Horror Writers Wanted!
Written by TheM, August 4, 2014
Do you love horror? Do you want to write about the horror genre? Well, we have the gig for you! We are specifically looking for a day-to-day news contributor to join our daily horror movie news team. If you are up on the latest horror news and have it dripping into your blood stream from an

Raiders of the Lost Shark Hits DVD This May
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
You guys didn’t think this one died did you? Oh, not a chance. Brett Kelly and Scott Patrick’s Raiders of the Lost Shark (Best title of the year!) is still very much alive, in fact this one is making its way to DVD this May 19th via Wild Eye Releasing. If you missed the trailer last

They Know What Scares You in New Poltergeist Poster
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
I could have sworn that this remake was just announced and now before you know it, this sucker is almost released, in fact it’s released next month! Well, guys, as you know the Poltergeist remake has already got its share of defectors but I say give it a chance, you just never know. Anyway, while we wait

The Final Official Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Is it May 15th yet? C’mon, I need my Mad Max fix! But in the meantime, we have scored the final trailer for the upcoming flick and it’s all kinds of awesome. This one just looks so damn good, so check out the trailer below and get ready for Mad Max at a theatre near

[Horror Short] Welcome to the Death House
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Damn, what a house! Let me introduce you to Michael DiBernardo’s horror short Death House. A horror short which looks to have taken inspiration from such films as Friday the 13th and Hatchet, while also crafting it’s own unique villain and giving us something to truly get behind. And yes, we have the short in its

The First Human Centipede 3 Poster Is 100% Politically Incorrect
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Here we go, guys. The first poster for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) has arrived and it promises to be 100% politically incorrect, so make your way below and check it out and also get another glimpse at that 500-person centipede. Will you guys be watching this one? The film is written & directed

Casper Van Dien Takes on a Ratpocalypse!
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Well, we certainly see a few strange films through these parts, so basically it’s hard to be shocked or even surprised anymore, but Vladimir Uglichin’s Ratpocalypse is most definitely a strange one that I just can’t help but be intrigued about. Just a shame the Jim Henson Company isn’t involved as we could have got some

Scream Factory Announces ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Beyond Darkness’ for Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Our friends over at Scream Factory certainly know how to pry our wallets open as they have just announced two surprise titles to be released on Blu-ray for the very first time this August. At this time we don’t have much to go on, but we can tell you that both George Eastman’s Metamorphosis and Claudio

[Trailer] Evil Inhabits the Woods in ‘Cub’
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
It’s been a while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to Jonas Govaerts’ Cub, but thankfully today we have scored a ton of information and a new trailer for the film which looks set to be a whole lot of awesome. Make your way below and check out the footage from the

[Trailer] The Dead Won’t Stay Dead in Dark Awakening
Written by Chris Savage, April 28, 2015
Here we go again, creepy children are back on the screen and this time they’re being resurrected from the dead in Dean C. Jones’ Dark Awakening. So, to give you guys a better taste of the creepiness that is going on, we have scored the official trailer and a poster for you guys to check

‘Unfriended’ Could Be Getting a Sequel
Written by Jason McDonald, April 28, 2015
Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see “Unfriended”, but it seems to be doing well amongst horror critics despite the fact that the general public appears to have written it off.  In all honesty, it seemed like the kind of movie that would be a hard sell and that comes through in the box office results as the

Gears of War Being Remastered for XBox One
Written by Jason McDonald, April 28, 2015
Despite being adamant about there being no “Marcus Fenix Collection” in the works, a new report has surfaced that the original game is indeed getting the remaster treatment for modern consoles. According to Polygon the first “Gears of War” game will be getting the remaster treatment courtesy of Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios.  The remaster

Adam Wingard to Direct Death Note
Written by Jason McDonald, April 28, 2015
An American adaptation of “Death Note” has been kicking around for a long while now.  Most recently director Shane Black was tasked with bringing the popular horror manga to life, but he has since left the project.  Now a rising star in horror might his chance at it. According to THR Adam Wingard, the director

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter Announced
Written by Jason McDonald, April 28, 2015
Looks like the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series is taking a page out of classic horror movie tropes.  Developer Scott Cawthon has announced the popular game series will be receiving another installment and this time, it’s the final chapter. Much like classic horror films like “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” and “Freddy’s Dead: The

PSA: P.T. Will Be Leaving the Playstation Store on April 29th
Written by Jason McDonald, April 27, 2015
Well, here’s some more gas to throw on the burning fireworks factory that is “Silent Hills.”  As you might have already heard it looks like the upcoming Hideo Kojima/Guillermo Del Toro produced Silent Hill game is going to be cancelled.  As a result, it looks like Konami might be pulling the incredibly popular trailer/demo “P.T.”

Has Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Silent Hills’ Been Cancelled?
Written by Jason McDonald, April 26, 2015
Guillermo Del Toro continues to have unfortunate luck when it comes to putting a video game together.  Back in 2010 he announced that he was venturing into video game development with a new video game property titled “Insane.”  After two years of development that game was eventually shelved by THQ.  Now it looks like Del

Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 3 Drops New Trailer and Zombie Announcement
Written by Jason McDonald, April 26, 2015
It’s a new year and that means its time for a new iteration of “Call of Duty” and, as has become custom, that means we’re in for another zombie mode. And, unlike “Advance Warfare”, it would seem that this zombie mode won’t be locked behind paid DLC. The newest game, titled “Call of Duty: Black

First Look at The Omega File
Written by Chris Savage, April 26, 2015
A couple of months back we broke the news that the folks over at SGL Entertainment had acquired Massimiliano Cerchi’s original sci-fi series The Omega File, and we had a few details to share with you as well. Today however, not only do we have your first look at the series but we also have some

[Trailer] Crocodiles Hunt the Moors in The Hatching
Written by Chris Savage, April 25, 2015
Near my neck of the woods in the UK, something has been laying dormant for years, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack and it appears as if it has reared its ugly head as bodies have begun to pile up. Yep, something has hatched and it’s out for blood, flesh and whatever else it

NSFW Trailer for Dude Bro Party Massacre III
Written by Chris Savage, April 25, 2015
Well, that was a little bit awesome! Below we have for you the first official NSFW trailer for Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, and Jon Salmon’s Dude Bro Party Massacre III, and if you like things a little out there. Well, actually so out there that it’s off the freakin’ planet! Then this sucker is for you.

[Trailer] Salma Hayek’s ‘Tale of Tales’ Looks Awesome!
Written by Chris Savage, April 25, 2015
That’s it. I’m absolutely sold on Matteo Garrone’s (Gomorrah) insanely looking Tale of Tales. It looks beautiful, stunning actually, and witnessing Salma Hayek feast on the heart of a beast is quite simply the icing on the cake. Do yourself a favor and check out the official trailer below. The film also stars John C. Reilly, Toby