lost Solace’
Written by Chris Savage, January 18, 2018
We have just been informed that Raven Banner will be unleashing Chris Scheuerman’s upcoming thriller, Lost Solace, this January 30th via iTunes, where it will be exclusively available on that platform for a month, and then it will be available elsewhere. Below we have the first image from the film as well as all the details

First Official Poster for Zak Bagans’ Documentary ‘Demon House’
Written by Chris Savage, January 18, 2018
Any fans of Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures? Well, you may be pleased to know that Zak is returning to the world of the supernatural with his upcoming documentary Demon House, and below we’ve been provided with the first official poster and early details. Synopsis: As mass hysteria breaks-out over an alleged demonic possession in an

Original Stephen King Manuscripts and Other Rare Books Lost in a Water Main Break
Written by Jason McDonald, January 18, 2018
As horror fans I’m sure we all have prized possessions that we all treasure.  Whether it’s a photograph with our favorite actor or a an autographed hero prop from a horror classic, there’s probably something in your life that holds some sort of meaning.  Personally, I have a personal letter from a director that I

Early Talks Are Taking Place for a New ‘Saw’ Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, January 18, 2018
Hey, guess what? Looks like they’re probably gonna make another “Saw” movie.  Shocker, I know.  I mean, it only made about a $100 million worldwide on a $10 million dollar budget and what movie studio wants to make easy money? According to Bloody Disgusting Twisted Pictures is currently in the “conversation” phase of putting together another

Official Trailer for the Arthouse Short Film ‘Sulphur for Leviathan’
Written by Chris Savage, January 16, 2018
You know we’re always on the lookout for the strange and bizarre, as I’m sure many of you are, too. So, today we bring you your first look at Sodom & Chimera Productions’ Sulphur for Leviathan, the 13 minute companion piece to last year’s The Temple of Lilith, and below you’ll find the official details and trailer for

Chris’ Best Horror Films of 2017
Written by Chris Savage, January 15, 2018
And so, 2017 is over and what a year it was. For me, personally, it was an awakening one as my first child was born and it has been fantastic, its been a struggle, granted, trying to juggle being a dad and feeding my excessive horror appetite, but we did it. And hence why my favorite horror films

[Exclusive] New Official Still from Adam R. Steigert’s Werewolf Flick ‘Fang’
Written by Chris Savage, January 14, 2018
I know you guys are just absolutely eager to take a full bite out of some new horror flicks this year, but we may have that that’s just as eager to bite back! From Adam R. Steigert comes his latest film, Fang, and we’ve been provided with an official still from the upcoming film which

First Official Poster for ‘Parts Unknown’ Gets Put in a Headlock
Written by Chris Savage, January 14, 2018
From Boston Film Family, LLC comes Richard Chandler’s latest flick, Parts Unknown, a horror movie that’s mixed with wrestling and below we have the first official details, poster and much more. Check out the goods below and let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye out for this one? From the Press Release: Boston Film

[Exclusive] New Official Clip from the ‘House of Salem’
Written by Chris Savage, January 13, 2018
Just ahead of the release of James Crow’s House of Salem, which has been described as You’re Next meets Don’t Breathe, we’ve been provided with an exclusive new clip and you guys can check it out below. Let us know what you make of this one so far and if you’ll be keeping an eye out

Check out the First Trailer for ‘Ghost Stories’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 12, 2018
Well this one few completely under my radar.  I can’t even remember when I heard about this movie, but now that we have a trailer for it I’m pretty excited to see it. Check out the first trailer for British horror film “Ghost Stories.”  Which, I promise, is more unique than it’s name would imply.

‘New Mutants’ Pushed Back to 2019 to Possibly Make it Scarier
Written by Jason McDonald, January 12, 2018
Well, “New Mutants” was one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. So much for that as it looks like the X-men themed horror flick is being pushed back a year. Fox announced today that it was going to be shuffling around some of its upcoming X-Men films like “Deadpool”, “Gambit” and “New Mutants.”  There’s no indication if

‘Sinister’ and ‘Insidious’ Could Crossover One Day According to Jason Blum
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2018
The critical reception to the latest “Insidious” entry “Insidious: The Last Key” may be a little lukewarm, but the film is doing gangbusters at the box office.  It has actually earned more in its opening weekend than the third film, which is pretty remarkable.  So naturally, there will most likely be more “Insidious” films, but

The Crites Make a Return in New TV Series ‘Critters: A New Binge’
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2018
Well, this is pretty awesome, right? Some information has come to light via the folks over at Variety which reveals that those pesky little Crites are returning to our screens, only this time as a TV series. The site reports that Critters: A New Binge TV series will be hitting Verizon’s go90 in the near

Check Out the Full Length Trailer for ‘Victor Crowley’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2018
If you weren’t one of the lucky few who got to attend the surprise screening of “Victor Crowley” or to catch it in one of its subsequent screenings, I’ve got good news for you. The next entry in the “Hatchet” series is set to hit blu-ray and VOD services next month and we’ve got a

First Official Trailer & Release Date for ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’
Written by Chris Savage, January 9, 2018
It’s here, it has finally risen from the depths of hell. Hellraiser: Judgment will soon be upon us as our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting have learned that the tenth entry in the Hellraiser franchise will be made available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital, and On Demand this February 13, 2018. So, this makes for a pretty perfect

Official Poster & Trailer for ‘FredHeads: The Documentary’
Written by Chris Savage, January 8, 2018
A little while back we brought you guys news that a new Nightmare On Elm Street documentary was in the works, but this was a little different, this time we take a look at the fandom behind Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street in Paige Troxell’s FredHeads, as we meet a whole host of passionate

First Official Poster for Nicolas Cage’s ‘Mom and Dad’
Written by Chris Savage, January 8, 2018
Near the end of December we unleashed the first trailer for Nicolas Cage’s latest film Mom and Dad, and I have to say, it did not disappoint, it was a crazy few minutes and one can only imagine what the feature film will be like. So, with the film fast approaching its release date of

Horror Short ‘Agatha’ Is Now Available on Crypt TV
Written by Chris Savage, January 8, 2018
At the end of 2016 I got around to viewing Timothy Vandenberg’s horror short Agatha, and I thought it was truly stellar. It’s a beautiful period piece set in the 19th century and it had me glued to the screen from start to finish. And now, we have just learned that the short has finished its

Guillermo del Toro Wins Best Director at the Golden Globes for ‘The Shape of Water’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 8, 2018
It was a big year for horror movies and monsters at the Golden Globes.  This year we saw a total of eleven nominations between the likes of “Get Out”, “The Shape of Water”, and “Stranger Things” for numerous categories including best actor, best series, best actress, best drama, and uh . . . best comedy. 

A Sequel to ‘Tales from the Hood’ is in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, January 8, 2018
That’s a title that I’m both surprised to be writing now and shocked that I’m writing for the first time.  It looks like we’re actually getting a sequel to “Tales from the Hood” and it’s pretty amazing that we’ve never gotten one before. “Tales from the Hood” was an anthology film released in 1995 that